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  1. I was about to post a similia topic but then I found this thred. I need some help and advice too regardin to being glutened by poss cc. On the diet for over a month and was being very careful, I was feeling great. My running to the loo with 'D" and wind had stoped. I had much more energy too. With this time of year i prob have been drinking alcohol and eating out more (though stressingto restaurants that my food was to be def gluten free) However it has sucked over xmas as something has flared up and I'm not sure why. My symptons are the urge to go to the loo but only passing wind with mucous. I'm very tired and my mind is a bit scattery. Is this a sign of cros contamination / being glutened? If so, what should i do/comsume to get me feeling back to a more stable and lively self> I hate feeling so drainned again. help!!! :)

  2. i had the exact querry a week ago too and i know all our bodies will take different lengths of times to heal particular things and in particular ways, I just want to let you know that going gluten free will def see positive results. I've bee gluten free now for only 3 and half weeks and the past week my gastro symptons have really eased off and more or less stablised (no more 'D', running to the loo 6 times a day, stomach aches) I'm touching wood as its too good to be true but i can honestly say i'm feeling like a new person. Before my diagnosis, I was off work feelin totally burnt out and had suffered for 6 months if not more but i was still eating gluten (unknown to be the damage it was doing). Going gluten free will def help your symptons and your villi will heal in time. It may just take a bit longer if you've suffered for a few years but it'll happen. My best wishes

  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me how long it may take until i have some sort of normality back with my bowel movements. I've recently been diagonsed with celiac and have been on the diet for 2 weeks now. I'm most impresssed with my new found gluten free cooking skills and so is my mum!!!!

    My diagnosis came after sufffering from chronic diarhea for 6 months and very low folate levels. I get the impression that it may take some time to see an improvement with my bowels, is this correct?

    Cheers :D

  4. I just want to say hello and how great it has been to come across the site as I now have gone from feeling a bit lonesome with what i'm going through and now seek comfort and support with people here sharing their own experiences and helpful advice.

    I'm 23 and for the past 6 months have really not been my usual self. Initally i thought it was just work related stress/symptons and a bout of IBS. I have been off work now for 4 weeks and my doc has been great. He suspects that I may have celiac and i've actually had my blood test for it today. I've had some results back and tests have shown that my folate is very low and im currenlty being investigated for results showing borderline underactive thyroid. Since the summer i have suffered from chronic diarrhea and on/off stomach cramps. I've also lost weight and been suffering from anxiety. I have been referred to have an endoscopy too.

    The doc has explainned that it is likely that i have malabsorbtion probs and that is why i have no energy and generally feeling washed out with the ongoing bowel probs. Hopefully i'm one step closer to beating whatever it is that is making my wee body feel so down!! I can only wait and see if the test come back indicating celiac???mmmmm

    I hate feelin like this and i'm desperate to get back to feelin more like myself so fingers crossed! :D