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  1. Went to a church Christmas party and got really sick. Not sure what I got into. I ate veggies, dip I brought so I knew was safe) apple slices, some relish items and punch. I even read all the ingredients in the punch before I drank any... all I can figure is there must have been some cross contamination in something, probably the drink. I was sick all day yesterday and my indsides hurt...feel all bruised, joints hurt...no energy. Now I am worried because I have another dinner on Thursday and know I probably won't be able to eat anything there...(same church) I am actually thinking of taking my own food in a plastic container and sticking it on my plate when it comes time to eat. Today I am trying G.F. oatmeal I found at the health food store...no cross contamination problems with it either.
  2. I agree with you. It has been 3 months for me and I have lost 15 pounds. I can't stand the taste of gluten-free breads and other products. I spent the first month trying to substitute gluten-free products for my old wheat products and didn't like any or them. So my diet changed completely. I began eating only fruits, veggies and protiens...no dairy, very little starches. After a month or so, I tried more recipes, but my body just does not handle "bread" or sweets well, gluten-free or not. (I was told that over time this might change as my body heals) I also found out that when I was eating Gluten I was craving foods in order to get more nutrition. Now that I am gluten-free, I eat a few bites and don't want any more. My body can use the nutrition better so it needs less. Since I am not sick as often (still having a few problems) I can move around and exercise more. My joints hurt less and I have more energy, so I am sure I am burning more calories. So the combination of all those things (many mentioned above) have created a weight loss situation, at least for me. One more example. Went to a Christmas party and watched what everyone else was eating. I ended up with raw veggies, slices of apple, a little cheese and a couple slices of turkey. The other people had plates filled with little sandwiches, quiches, cookies and cakes, rolls etc. They had to have eaten 3 times as many calories as I did...and their food was greasier, sweeter, and filled with fat products like mayo. I used to eat that stuff...no wonder I am losing weight. lol
  3. I found that the breads like Strawberry bread, pumpkin bread etc. end up tasting okay but that is because of other strong flavors. I tried making homemade French bread from a mix but could not stand the taste. Not use what is in it that I hate so much. The texture was fine and my daughter (married and eating gluten-free) loved it. She also likes the pizza crust made from the same mix. I couldn't eat it. My older daughter said to try adding Flaxseed but I am allergic to Flaxseed, so that is out. I can't stand corn tortillas. yuck! I do make good pancakes with a combo of flours...and muffins. For the most part, I am like many of you, I have store bought bread (tapioca) in the freezer, but rarely eat it because it is such a disappointment. I just do without breads.
  4. Hi, I am newly diagnosed so I have been going through similar things. I was told that some people can begin to feel better after a few days, others take months to feel normal and the pains to stop...and it takes up to a year to be completely healed inside. I have problems with any milk but Rice milk. I tried the pills and L. milk, but I was like your daughter and couldn't handle it. It would give me horrible cramps. I tried Soy milk, but had problems with that too, so have not cut out soy products. I was using gluten-free cake mixes, breads flours etc. trying to substitute GFt products for wheat products, but I found that I was still getting ill...not as bad as before, but still sick. Now I realize that I can only handle those noodles, breads type products in small amounts and have to stick to a more basic diet of protein, fruit and vegetables. When I spoke to my dietician, she said to make sure to stop dairy, high fat, high sweet, stringy foods, (like roast), chocolate, corn and spicey foods because my digestive system is too damaged to handle them yet. She said I could slowly add them back one at a time when the tummy pains stop and see if I will eventually be able to handle them. Also make sure your daughter drinks a lot of water or herbal teas like peppermint to stay hydrated and stays away from soda and other caffiene drinks until the gas pains stop and she feels better.
  5. our Wendy's has not problem putting the hamburger on lettuce and into a plastic container for me. My daughter eats across town and her Wendy's cant seem to understand what she wants. She finally was able to explain it and so they are up on it now. It just takes some education for those working there.
  6. McDonald's said they have gluten free fried and do not cook them in the same oil as the onion rings.
  7. Good afternoon ladies, I weighed today and have lost 2 more pounds...that is 12 so far. Today I also was out of somethings, like eggs and Gluten free oatmeal, so I had some gluten-free cereal with Lactaid milk. for breakfast. I skipped lunch because again the house was empty of foods, so I went to the health food store and bought some new flours to try. I found a cook book that called for them in biscuits, so I bought those and some gluten-free breakfast bars. Had a breakfast bar for lunch. Dinner: 3 oz. roasted chicken, 2 oz. baked potato 1 tsp. olive oil type margarine salad (lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, red onions, cucumber) That is it for today. for those depressed about Christmas, why is that? It is the food? The lady next store bought over the cutest Candy cane sugar cookies. I gave them to my hubby and got out the ingredients and made my own sugar cookies and shaped them like the neighbors. They turned out pretty good, so I put them in the refrigerator. Even eating one or two I still lost weight. yeah! I have finally gotten it into my head that gluten if poison to me. It has taken me 4 months to get it through my head, but it has made a big difference in my life.
  8. [Hi! im trying to lose a couple pounds for modeling. just found an agent. I'm a dancer, I tend to dance about 5 days a week from about 5-6 hrs. a day. So i think i tend to eat more because I dance so much. I dont have the best eating habits though, so be prepared. With your work out schedule, you would be considered a professional athlete. In order to build muscle, repair muscles from your work out etc. You should be eating more protein than you are currently eating. If you are about (average for US women) 5'4", 135 pounds, and work out 5-6 hours a day, then according to the online body calculator provided by my dietician, you would need about 11-13 oz. of protein a day in addition to carbs and small amounts of healthy fats like nuts. So try adding a little protein with every meal or snack and cut back on the non-healthy carbs. Remember your body is like a fine car...it needs good fuel to dance well and not wear out.
  9. I am from Jacksonville....newby here. I'ld love to talk to both of you.
  10. My diet plan? Well, I try to follow the Mayo Clinic heart healthy diet recommended to me by a dietician. typical day would be breakfast: choice of protein (2 oz) and fruit, milk (I drink Lactaid) or gluten-free cereal, fruit, milk lunch 3 oz. protien choice, (fish, beef or chicken) 1 fruit 1 low-cal veggie of your choice. dinner: choice of protien 3 oz. 2 low cal vegetables and one starchy vegetable or other carb, like 1/2 baked potatoe, 1/4 cup corn . 1/3 cup rice, 1/2 cup gluten-free noodles. etc. snack 1 fruit, 1 oz. cheese, or 1 glass milk.
  11. I haven't ever heard of anyone doing the slow method for eliminating gluten, so I can't say for sure. I tried it, It does not work! I cut out bread and pasta but didn't check ingredients. Anytime I would eat something with wheat, I did okay for a day, but if I ate it 2 days in a row I got really sick. I tried again, just adding more vegetables and it still did not work. The reason I did it this way was because I am addicted to breads! I found it too difficult to just stop cold turkey. Finally after getting sick over and over again, I stopped and went cold turkey. It is so much better that way! sometimes taking breads and pasta out of your diet forces you to eat more fruit and veggies. Some of these things will give you gas. It takes your body a few weeks to adjust to the new foods. In the meantime your intestines begin healing after 24 hours..but it takes a while for them to be completely healed...up to two years. (as told by my dietician) All I can say is hang in there, and add the vegetables slowly to your diet. Start with potato and non gassy foods, then slowly add broccoli, cabbage, onions and other things that can be more of a problem
  12. I have gone to Harry Seafood and to Columbia Restaurant. Panama Hattie
  13. Hi, I was really sick last night and this morning. I went over yesterday's menu and the only thing I feel could be causing me problems is the soy. I was thinking for some time now that I may be sensitive to soy. My daughter tells me that some people who are sensitive to Kaisen (did I spell that right?) should stay away from soy. I know I am allergic to Flaxseed, so I guess I will add soy to the list. So today, I had 1/2 apple, 1 slice ham lunch (hubby brought me home a salad, but I felt too bad to eat it. dinner, daughter took us out to a chinese restaurant. You should have seen us going over the menu making sure we did not get anything with wheat etc. The guy threw in some extra egg rolls....lol So my son-in-law and husband enjoyed those. My daughter is eating gluten-free because at 21 she is developing some of my same symptoms. She has been gluten-free for a month, then last week she decided to go off the diet and see what happened. She got really sick, so she is back on it again. She learns faster than I do. I was on a week, then off a few days, then on a week, then off a few days for a month before I finally realized that wheat is poison to me. Now I am doing so much better. Dinner: grilled chicken, rice, steam broccoli...Chinese style. Oh yeah, I made a pecan pie for dh's birthday. the crust was made from gluten-free Gingersnaps, gluten-free animal Cracker, a handful of pecans...throw it all in a blender and make crumbs. Add 1/2 stick margarine...press into pan. Add whatever type of filling you like. It was yummy! So I had 1/8 slice of pie...and just about 3 bites of that because I really don't like sweets but wanted to make sure it turned out okay for everyone else.
  14. After reading your posts, I noticed that you had a fairly high carb count. You might want to cut back slightly on carbs, as they can make you sleepy. On average, it is recommended that you have 6 grams of protein for every 9 G carb. to keep your energy level up. The added carbs go into your blood stream very fast, and then you crash afterwards and get sleepy. You can see this especially after a dinner that includes noodles or potato. gluten-free bread is denser and so also has more carbs. Maybe try a half sandwich with extra meat and cheese, or tuna and an apple. In case you are wondering, I got this info from the mayo Clinic diet. my daughter is a dietician and did her internship with the Mayo Clinic and has been teaching me about balancing carbs and protiens.
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