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  1. Living gluten-free keeps the bipolar away. I don't have any trouble staying off gluten just knowing that. I don't take any meds for the swings. I just have to deal with the symptoms for a few days after the glutening. I absolutely hate bipolar swings, not sure how I or anybody else can tolerate those cruel cycles.

    In hindsight, I'm not sure how I've made it to 35 years old and never figured out what the gluten was doing to me all that time.

    Question: I used to always wake up feeling like I had a hangover even though I didn't drink a drop. I think it was a gluten hangover, anybody experience a gluten hangover?

  2. I have a question about clear thinking and long term/short term memory.

    I have done my best to go gluten free, but am still having trouble with my thinking. It seems that being gluten-free has burned off the brain fog, leaving me mentally kind of numb. My thinking is still slow and my short term memory is pretty awful. I have strong reason to believe gluten is partly (perhaps all) to blame for my memory and thinking problems.

    I know this is a vague question, but for people who are sensitive to gluten, can their quick thinking and long/short term memories get better and how long might this take? I read that gluten may cause memory destructive calcium deposits to form on the brain, any comments? Any comments or similar experiences appreciated! Thanks Mark

  3. ....

    how long did it take for you to notice the effects of removing gluten? how much does it take for you to get depressed again?

    It took about three days for my depression to begin to subside. It seems like the depression tapered off for a week or so, providing some kind of happy :D high for me.

    All my life, I suffered from bad manic depression cycles and being gluten-free has completely stopped the cycling.

    However, upon being glutened, I feel the cycle come back. The mania and depression are not as bad as before, but still suck! I get at least one manic cycle and then after about 3 days it is usually gone. I hate going through the manic-depressive cycles, the cycling is very destructive to both our minds and bodies.

    If you learn that gluten is related to your depression, you must find a way to avoid it (do not cheat). You may find that being gluten-free is such a positive change that you won't even want to consume or use gluten containing products ever again. My hope is that you are successful in overcoming your depression!

  4. Did your depression get better or worse going Gluten Free?

    Depression and gluten go hand in hand for me. I have always suffered from an awful bipolar like nuisance and when I went gluten-free, the mood roller coaster settled out. As far as I can remember, these manic/depressive swings have been with me. I could go from manic to depressed in hours and this cycle would repeat at least several times a week :D:angry::( . If I get glutened, the manic/depressive cycle returns for a couple of days.

    Over the years, my psychiatrist has prescribed at different times: paxil, risperdal (BAD STUFF),Wellbutrin and neurontin. My psychiatrist was always perplexed as to why the meds never helped me. I slept almost the entire time I was on Paxil, Dr didn't expect that from this anti-depressant. Neurontin (Gabapentin) was the only one that helped my depression in any bit and it's an anti-seizure med. Yes, gluten free has helped my depression.

  5. i see plenty of people say the basic neuro symptoms, but i have had some crazy ones since i've been sick

    i've felt really strange, for example my thoughts, reactions, responses, it all seems really different...i know i have brain fog, but sometimes i have the a word right there but just can't get it out, i feel stuck, if that makes sense...it just feels like everything is floating around me, like i'm in a different world, i can't even remember how things normally feel and can't grasp things at all, whether i'm reading something, watching something, somebodys talking....it all floats by me, i can talk for HOURS and not remember one thing, or think of something to say and a second later forget it all....i try watching something, and the screen feels like it's bugged out....it's like i hear people say they had neuro and vision problems, but what about the really strange things, where it's almost impossible to even explain? somebody could give me a billion dollars right now and it wouldn't change how i feel, and i'm not even sad or depressed! i just feel like i don't know how to react to things anymore...it feels like things have no flow, if that makes any sense, like it's just one thing to another...like your head literally feels cluttered up with bits and pieces of things and even if you're focusing on something- your mind is still going a million miles and hour...it's not like people who are sad who can do something to take your mind off it, as i said before, it just constantly feels stuck

    it's hard to explain like i said, but it feels like i'll never be myself, cause i literally feel like i went to another person, it all feels like a bad trip...but people on the outside don't understand, it's not cause i'm sad! i'm pretty optimistic actually, things just feel so OFF...maybe somebody can relate, could be a combo of things too since my bodies been through so much in this time and it all just seems like it could collapse

    anyways, just wanting to see if anybody can relate- or understand some of the things i'm saying? it's just the strangest things, even my dreams are extremely weird, doing basic things doesn't feel right AT all, it just feels like a lot....and it effects you a lot too, because before i started getting sick, somebody could have got killed in front of me and i'd still be happy :lol: it was all just relaxed, flowing, everything made me happy...so it's a big switch feeling so sensitive to the randomest things, without actually being sad/mad...it's like a third person feeling to sum it all up, i don't even feel like i'm in my body...i probably sound crazy :lol: :lol:

    have a nice day everyone! and i apologize for making anybody read that wall of babbling ;)

    Gluten caused me neurological issues, too. I used to be constantly told by everybody (family and co-workers): listen, focus, concentrate,the answer is right in front of you, pay attention, etc,,,. I always made mistakes doing the simplest of things both at work and home. Everybody, including myself, could depend on me making mistakes at work and home-that was horrible. Nothing ever made sense to me. My short term memory used to be nil. I often felt like my brain wasn't really in charge of my body, more like it was along for a free ride (impossible to explain). I could detect (and totally fixate) the slightest distractions, like a car idling a block away or an insect pounding on a window trying to escape the house. I really started worrying when I began to lose long term memories (thats what defines us). Most people don't have a clue and their comments turn into a personal attack, which exacerbates our problems. Going gluten and lactose free has resolved a lot of these problems. If I get exposed to gluten or milk, many of these bad things return.

    I'm a newbie here, but it sounds like you are still being exposed to gluten or some other allergen (you should ask your Dr sooner than later).

    You are not alone going through this! The reason you are using this website is the same reason I love it. It is a place where we can be understood and seek help, as most people in our daily lives cannot begin to understand our problems.

  6. I have a gastroscopy in a week, so I have plenty of time to experiment. Since I think my diet is relatively low gluten I figured now would be a good opportunity to see if I manage to get some measurable reactions from gluten. I bought a packet of soft pure wheat bread (no milk or other flour). This is something I would not normally eat, usually I eat "skandinavian style" whole grain rye bread that has about 30-40% whole grain wheat (I am assuming there is less gluten?). I also eat pasta etc. only very rarely, but there definitely is some gluten in most of the meals I eat.

    I ate half of the packet during the evening and "imagined" feeling irritated etc. I also measured higher than normal heart rate and lower heart rate variability... Well, this really is NOT the way to do objective testing :D

    Couple of reasons:

    - I knew what I was eating

    - I was expecting a reaction

    - I was "hoping" to get certain reaction that would support my self diagnosis

    So, has anyone managed to do real blind / double blind testing with gluten in home environment? What kind of test arrangement? I think the key here is BLIND testing. I must not know when I am getting gluten.

    Maybe baking two kinds of bread with similar taste and texture, flavoured porridge or drinks?

    (I have HR monitor with heart rate variability measurement, thermometer and blood pressure monitor available, if that makes any difference)

    threedee, "Science is my middle name"

    BTW: Is there anything similar used in health care?

    I was given a blind (self stupidity) test last night at a restaurant, is goes as follows:

    I didn't eat the salad because it had croutons(good). I didn't eat bread (good, uh duh). I ate the baked potatoe w/ salt and pepper (good). I ate a teriyaki marinated steak.

    I truly convinced myself that I had eaten NO gluten, and my wife concurred. Anyway, when I was eating the steak my lips developed a tingly/slight burning sensation, peculiar. Later that night I had insomnia, BAD stomach cramps, night sweat, restlessness, burning skin, very thirsty, etc,,,. This morning: achy hip joints, thigh and calf cramps, fatigue, very sleeeeepy, brain fog big time, very itchy everywhere, irritability, etc,,,.. At this point I was doubting last night was truly gluten free.

    I checked three different bottles of teriyaki (the culprit) at a store and the second ingredient after water was WHEAT for every bottle :blink: . Now I know. Pretty dumb, but I won't eat teriyaki any time soon. For me, there's no wondering when I've been glutened - it's happened accidentally 3 times.


  7. Once a person has eliminated wheat/gluten from their diet, they have just made that fewer vitamins available in their diet. As wheat contains (at a minimum) thiamine, niacin, iron, zinc riboflavin and other trace minerals, what can we do to make sure we get all required vitamins and minerals? Is there one food type (fruit, vegetable or meat) that has about the same vitamin content as wheat?

    Also, I guess we are getting kicked while we are down. I have read that Celiac often makes absorbing fat soluble vitamins very difficult. What can we do to get the most of the fat soluble vitamins? All suggestions welcome!

    Thanks Mark

  8. I agree.

    I have the book Going against the Grain and in it she states that phytates and lectins are damaging our intestines, but I do believe that with so much sickness going on that the stomach is definitely where we should be looking.

    A friend of mine has gluten symptoms and he doesn't want to hear it. But on the other side of the coin, it's sad that so many people go to the doctor just to hear they are hypochondriacs. If some result doesn't come back on a test, the doctors assume you are faking it.

    I went to the store today and asked the pharmacist where I could find gluten free vitamins. She said that the small amount in the vitamins wouldn't hurt me. "WHAT"? I said "That little amount would definitely make me sick and uncomfortable". I said "maybe you should read up on Celiacs", then she walked off kind of PO.

    I see people regularly that show many of the signs of gluten intolerance. I don't talk much about because it seems that most people aren't willing to listen unless they are very sick and can benefit from the info.

    On a side note, is there a some kind of link between bi-polar disorder and Celiacs? Just curious.

  9. Over a week ago, I eliminated gluten from my diet and am slowly seeing some health benefits.

    My problem is that I used to eat about 3000+ calories a day and not even feel full. For about a week now I have been eating about 1000 a day (probably less) and feel satisfied (not hungry). Pre gluten-free, I weighed 215 lb (overweight), now I am 203 after a week. The strange thing is I have more energy than ever before. Is this declining weight and declining caloric intake an indicator of something dangerous?

    Before I was gluten-free, my face always burned like there was a fire under my skin. It wasn't hot to the touch, but my nerves were signaling ye olde brain that it was hot. What is this and why did it suddenly stop - I don't miss it.

    Thanks Mark

  10. Isn't it amazing? I have had sleep problems all of my life. (48 years old) Can remember laying awake most of the night when I was only 5 or 6 years old! I've been off of the gluten for 3 weeks now and I sleep so well! I spent the night on the couch at my daughter's last night because of the snow and slept like a baby which has never happened to me before. Used to have to take sleeping pills when I went anywhere because I couldn't sleep. Can't tell you how many times I have taken my blanket, a pillow and a book to the bathtub in a hotel room so I could read without disturbing everyone else because I couldn't sleep.

    Recently I have stopped consuming all known gluten. I (35 yrs old) have always suffered from insomnia and it was very rare that I didn't wake up at O-dark-thirty for no reason. I also used to log roll for hours in the bed before falling asleep. Since being gluten free, I have had the best RESTFUL sleep in my life. The insomnia and the rolling is gone. Sure someone can sleep, but restful sleep is key. Before I would awaken tired, weary, with burning eyes, and with sever pain in my legs. Gluten Free I awake ready to hit the floor and run! I didn't even feel like this when I was a kid. Gluten is poison to me, I can't stand to watch my wife and kids eat things containing gluten - it makes me sick just watching.

    I don't trust restaurants as I am paranoid I will get glutened by unknowing chefs. Do others feel this way, too? I wasn't even gluten free for a week and I already got glutened at a restaurant :angry: .


  11. I've tried everything on my bumps, even those really expensive creams and prescription stuff. Finally I gave up and just went back to using Cetaphil. After being gluten free for over a month now I noticed my bumps are almost completely gone! Is it possible for keratosis (chicken skin) to be related to gluten intolerance? Anyone else see an improvement in their skin?

    I am gluten intolerant (my sister is diagnosed Celiac, but I'm not tested yet) and I had these Keratosis pilaris all over my legs (especially thighs), back and real bad on the backs of my arms/forearms. Gluten made my body itchy and these bumps itched too, so I was in a constant state of itching for 25+ years. 3 days after being gluten free and the Keratosis pilaris is almost completely gone by themselves. Lotion, corn huskers and neutrogena lotion couldn't even soften them. It seems that when gluten attacks from my inside, nothing put on my rashes, DH or other stuff can help

    With one week gluten free, I am fighting, among other things, a twitching eyelid (like Dreyfus on the Pink Panther movies, not that bad though). I think the twitching eye is caused by something called Peripheral Neuropathy - can anybody confirm? It also feels like something in my stomach is twitching, too. When I stopped eating gluten, the twitching greatly subsided, but has not stopped. Does anybody out there feel twitching inside their abdomen? Does the Peripheral Neuropathy go away with time?

  12. I have eliminated wheat from my diet and have very amazing results! This is a long winded chronology, but I feel I have to get this out. Maybe there is some stuff here to learn.

    About 4 months ago I started to get this real strong pinching feeling under my left ribs, inside of my abdomen. I ignored it. This pain continued to worsen until immediately after Thanksgiving, then all heck broke out. My pain was severe and I was getting no sleep. To be woken in the middle of the night with stabbing gut pain is the worst - hard to just go back to sleep. For reference, I fractured my pelvis when I was a teenager and that was every bit as equal to my current pain. I knew this wasn't the flu, as the painful symptoms were there for months as mentioned above. I was lost for answers. I never went to the Dr about it, but am seriously contemplating it still. Anyhow, my sister (both grandmothers, too) has Celiacs and Chrones. I told my sister (who still suffers even after having her large intestine completely removed) and she told me the statistic of siblings and Celiacs. I never listened to her, but I finally thought about it.

    About a week ago I stopped eating gluten (as best I could anyway). A day later I couldn't believe what happened. I lost my mental fog, I gained tons of energy, the stabbing stomach pain became a dull ache and my legs stopped hurting. I also used to get a burning feeling under my skin very similar to a huge overdose of niacin if you know what I mean. That burn was everywhere under my skin, but worst on my face and it was gone after day one. I am an engineer and the mental fog was about to destroy my career