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  1. Glad to help you get more perspective on this issue concerning one's thyroid, FlowerQueen!
  2. Just want to say these last two years I discovered that besides having celiac I also have a high degree of sensitivity...
  3. I am glad the awareness is growing that some of us are more sensitive than others. Neurological symptoms are often experienced...
  4. Its good to see your stories CleverKate and Kamma. I am so glad you both are doing so much better being off the gluten...
  5. yolo

    Construction At Work

    Congratulations on your new job! I do understand your concern about the gluten in the plaster dust. It is a real...
  6. As you likely remember I can relate. I had trauma to my L-5 vertebrae and sacrum as a child and have to exercise to make...
  7. yolo

    Coming Off My Anti Depressants

    I agree with what Mitzi said, though other things can contribute like the cross contamination and damaged villi in the...
  8. I agree--a vacuum cleaner with a hepa filter is the best. I bought a used refurbished one and its great! However I have...
  9. I have gotten ill from the dust from sheetrock. If its not cleaned up, its the bad gift that keeps on going. I know since...
  10. yolo

    What Is The Forum Good For?

    Hi Bart, Glad to hear you were helped by some of our comments about sals after all. I too was helped here in that way...
  11. Hi, I know this is a late response--but just saw the thread now. I also have had intense itching, cracking, scaling...
  12. yolo

    An Answer After 2 Years?

    Definitely gluten can be a huge factor. However for me I have also had food sensitivity trouble with a variety of natural...
  13. yolo

    Brita Filters?

    I have had problems with the charcoal filters, likely the coconut though it could be other stuff I am sensitive to. I...
  14. I agree--its likely you need to be completely off all trace gluten, at least that is what I have had to do to feel better...
  15. yolo

    Anybody In The Bay Area Or Nearby?

    My bf and I live in San Jose near Los Gatos, and work in central San Jose. We have thought of putting together a celiac...