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  1. HI!

    I didn't know where to post this but does anyone know anything about those bubble wands that come in a long bubble solution tube? My silly received one and of course they cut off the name and contact info to wrap it. I only have marketed by Wal- mart stores made in china and the code wmp60036b on it. I couldn't find it on Wal mart's site.

    Thanks if anyone can point me in the right direction.


  2. But I wanted to be sure that they did not get sick during the crucial developmental stages.....those are hard fought years to get back if lost.

    I have to second this. While we have recovered, my daughter's development still lags. She lost so much SO VERY MUCH. We gave digital photo frames to the grandparents for Christmas loaded with picts from the last couple of years. I cried thru them. The obvious change when being flipped by you in a matter of seconds - you go from that happy, fat smiling snuggly lovable baby to the thin,stick figured, detailed bone structure, dead eyes with no sparkle, no joy, no life in them. hair that looks like chopped straw from some insane crazy scissors accident and then the pictures begin to flip by showing the weight gain, the glowing skin, sparkly eyes, laughing smile, beautiful hair... Breaks my heart. I can't watch the slide show. It's too painful.

    As for development, she still is behind in her speech and many brain development stages. You just can't develop mentally when you starving to death. Her brothers were so much farther ahead in being able to count, say things, point to objects... She has a ways to go in that area.

  3. I didn't refuse the biopsy and I should have. All it did was come back with a negative and 3 drs arguing over what might be wrong with my child. When before the biopsy, all involved were 100% positive it was Celiac and would come back positive. Her damage was not enough to qualify and was slight enough to be caused by a possible milk allergy (even though allergy tests and a month long trial of daily doses of ice cream revealed no dairy allergy or lactose problem) The tests do not detect early Celiac, it does not catch first stage of the disease, and it should not be a standard for children under 3. The University of Chicago Celiac center has brochures that even state children under 3 should eat a gluten diet for a year before testing as time shorter than that may not be long enough to produce enough damage to catch. And considering a sick Celiac child who may only eat the amount equal to a chicken nugget in a day (YES A DAY! I measured every piece and ounce she ate or didn't eat as it was)

    For those who are discussing numbers, if the numbers don't matter then why are Celiacs supposed to have 0 or as close to possible 0 for their antibodies because any number above 0 shows they are reacting to gluten. It's on the University's site as well. If you are gluten free, you shouldn't produce antibodies at all. And given that the normals our lab ranges are based on are not 100% perfectly fit and healthy people, I'm not buying the idea that normal people produce small amounts of antibodies. sounds more like the sampling of people tested had this average number of antibodies in their blood. I seriously doubt anyone followed those people for a number of years to see if they developed Celiac to explain their antibodies. And the average also includes those that have high numbers and those who have none.

    and for taweavmo3 Thank you My ped is the only one out of the specialists who looked me in the eye and said "we have to use common sense in medicine. Her test results indicate she is a perfectly healthy child with absolutely no known issues to cause this D. Her reality is she is dying in front of our eyes with symptoms that are classic text book Celiac. She won't make another year if you follow the ped gi's advise and she won't make another month without medical intervention to keep her going. ( ped gi said feed her rye and barely for another year and then retest to see if she is "full blown Celiac by then" ) We have no choice but to defy the test results and take her off of all gluten. We have eliminated all possible other things and we are still left with Celiac."

    Her turn around was so dramatic that there has never been any doubt that she is a Celiac who had false negatives on both blood and biopsy. To make it worse, her older brother's and my dramatic disappearance of so many things has shown that we too have some kind of issue with gluten as well.

    ANd to the original poster We only did the biopsy because our ped begged us to so she could say we had ruled out every possible thing (Celiac can't be ruled out only ruled in) and then we know that moving forward on the gluten free diet was the only possible path. She even said if we had anybody dx with Celiac or had a positive blood work, she would not advise us to do the biopsy due to the extreme poor health of our child and the fact that in her experience babies in this shape with Celiac turn around quickly and we would have an improvement in a matter of weeks once gluten free. But without the positive blood work and no known Celiac in the family, she was worried we might overlook something within the gi tract and my child didn't have the time to try gluten free and then have it not work. Otherwise, she would advise us to go gluten free and dx Celiac. You have Celiac in the family, a positive blood work, the biopsy is overkill and I wouldn't not even sweat turning it down.

  4. If I remember right (the label wears off and I can't read the name ) it is ZUZU


    expensive UGH Long lasting Good Sometimes clumpy but I can fix that . Wears well and stays on my eyelashes and not my face. Now get it at the local Earth Fare store.

  5. Please be advised that it may take months to feel better or get well. I wanted to say that so you don't get discouraged if you don't feel better in a few weeks.

    My baby became very ill and still tested negative on blood and biopsy. My mom told me I was like that as a child. Clingy, whiny, grumpy, sick, tummy problems all the time. Identical to the baby. Out of lack of anything else to do, we put her and the rest of us on a strict gluten free diet. The diet response was overwhelming positive for everyone but me. Until just recently.

    I have been the sickest for the longest. All the childhood issues and then as a teenager 6 straight years with daily tummy upset. Drs labeled it as stress. In my 20's, the chiropractor said I had huge holes in my hips and had bone loss. At 23, I stopped having daily d but came down with some type of swollen joint issues (never did come up with anything as to what it was) and I was labeled with chronic fatigue. I was super skinny (think starving child look) and then became fat. It's been downhill every since then Bone pain, joint pain, swelling, extreme fatigue, severe mood swings, dry skin (Would crack and bleed even in the summer), large clumps of hair loss, no way could I grow fingernails or toenails (splinter and break off) and the continual stomach issues ranging from days of d to days of none. Most days I just laid on the couch or tried to make it thru the day somehow. After all, moms are always tired, right? Or at least that's what all the drs around here say.

    Then the baby's issues started. And we found our way here. We went completely gluten-free. Only fruits, only veggies and lightly seasoned plain meat for 2 months straight. THen we added in some gluten free snacks like cookies and cakes once or twice a week and then some pancakes. We still do that.

    It's been almost 11 months. THe baby is completely better and almost back to her normal growth curve before she got sick. For me it's been much slower. Around 6 months, the bms normalized to like one a day and one that had form. I started feeling not so tired. IN fact yesterday I cleaned the tub ( I haven't been able to do that in 6 years), waxed it, cleaned the shower liner, scrubbed the floor and did that all over again in the kids bathroom!! Today, I am sore and took it easy out of habit but have not been tired today or stuck in bed all day. I have the prettiest toenails. I have never had toenails. I look like I had a pedicure. My heels are not cracked and are almost completely smooth instead of craggy. My skin is soft and lost all those dry wrinkles. My hair is not coming out so fast but I think it may be an underlying problem like lack of iodine causing that. I had great looking fingernails without hang nails until yesterday's tub cleaning. I'm starting an exercise program tomorrow because I believe I might be able to do one instead of being knocked out for 2 or 3 days from exercise. I'm looking forward to the new year to see if I might actually be well this coming year.

    ANyway, just wanted to say that a definite on the test isn't necessary and not to give up as it may take a long time before you begin to see results

    And I think most drs don't want to dx this. For some reason not having a sandwich is consider a sentence worse than death. They must teach that in medical school. Living without wheat is a death sentence. Your patients would rather be sick and miserable than not eat bread. LOL!

    Do the diet. Get better!


  6. HEre's what we had to do.

    Background - my 12 month old stopped growing and had continually worsening diaherra. I had a ped with a clue about Celiac but surrounded by specialists without a clue. Since we used an allergist with the oldest, I went that route first.

    First thing the allergist wanted after initial IGE testing was to get back to a normal stool. Took almost 1 month of only fruit ( apple/ banana), veggies( potato, green bean, green peas, corn) , and plain meat to do this. I kept a food diary that listed the day, the amount eaten ( and time), how prepared ( cut food labels and pasted those in there if I had any), any bms and how they looked - brown, light brown, scattered, liquid, together, etc and at what time she had any. I also recorded mood, temp, colds, sneezes, anything I noticed as different or not there the day before. Also kept comments on how she looked - condition of her hair, skin, nails, length of activity/sleep etc.. I got really anal and color coded the whole thing as the months went by and the stupidity of all the specialists got deeper. Then we went another month of regular solid stool before starting the food trials. HE said the typical culprits were dairy, eggs, wheat. So that is where we started. And he said a month was necessary. His opinion was allergy would be within an hour or so of eating, intolerance within 3 or 4 days max, and the realm of "other problems like Celiac" after that time period.

    We went eggs first. I was told for an accurate trial I had to fix and eat the same thing every day for the month. No switching products, styles, seasonings or else the results might be skewed. We went scrambled eggs lightly salted with a dash of pepper every day for a month. No reaction. Then brought in dairy in the form of ice cream. Ice cream everyday for a month (YEA We all rejoiced over that) Then, we introduced sandwich bread The same type of bread either eaten as sandwich or as toast. The 2nd almost 3 week she began to have loose stools. The allergist said go to the ped gi. The ped had all ready arranged that appointment because she was convinced it was Celiac, so we didn't have to go to long before seeing him. I continued the wheat trial with the food diary until the biopsy and then kept up with the food diary for another 4 or 5 months.

    So that's how we did it. Despite negative blood and biopsy, I had proven that wheat caused a severe issue and that it had to be removed along with oats, rye, barley. The food diary can really reveal some things. It showed the day she developed her lactase deficiency - Dec 14,2007. It showed the improvement off of wheat and the fast downhill slide on wheat. The more detailed the more you can track.

    Food testing unless it is IGE can be really useless unless you are dealing with a ton of things. And then once the gut is healed, much can be brought back into the diet -just avoiding the things that caused the damage. A detailed food diary and very careful intro of food can tell you a lot more. Like the fact that the only growth she did in a year was during the months she only ate fruit, veggies, meat,eggs, and dairy. And is pretty hard evidence in face of very negative tests. I still keep the diary whenever we reintro a food like cheese or ice cream or anything I suspect might be a trouble food.



  7. Well, our blood work is negative ( there are a percentage of people who will not test positive and I'm not sure if that puts the blood work as unreliable or what) so I can't depend on it to let me know if we ingest gluten or not. I switched because of that. I also switched because of the toddler who likes to drink the bath water, lick her fingers or people or the cat for that matter, who is unable to control water ( and the gluten soap dissolved in the water) from getting in her mouth and still makes an unholy mess with everything that completely coats hers. Getting rid of gluten in everything was easier than trying to keep it from getting in her. I treat it like a severe peanut allergy.

    Also, it's a lot easier than having to worry. If I have a can of gluten food, use the can opener ,and forget to clean it before I open the gluten free food, then it's possible to have contaminated the can. If I use gluten food, put in the dishwasher and then it doesn't wash the food off well and leaves little bits..... Which bits are the gluten?? I just removed gluten from everything including the dog's food.

    Another thought is after switching to gluten free mascara,my eyes stopped itching and were no longer red. You just never know.


  8. My kiddo was extremely pale as well. The cbc is not a blood test that lets you know if there are deficiencies nutritional wise. I had to demand a vitamin test and a couple of other ones Her cbc was fine. Her Vit d was in the toilet along with Vit k, A, and calcium and I forgot what all else. It's taken months but her paleness is no longer that deathly white. We go back in a couple of months to repeat all the vit checks and mineral levels to see if any have come up to normal. You may have to get additional testing to see what her nutritional levels are

    And by the way, all of our blood work was "normal" including IGA total. We test negative. But our response to the diet is incredible and startling enough to give us a dx.

  9. Agree with Shayesmom! Great post.

    We jumped through all sorts of hoops with our baby only to discover that playdough used in her classroom during the week was making her sick on Sundays. PLAY DOUGH she didn't even play with!!! And wasn't even in the room at the same time she was. UGH!!

    Flour bins, oatmeal, cereal..... I would be firm but clear. everything would be converted to gluten free. All that dust lands on a toy and then they play, suck on their fingers, eat before washing their hands, Just gives me nightmares.

    Hopefully, all of it can be resolved with minimal fuss.

  10. Just wondering if anyone uses these products??


    They don't say gluten free or wheat free but they look okay other than some that use wheat germ.

    I'm just concerned over the "organic and vegatable source" I emailed and the company was very prompt and very nice and after a couple of emails, said they were in the process of tweaking the labeling to avoid such confusions.


  11. Okay the soap stuff totally mystifies me. What are the bad ingredients? I look at the bottle and nothing screams wheat. I didn't think about using the soap at places. SHe still likes to lick her hands.

    So some of those chemical names are code words for wheat?

    Here at home we are suave for kids shampoo (I thought Sauve was safe), equate brand hand soap, and switched yesterday to Kiss my Face olive and aloe soap for her really bad dry skin and cucumber body lotion by pure life. Those were the only ones I could find that had ingredients I could pronounce and that claimed to be all natural. I'm trying them out on myself first before I put any on her. Her dry skin is horrendous right now.

    So what's the crash course on soaps and lotions?? I've been just using what I knew others had used and really have no idea how to make sense of the labels on those products. We just rinse really really well.


  12. The class knows about the glue and paint and playdough. However, we have been using those stickable foamies. Peel the sticker off and stick it. Hadn't even thought about that. I'll have to see what the "sticky" is made from.

    As for playdough, mine absolutely cannot under any reason even be in the same room with it (or so it seems) If you have a wheat allergy, will you not react to playdough??? If it is used in the room and everything is not scrubbed to death, she gets sick. It took a long time to figure that one out. Once we eradicated playdough, she stopped getting sick. ONe dr still claims she has a wheat allergy and not Celiac so I was wondering if as an allergy she wouldn't respond to the playdough thus her response is not allergy? Clear as mud right?


  13. HI!

    OUr dd is now 2 and is in the midst of a bad bad gluten reaction. Horrible runny poop. We've done great with just a few instances in the beginning since our dx (or lack of one ) in Jan. But this is definitely like she was way back before dx leading me to believe we are getting regular gluten somewhere in the last month but I can't figure out where. HEr bigger than big belly has even rounded back out after it just started to finally flatten.

    I've gone over and over our foods and diet for the last 3 weeks and can't figure out anything. She had Hawolleen candy but it was lollipops ( assumed they were all safe so one of those might have been a problem) and candy we knew were safe. Shampoos and conditioners are all by Sauve the ones for kids. Toothpaste is ORal B for toddlers. Vitamins are safe and verified.

    Kitchen is gluten free except for hubby's sandwhich he makes for lunch. I clean that area he uses and throw the towel in the laundry so I don't spread the crumbs. Then I still reclean with a new cloth to be safe. Sandwich fixing are all squeezable bottles and I clean the tops and squirt out some first to make sure no cc from his bread. That's the only gluten I know of in the house and she has no access to it. we have our own gluten-free peanut butter bottle.

    She only goes out of my sight to one class on Wednesdays and they are very up and up on allergies and are very sure to keep her from all gluten. Only 3 kids on a busy day in the class so I'm not too worried about the kids being able to swap foods or cc her.

    I can not think of anything that we have switched to in the last month. Everything we have is what we have been doing unless ingredidents were switched in a product and I don't know about it. OH I did switch from Bryan's hot dogs to Bar s but bar s was verified to be gluten free. Maybe that wasn't true??

    The only other thing we did in the last month was take care of the neighbor's kitten who only ate canned cat food (pop top) 9 lives I believe. She had a good time with the kitten but I never saw the kitten licking her or anything like that. She did mess with the litter box a few times and I had to wash her well from that. Could gluten be in cat litter? It was very dusty and I know I sucked in tons of it when cleaning the cat box. THe kitten did seem to have a stomache bug but no one else in the house has tummy issues so I am not leaning toward virus.

    Can anyone think of anything I'm forgetting?? I know once you get everythign under control you begin to forget about things. Could I be missing something? OR can bar s hot dogs be a problem?



  14. HI!!

    Don't relay on the tests for kids. My baby would not have made it had I continued to follow the drs advise and orders. I cancelled all medical appointments for two months, put her on a strict fruit, plain meat, and veggie diet and went back with a detailed food diary recording everything from bms (I took picts on some just for verification :o ), to attitude, temp, sleeping habits, amount of liquids, food intake, you name it. (I had one prediet too)

    The change was DRAMATIC! Dramatic in the sense that the ped came in and said I don't know what you've done but don't stop it. Her growth was incredible. I showed her the journal - she all ready had detailed journal from before and she said that was enough to convince her the child could not handle wheat, rye, barley, oats whatever we called it. Our official dx is now wheat/gluten intolerance with Pre-Celiac condition since the allergist is adament that she does not have any kind of wheat allergy including Igg or the new intestional allergy and the ped gi is adament that he can't dx her with Celiac's until she has a positive biopsy. We keep going every couple of months for checks and as long as we don't slip up, she's good all the way around. We've now ventured into gluten free grains and have added some small amounts of dairy back into the diet without any trouble. (though after learning about dairy, we'll never included that again as a regular in our diet!)

    And funny thing is malt is every bit as bad of a reaction as wheat. Rice Kripsies are puffed cereal of doom and destruction around here. You just don't know how many friends have made those from scratch to offer us to eat and are surprised when I say we can't have it. Think projectile vomiting just from the other end. FOR DAYS. I have nightmares about Rice Krispies and Cheerios. :D

    Good luck and remember the tests aren't neccessarily the end all.


  15. Crazy question but did you see the actual surgical path report or the dr's interpertation of that report?? They can be vastly different. The path could have done the biopsies wrong or been a dope himself as ours was. I can't get the dr to order my daughter's biospy to another lab even though we know the path only looked at 1 sample and never examined the other 5. And Mayo Clinic protocol I believe calls for samples to be sent to a path specializing in gastro if samples come back normal but symptoms still suggest Celiac's.

    Villi blunting is not normal. Have you consider it could possibly be a milk allergy??? My middle son suddenly just began dropping weight by the ton and was in the bathroom constantly. His Celiac panel was so low that they wouldn't even consider a scope. While he does seem to be somewhat effected by gluten (more of a long term like slow/impaired growth) his weight loss was strictly due to the dairy. Whenever he gets dairy, he stays in the bathroom and gets horrible brain fog. We had to go gluten-free/CF for him and the baby. They both have milk allergy not lactose intolerance. He just gets tired if he gets glutened. While the baby has D if she gets glutened.

    Meanwhile, I definitely get bothered by gluten and 20 years ago had all the signs of intestinal damage but no biopsy performed. It took close to 5 months before I noticed any differences in bathroom habits or my general overall health. It takes a lot of time if you have had it for a long time.

    I have my whole house gluten-free/CF even though none of the tests have come back positive for anyone. But the relief of so many symptoms and the sudden weight gain and growth of all the kids leads me to believe that all the drs saying no are just wrong. The tests aren't that good. THey are just the best we have right now. Doesn't make them good tests. Just the only way we have right now to dx this.


  16. Dx with Ibs at 14, dx with fibro at 22 after a huge weight gain in virtually a few weeks and crippling joint type pain symptoms. After putting everyone on a gluten free/dairy free diet 5 months ago to solve the baby's issues with gluten have had virtually complete diappearance of ibs, joint pain, muscle fatigue, extreme chronic fatigue. Never been dx with Celiac but get horribly sick when I eat gluten now.



    I thought I would pop in!! I haven't been posting much here (do I lose my cult status?) but do I gain it back if I place 3 orders in one week? Two in the same Day!!!!! Little bitty orders though. I only placed one to get the special and just took the discount on the others. Once they all arrive, I will have the majority of the eyeshadows... Really into playing around with that. Still like the stuff and hope to narrow down my foundation to one. I can't get sandy fair to drag over to a kit so I can try it but it may be the one.

    I'm venturing in to lip glosses, soaps, with these last orders.

    Where are you guys ordering the cases from ?? I believe I need one now.

    I'm waiting to try that find your foundation shade posted on the forums and see which works to order a big kit. I thought that might be the best deal to get the brushes and a main thing of foundation.

    Hasn't the site move been a mess?? I just recieved word today from two people that my order is shipping today with different tracking numbers. Not sure how i got two people invovled but somehow I did even though I only emailed shipping once. Tom the shipping guy sounds so very tired of this. HIs email was very nice but you could read the exhaustion and frustration. :huh:

    OOH I'm finally venturing in to wearing darker colors across the eyelid. TOday I tried diary on the lid with starry eye in the cornor and lower lid and on the phone (i think) across the top to the brow. Looks pretty good. I've a big fluffy brush that's really nice that I use to blend it all together. It looked pretty good once I took off my lime green shirt and put on the purple/tan striped one LOL! Before that minor change it was slightly shocking.

    How often do any of your clean your brushes and with what??

    WHOO I think I got it all out!! I've been busy with school work and mommy work and tonight it was ME work.


  18. The gi isn't going to tell you to take him off of gluten without a positive biopsy and blood unless your baby is in the hospital dying. Hate to be dramatic but I've been there. My child couldn't speak, did nothing but scream and went from bad to worse. The gi even said he had never seen someone get so sick on a gluten challenge so quick but still refused to back us in a gluten free diet. We couldn't leave the gi center without an appointment with our ped the next week because the gi was worried about her going a WEEK without seeing a dr. SHe was that sick. My mother instinct kicked in and I took her home and off of gluten to see her bms drop to one a day within the week. I cancelled the ped appointment while the gi was an idiot who told us to put her back on gluten and off of dairy since the biospy was negative and the lactase was low. My hubby insisited on that for 5 days until she dropped another 8 ozs and was back up to 5 or 6 bms a day. I was between a rock and a hard place. Continue feeding the baby according to the drs and watch her get worse or go "off the grid" and try my own experiment. God knows they had made her one big experiment all ready. The diet can't hurt. All it can do it is help.

    He is in pain and he is refusing to eat because it hurts. NO that type of eating is not normal and that is not typical toddler behaviour. You are not overreacting. Taking him off of all gluten- obvious and hidden. GO to a strict cooked by you and you alone veggie diet with a little fruit - apples/bananas- and plain meat for two months. Nothing processed, nothing prepared by anyone but you. Throw out all the old pans, get new can openers, chunk anything that could hold onto gluten like wooden spoons, cutting boards, toasters, etc. I even went as far as if it didn't say gluten free and wasn't from the produce stand we didn't eat it. The problem was I had 2 months (the next ped appointment) to have a dramatic improvement or things were going to get nasty around here (since the baby had been checked for everything then mom and dad must be doing something wrong :ph34r: )

    First week we were down to one or two bms a day. The liquid all over the place run down your legs puddle on the floor stopped. It took about 3 months for them to become solid and normal but they were no longer liquid. Various ranges of mush and some firmness but it did take 3 months before we were noticing normal stuff down there. By the first month, she was at least trying to eat. By 2 months, she was walking around with her box of gluten free cereal and put it down to eat lunch and dinner and snacks. :D:D We gained a pound or so and 1.5 in height after no growth for the better part of year. We are now in month 5 and our daughter is incredible. She has a fat face though her weight will never catch up. She is back up on the growth chart and is at least moving up. She is sweet, adorable, is now talking in SENTENCES when she couldn't speak in Jan. The gi thinks we are idiots for being gluten free while the ped openly admits that only because I stepped in and took charge did our daughter get better instead of having "problematic" outcome.

    THe point of all of that is the drs don't know everything and can only tell you and ADVISE you according to the test results. YOU have to decided to follow that or work on another path. Everything in the medical books tells us my kid is fine other than some unexplained low vitamin d, vitamin k, low igg's levels, low bone density, severe malnutrition and chronic diaherra. No one can tell my why she has all of that but gluten free is the only thing that is working to reverse all that.

    All you can do is pray and follow your gut. God gave you that instinct and don't be so quick to dismiss it just because the dr can't prove it right.

  19. How long has he been on gluten? Has he ever gone off of gluten?

    This sounds so much like my baby. All of her testing came out negative but we did the diet and within the week the runny poop stopped. Within the month, she started gaining weight. Now after 4 months, she has grown and gained weight. Her gi dr wanted us to continue to feed her gluten for another year and then return for another round of testing. We decided to do the diet without dr apporval. The turn around has been unbelivable.

    Sometimes , you have to go against their opinion and do what makes sense. If he's been on gluten all this time then get the blood work done. But positive or negative do the diet. IF everything resolves, then you have your answer whether the test ever agrees with it or not.


  20. If he's been gluten free for several months, the test will come back negative. If he's been lite gluten or has been getting a little thru cc then it might show some antibodies but will probably still show neg. Your best bet is to continue on the path of gluten free. You will have to put him on a heavy gluten loaded diet for a minium of 3-6 months to even have a hope of getting a positive dx. If you want to do a challenge and get an official dx then wait until he's a little older and the gluten challenge won't mess him up as bad as it can a fast developing 19 month old. But it will take a long time on gluten to do enough damage to show up. We were on gluten for 96 days and didn't get a positive dx even though every dr we were seeing swore she was classic presenation for the disease and were confident enough to have us go on the diet as soon as the test was over. They just knew she would be positive but she came out negatvie.


  21. I would stick with natural fruits/veggies for a long time. There is a yahoo group called silly yaks that has lots of kid recipes on it icluding gold fish crackers. You could make your own teething biscuits. There is a cheerio sub called Perky o's. We make lots of cookies and i even just made a cookie cake that a little one could probably gum. Leave out the chocolate chips and it would probably be soft enough but hard enough to hold shape in those little baby hands you could make some gluten-free bread and cut that into strips and toast it.

    I cut veggies into itty bitty cubes and then boiled them until they could be squished but still held their shape when touched. I fed mine that which seemed to satisfy their need to feed themselves. we didn't know about Celiac until later so I did the normal course of finger foods so I don't have much insight into that first year gluten free.