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  1. My eyelashes are long and thick too. I can squint if I need sunglasses Before going gluten free, my nail moons were very visible. My nail moons are all but gone now, not sure where they went
  2. Is Dermatitis Herpetiformis enough cause to be diagnosed with Celiacs? The posted question got me wondering.... From what I have read DH is a direct result of Celiac autoimmune reaction.
  3. Hyundai Cars

    You're looking for Hyundai info, but Saturns are the best car for the average Joe that I know of. Anybody I know who owns a Saturn has not been disappointed. I bought a '92 saturn SL (2nd owner) and I have over 270,000 miles on it with the original engine still in it. I also get 40 miles per gallon and it's not a hybrid . I am going to sell it though and buy the same make and model, but this time with power windows and doors and AC. Saturns are hearty little cars - in my opinion
  4. Everybody who really knows me understands that being gluten free has changed my life - nobody has questioned that except my coworkers that are clueless about gluten. I have been suffering manic depression for my whole life and was on 4 different psychiatrist prescribed meds that did nothing for the bipolar. Gluten free has released me from the bipolar, imagine that . I have never been able to loose weight no matter how much I exercised. My wife has watched me loose 20 lbs in about 2 months since being gluten free - I haven't even tried to loose the weight, it is just going away by itself. I also had an internal hernia surgery, which I am almost certain was unnecessary. The pain that I experienced prior to the surgery was there the whole time I was on gluten, but now is absent, hmmm. The Dr. didn't find any evidence of a hernia while doing the procedure. I am glad that I learned about gluten when I did. Yes, gluten has caused me unnecessary evils.
  5. Feeling like crap is your body informing you that something is harming you. It is strange that other times gluten has no effect on you I would think it would be worse after some time on a gluten free diet, which it sounds like you are trying to do. Just cross contamination is enough to take me out for about 3 days. Personally, I don't even consider cheating because gluten makes me physically sick and causes me major depression. Every time you consume gluten you are increasing your chances of developing some other celiac related complications.
  6. My wife loves to bake for me. A lot of the foods she made for me were gluten containing and now I cannot eat them. She memorized tons of recipes, a lot of which are for gluteny items. She feels trapped and frustrated that my gluten-free diet has now changed all the rules. She has bent over backwards to accommodate my diet and she is doing a great job in my mind. gluten-free cooking isn't easy for her and often she cooks for our kids, so gluteny meals are ok for them. She works hard to cook, and I appreciate that. She feels bad that I often can't eat what they're having. I say don't worry about me, then I find something to eat and join them at the table. I don't mind missing out on meals, I'll do just about anything to avoid gluten. What can I tell her to relax her and make her still feel appreciated. Any advice is welcomed, as I don't want gluten meddling in my marriage. Maybe there is nothing else I can say or do. Thanks Mark
  7. Hello- For a long time my eyes have this intermittent itchy feeling. Several times every day my eyes itch. They only itch for 15 minutes or so then they don't itch until the next episode. I seem to notice it happening about an hour after I eat, but I am not absolutely certain that eating is always involved. Any help would be greatly appreciated Mark
  8. I am self diagnosed, but my sister is diagnosed with celiac and chrone's so I had some help in figuring it all out. gluten-free has been the best thing I ever did for my health, without a doubt. I suffered bipolar my whole life and it suddenly went away about 3 days gluten-free. But wait, bipolar doesn't just go away, or does it? Interestingly, when I accidentally consume a little gluten, the bipolar comes back to visit for a few days. Reason enough for me to live gluten-free. Interesting link below: http://www.glutenfreeforum.com/index.php?showtopic=14539
  9. Its the darn potatoes that are making me sick. I won't go into the details, but I have found them to be a point source of my being sick. Unfortunately, I love potatoes, but must sadly bid them adieu for now. I don't know if it's a potato intolerance or the possibility that the potatoes are feeding candida. When candida are given a large food source, how long does it take for them to populate to levels that cause a person to be sick?
  10. Hi Yolo - I could never understand how people could wake up in the morning and be happy, energetic and ready to go. Darn gluten. It really causes a hangover of sorts. At least with the other one I got some benefit the evening before . That music thing is bizarre, but I never visually hallucinated people. Before gluten free, as I would just be falling asleep and I would often hear or perceive complex classical music. Weird, but I don't know or listen to any classical music, how did it get in my memory ? At first I would check my radio power switch. Then I just accepted that it wasn't going away. Sometimes it was soft rock, and it happened no more than twice a month. That is gone now, along with an annoying, low intensity, constant buzzing in both of my ears. Funny - I sometimes would hear a song that was in my memory from years ago that I had completely forgot about and I suddenly remembered the words when I woke up the next day - FREAKY! You have to be careful. I have read that many cases of schizophrenia are not affected by diet, but I am sure that some of them may benefit from the diet. One thing for sure, gluten can certainly trash our bodies and minds.
  11. My bad, whether I get glutened from CC or directly from eating it my reaction has the same symptoms. I have been drinking a lot of diet coke lately. I don't understand why it would suddenly make me sick, or is this common?
  12. Today I ate at In-N-Out and had 'protein style' double burger (w/ cheese), fries and med diet coke. I know the effects of when I've been CC'd or directly glutened, but I got pretty sick and it was very different than that of being glutened. Is there anything obvious in these foods that could have made me sick? I suspect I may also be fairly sensitive to casein (cheese?) , as a DQ blizzard made me sick in a similar way, but with a headache from heck. Yes, I probably got sick because I shouldn't be eating this stuff.... Oh yeah, 'Protein style' is the burger wrapped in lettuce instead of poisoned with a bun.
  13. I'm often very cold too. I never used to be that way until I went gluten free.
  14. Joyous- Does that mean some people consume gluteny products to satisfy the fix? Isn't the mental and physical punishment enough to put a stop to the craving. I used to have a slight hankering for gluten stuff, but now I have no desire because of the trouble it causes me. I'd rather bang my head on a brick wall than eat it on purpose. Mark
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