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  1. We went to Culvers for ice cream and we all got really sick. Gluten sick..I ate the frozen custard last week and was fine but had the concrete vanilla today.. we only ordered from their gluten free menu.

    Anyone have any experience with this?


    I got their chili once and felt sick afterwards (and that's supposed to be safe!) However, I have the Butterfingers Concrete and it doesn't bother me.

  2. I have my aunt's Kolacky recipe (polish cookie) and would love to make it this year. I would like to use gluten-free flour, but not sure if it would work:

    1pkg. yeast (dry or small cake)

    9 tblsp. milk or cream

    1 tsp. vanilla

    3 egg yolks

    3 C sifted flour

    1/2 tsp. salt

    1 C Crisco Shortening


    fruit filling

    The recipe calls to use sugar when rolling out the dough instead of flour, so that's a plus! Other than that, would I be able to use a gluten-free flour blend in place of flour?


  3. I realize this is after-the-fact, but I made a pumpkin pie using Whole Foods Bakehouse frozen pie crust (it comes in a package of two) and it turned out AWESOME!! If it wasn't for the fact I was eating the pie, my family wouldn't have believed it was gluten-free!

    Whole Foods also had a recipe for pie crust that was really good - flakey and actually had a taste to it - but I'm not sure if it's still on their website. When I have a chance, I'll post it on the Forum.

  4. OK, so I started bringing out my Fall decorations and now I'm getting my usual annual craving for candy corn! Brach's used to be the only brand I really liked and realize that they can't guarantee it's gluten-free. I checked the history for this topic and the latest it's been brought up was about 2 years ago. Does anyone know if anything's changed? I live in the Midwest - what brand of cc is just as good as Brach's but safe to eat?



  5. OK, I'd hate to see Donna carted off because she's been talking to herself :P !

    I placed my order (and thank you, Donna, I probably would have taken my time mulling over what to do about a bronzer, but your post about the specials kinda helped me make my decision sooner!) and I decided to go with the Soft Bronzer and Summer Silk Dust. I figure if either of these are too dark I can always mix them with something lighter! That's the beauty of EM!! :D

  6. Well, the good news is that Mimi's opened up near my house. The bad news is they're not offering a gluten-free menu :angry: ! With Cheeseburger in Paradise and Biaggios in the same shopping center and both offering gluten-free menus, you'd think they'd follow suit <_< ! Well, I'm going to write a letter to the manager to complain!!

  7. Dear mandasmom,

    I know that only Dannon's plain yogurts are safe. No others are. That explains why I always got so sick from them! Yoplait is safe for the most part, because they clearly label gluten if it is present. My favorite is the Whips in Coffee Latte! Also, they are kosher as far as I know!



    That's good to know!! I thought only Brown Cow was gluten-free and that brand is hard to find in my area. Before going gluten-free, I loved the Yoplait whips!! Yippee!! I can have some yogurt now!!

  8. I agree, go to Glutenfreegirl's website (Shauna James Ahearn). SHe has a great recipie for chocolate banana bread. YUM! The recipie can also be found in her new book that came out a few months ago. I had to use a smaller pan, so I cooked it another 10 minutes cuz it was still raw in the middle. But it tasted great!

    I just made this yesterday and it's WONDERFUL!! I had to go on a treasure hunt for some of the ingredients, but it's worth the time!!

    Yes, increase the bake time because mine did come out a little raw - and I used a 9" springform pan!

  9. I have all my flours in their own shelf in our pantry.

    I have all my utensils in a container.

    I have my own toaster which is kept in a cabinet and taken out only when I use it.

    If I'm making a sandwich, I just use my plate to prepare it. I'm the only gluten-free out of a family of 4 - so I don't trust the counters no matter how much I wipe them down. I have two young kids who are just not careful.

  10. In today's Good Food section of the Chicago Trib was an article titled "The Gluten-Free Phenomenon: Has Giving Up Foods Containing Gluten Become the Latest Diet Fad?" In the article, the writer wrote that "Gluten has become the dietary villain du jour, the new "carb," if you will."

    I honestly don't feel this is a trend, or a fad. I know of some people cutting gluten out of their diets and remarked how much better they feel. I would say they have a gluten intolerance then if they felt better cutting this out of their diet, don't you think?

    The writer interviewed doctors and nutritionists, one of the latter mentioned that this diet is very challenging because gluten is found in so many food products and if you don't cook, your diet can suffer. But on the upside, the nutritionist said that celiacs are better eaters because we consume so many fruits and vegetables. And that gluten is in fact fattening, so gluten-free diets can help you lose weight.

    But the article taps into how some people feel gluten free diets help autistic children - which I've heard before - and these families support gluten-free diets for this reason.

    The article was quite interesting. If you happen to be a subscriber of the Trib, or their .com version, it's a good read. PLUS, they had a recipe for Chocolate Banana Bread that looked might tasty :P !! I plan on giving it a try and will definitely share!!

  11. This is an interesting topic . . . when I tell people I can't eat gluten, some will ask if I'm celiac. This is where I'm sure I confuse them. Since I don't have immediate, digestive disturbances when I eat gluten, I never consider myself celiac. But I've learned (from this forum) that that's not the case. From what I've learned, based on the condition of my villi is how you determine celiac disease. Well, the only test I've had to determine my gluten intolerance is an antibodies test my doctor requested from my blood work. My antibodies were high, therefore, my body was fighting something and my doctor recommended I stop eating gluten. Well, since I've stopped eating gluten, I'm more healthier, my panic attacks have dramatically lessened (that could also be from me cutting caffeine out of my diet), and the bloating and gas has ended. I'm still at a loss as to whether I have an intolerance or if I have celiac.

    In the meantime, I'm avoiding the confusion in the explanation of my dietary limitations. Whenever someone asks me if I'm celiac, I now say "yes, I am". It's just easier.

  12. . . . the Church ALWAYS makes the Eucharist available in two forms; not only in the wheat host but also in the form of wine. Receiving EITHER, as chosen by the communicant, is considered full reception of communion. We have a number of members of my church that receive only the Eucharist in the form of wine, probably because of this condition.

    I read the article you attached and it still doesn't sit well with me. I understand the "low-gluten host" that the church is offering (which appears you have to go through a dozen hoops to get it served at your church) is celiac safe - I thought any gluten was not safe! Also, if you drink from the communion cup, there's always CC since you are drinking it along with the congregation (who all have a mouth full of host when they come to the cup).

    I'm Catholic, but I don't receive communion. To me it's not important. I'm at church and that's what matters to me. Even if they did serve gluten-free host, I'd be worried about cc!

  13. I had asked my local health food store about Kinnickinnic's waffles and they would see if they can get them. I've been there since then and no waffles (they are pretty good about getting things customers ask about). I've looked at Whole Foods (they have Lifestream) and nothing <_< !

    I've had K's donuts and they are wonderful!! I love that they aren't as fattening as gluten donuts!