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  1. BemLmom3

    Eating Out With A gluten-free Kid - Help

    We always do this and Mimi bought daughter a special "dora" lunch bag that she carries her meals in. We have been doing...
  2. BemLmom3

    Still Chronic Constipation

    Hi all Thanks for reading. My daughter is 5.5 yrs old, her story is in my siggy. I think I do a good job of keeping...
  3. BemLmom3

    Green Poop

    My daughter still having problems. She has to remain on miralax or she goes right back to being constapated. Also she...
  4. BemLmom3


    My 4yr old has appt this am, I called and asked about gluten. She said she did not see anything in the ingredients....
  5. This is the one you buy not in the refrig section, it is on the store shelf. The one in the frige I read about the trace...
  6. BemLmom3

    Omg Quaker Rice Cakes?

    Do these contain gluten or not? My daughter loves these with p.butter and jelly............I posted about the soy concern...
  7. BemLmom3

    Soy Help Please

    OMG talk about overwhelming! Thanks for the help and suggestions, guys. Okay so the gluten-free/CF part of her diet...
  8. BemLmom3

    Soy Help Please

    I had removed all soy from daughters diet and did not see a difference in her constipation that will not go away. Actually...
  9. So she gained 2lbs and 1/2 inch since Nov. Well now that I removed soy also, she now is back to no tummy hurting complaints...
  10. BemLmom3


    Hi I HS my 3 children, ages 7,4, and almost 3yr olds. I just started last year. At first it is a good idea to look...
  11. BemLmom3

    Soy Help

    So my daughter has been gluten-free/CF since late Nov. She just turned 4yrs old, has been dx celiac disease by regular...
  12. gets better? My 4yr old has battled with it her whole life. It seemed to have gotten better right after she went totally...
  13. where it is. My daughter is 4 and the last time we ate at Chili's she got the hamb patty and manderines. She was fine...
  14. BemLmom3

    Behavioral Symptoms

    Describes my almost 4yr old to a tee when she has gluten. It is like a different person!
  15. BemLmom3

    Washing Dishes

    Will I contaminate my daughters dishes if I wash them in the dish washer with dishes that have had gluten on them? ...