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  1. Hey there! Glad to hear you have recovered, and have a supportive doctor. I agree wholly with the probiotics. I was told by my ND that I have to take them for the rest of my life. So I take them all the time. The Ultra Flamx did not work for me. As I have recently found out why is because I don't digest carbs. I have found the digestive enzymes work wonders, in particular the carb dig enzyme. However, with full strength regular dig enzymes they are too much for me and give me bad heartburn.

    Good to hear you have found what works for you!!!! Best wishes!

    That is pretty much exactly how I healed myself as well. I will say that I am very mindful that it can come right back though if you don't continue to eat well and do all of the other things necessary to maintain optimal health.

  2. Hello All,

    After wracking my brain over and over again, talking to doctors, people, and lots and lots of thinking, I have finally figured out why I have been so sick since last November, and why the previous few years I was doing so well on the gluten free diet.

    I am a self-diagnosed celiac, mainly because by the time they decided to start doing the small bowel biopsy on me, I had been eating gluten free for quite a while. However, my doctors do not consider me CELIAC because I don't have an official test result that proves it. So I don't get any support from the doctors as being CELIAC, and that in itself is very frustrating. And not only that, but it makes me doubt myself at time too, and gets me into thinking that maybe I am not Celiac. However, the results of eating gluten are too devastating to start eating them again.

    After wracking my brains out, and my doctor as well, as to why I have been doing significantly worse (she believes I am IBS), she thought I should go back onto my antidepressants again, as that was a significant change that happened early last year. Also, another change was that I got braces. I had actually been pondering to go back onto antidepressants as it is known that stress can worsen IBS syptoms. However, I was also reluctant because I don't like the side-effects and it was very hard to get off of them.

    After much thought, and then not thinking about it, it came to me. A significant change that I made was that I stopped taking my carbohydrate digestive enzymes, right around the same time I came off of Pantaloc (reduces acid due to hiatal hernia). My logic was that now I should have more acid in my stomach so I shouldn't need the enzymes anymore.

    So after talking with my bf, about going back onto the carbohydrate digestive enzymes (natural), and explaining to him that my body does not digest carbs very well (flours of any kind, veggies, even potatoes lately), the thought occurred to me to google "inability to digest carbs. The following article came up. I found several other people on forums with the exact same problem. And a doctor replied to one of them and referenced the following article: http://www.merck.com/mmpe/sec02/ch017/ch017c.html.

    What an eye opener that was !!!!! I know many of you have told me to cut down on dairy products. However, I never realized the implications of eating dairy products when one is lactose intolerant. I had no idea it would cause one's body to stop being able to process carbs!!!! I had no idea!!!!! And the doctor also replied that lactose intolerance is common in those with Celiac disease.

    So I have now eliminated dairy products from my diet (and of course glutens long time ago), and I am a much happier healthier person! My pain in my left side is finally gone!!!!! (and I have not been eating any grains whatsoever for now either (Paleo diet).

    I just want to say I used to be cautious eating dairy products and watching what I eat. But since my bf, I have let me guard done and seem to be easily persuaded to eat stuff I normally would not eat. So I am learning to say "please don't cook for me", or "I'll cook for us", or refusing to eat some of the stuff on my plate .

    To everyone out there, never give up in your quest to figure out all of your food triggers. There is always hope! And the one big thing I want to say, is that if you are feeling really sick and tired of eating cause it is making you sick, fasting is a good way to give your system a rest.


  3. Hello,

    I am just posting to say that I am feeling better today. In sheer exasperation I stopped eating and started fasting. I fasted for 24 hours, and I went into a health food store to buy a D-Tox kit. Inside the D-tox kit was the "Wild Rose Meal Plan". I think I have heard of this diet before, but it gave me renewed hope of how to eat and be happy at the same time :D .

    A lot of my problem is I get frustrated and start feeling like everything is making sick and then become scared to eat. I am happy to find that this Meal Plan allows me to eat as much fish as I like!!!!!! That really gives me a lot of hope.

    So I went home that night and had a can of Sockeye Salmon, minced onion and lemon juice, and then had peeled plums after that, and a probiotic capsule. And then started again on 1/8 tsp of 3Lac. And I felt really good. So I am going to follow that meal plan, and see how I do.

    I decided not to take the herbal remedies yet that come with the detox kit because I don't feel that my digestive system is stable enough to handle it. Will wait till I stabilize a bit.

    Thanx for listening. I need a lot of support in this. My goal is to get stabilized again, and to get rid of the pain in the left side. I can still sort of feel it. Probably the fasting is the best thing for the pain. So I'm trying to abstain from food for 12 - 14 hours each day. So no eating after 6:00 PM.

    Bye, Janet

  4. It's quite possible you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well. IBS is a very difficult condition to deal with, and there are special diets to deal with IBS, and many IBS triggers, and a lot of the triggers differ for different people. I have to deal with both IBS and Celiac Disease unfortunately, which makes things very tricky and I have a lot of days where I feel completely defeated as well. And I have had days where I was tempted to go back to eating glutens again, but I know I will only be so much worse if I do.

    I think the tricky thing about eating gluten free, is how to get enough fibre. In my own personal case, this is very tricky. I can't even handle gluten free breads, becuase they seem to stick in my insides and cause the IBS attacks. And if I get too much fibre, I don't do well either. I am pretty much stuck with eating whole foods and following the paleo diet. Meat, eggs, fruit, and root veggies. And my biggest problem is sticking to that diet! If I can get the hang of that, I would probably be a lot happier and healthier.

    I would recommend adding a soluble fibre supplement to your diet. That's what I have done recently and it has been making a huge difference.

    I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 3 years ago. I have been living on a completely gluten-free diet since then. When I was diagnosed, I really did not show any of the symptoms of Celiac Disease. I just felt like I had the flu all the time. I was so tired. My thyroid doctor is the one that spotted it, and suggested that I go to get a test. Anyway, I freaked. I was 21 at the time and I couldn't eat pizza or beer!?!!? I don't think you ever really get over the fact that you can't eat pizza.

    To my point, recently, I have been experiencing more and more of the symptoms of Celiac Disease without even eating wheat. I have been tired, experiencing diarrhea, been grouchy, having stomach pains and gas. I just don't understand why exactly I am having these symptoms even though I have been living gluten-free for so long. I didn't have these problems prior to my diagnosis and I don't want to feel like this every day anymore. Does anyone else have these problems? I don't know where to go from here. I honestly feel like quitting the diet altogether and hoping all my symptoms will go away. I would much rather feel like I did before than feel like this. I have searched the internet high and low to see if anyone else has experienced these issues with no luck. :( Thanks!

  5. Anyone know of any good calcium and magnesium supplements?

    I was taking a really good natural product that came in capsules, and it really helped for me PMS a lot. However, since I have developed this pain in the side I have had to stop taking them because I get that pain in the left side (colon spasms) when I take them.

    Anyone know of any, preferably liquid calcium, that is not too prone to reactions?

    Also, magnesium as well.

    I did read that for IBS one should not take calcium and magnesium at the same time

    I bought some liquid calcium and Vitamin D at LD today, and I am going to try to sneak it into my blender drinks in the morning and hope I get no pain in the left side.

    If anyone has had experience with a good liquid calcium let me know.

    Thanx, Janet

  6. Hi ShayFl,

    It is good to hear from you! If you can do it, I can do it! You have no idea how good it feels to hear of someone else who is on a very restricted diet. That is my main problem. I do not have enough support around me to eat the way my body feels best. And I suffer dearly for it. I have the gluten free thing under control, as I have been doing that for years. I don't really have a problem eating gluten free anymore.

    What I am experiencing now is very bad reactions to anything too fibrous. So I am leaning in the direciton of the paleo diet. Although even that is hard for me, because vegies that are too rough cause problems for me too. I do the best on root veggies. I thrive on potatoes. Eat at least one potato every day. And I am a big meat eater as well. And I seem to do really well on most fruits.

    It is hard for me to get that assertiveness in me, and to drop the people-pleasing, and the feeling of guilt when I have to turn down so much perfectly good food. I have had to remove red peppers out of my scrabbled eggs medley and put them in my bf's plate. He objected at first, but I explained to him that they cause me pain in my left side. He really doesn't understand.

    At times I feel like the little kid who is sneaking food to the dog under the table because I cannot eat it.

    I do not have the desire to go out to restaurants much. Yet people keep asking me, no matter how many times I explain the difficulties I have!

    I am tired of people trying to fix me! They have no idea that I have tried almost everything on this planet (ok I'm exaggerating a bit), and that everyday is a huge struggle for me, in coping with food and how to eat. They don't realize that it exhausts me. They don't realize I can't be what they want me to be. I had this one woman at work who brought me a hot chocolate, when I was desperately sick and losing weight like crazy. And she was upset because I declined the hot chocolate! Her and I are not friends and I can't be friends with someone like that who doesnt' understand.

    I used to go out of my way to spend time with people, and not look after myself. And they would eat while we were out, and I'm sitting there, hungry, and they're eating and I can't eat because the coffee shop sells nothing I can eat. Anyways, sorry for complaining.

    I have gotten the hang of carrying food I can eat everywhere I go. Because I never know when I'm going to get hungry, and the choice of foods for me out there are pretty slim pickings for me

    I'm tired of people trying to switch me to "healthy" foods. It's disconcerting that I have to tell them that I also react to Soy! Or whatever else solution they have for me. Unfortunately. I react to almost anything.

    What should I do! Wear a big placard that says "Please do not feed me!!!!"

    Ok I'm sorry. I'm dumping . I'm making things out to be way worse than they are. But I am just so frustrated I needed to vent.

    Anytime Janet. I hope you feel better soon. I am on a restrictive diet by most standards.....but I eat well and am feeling very good of late. So there is hope!

  7. Hello,

    Just dropping by for support. I posted a bit around Xmas time. A month before Xmas I became a SelfDiagnosed Celiac. Before that I didn't know there was such thing. I had been eating fairly gluten free for 10 years, as it was the only thing that got the diarhea under control. Unfortunately, I don't know why, things got substantially worse last November. My body was rejecting almost all food I put into it. I didn't want to eat because I couldn't see the point of it if everything made me run to the bathroom. Unfortunately, even eating gluten free was not helping me this time. So I got very scared, because I did not know what was wrong with me. I have had the diagnosis of IBS for the past 12 years, and I have never obtained any positive test results for Celias disease, because I am unable to eat glutens for long enough for the test results to show positive results.

    So at the advice of the Canadian Celiac Association, they told me to accept that I will never get a positive diagnosis for it in my whole life, and to eat gluten free, since even eating small amounts make me sick. I do follow their advice now.

    However, my IBS has gotten really really bad. So much so that not only can I not eat glutens, but now I get a bad pain in my left side when I eat any food that is too rough. Like brocolli, red peppers, brown rice, etc.

    So I've been pretty depressed about it all. I can see the paleo diet is the way for me to go. Troubles is I have troubles sticking to it.

    I have bought Acacia Tummy fibre which has helped tremendously in reducing diarhea bouts. To that's a major plus. Unfortunately if I get too much fibre , I get these god awful pains in the left side. I have been told that they are colon spasms. I had a CT scan done and everything, and nothing was found. So that's what they are assuming I have.

    So I'm a bit depressed about this. My options for what I can all eat are so limited. I don't know what to do about the pains in the left side when I get them. I just sort of wait it out, and try to just drink gingerale and the RAT diet (or whatever it is called).

    Really it's the emotional part that is the hardest for me. If I could live in a shell and not have to interact with anyone else, I could just feed myself as I see fit. Then I think I would get better, but am not sure. Anyways, I'm down today because I had the pains in the left side again this morning. So now I'm scared to eat for fear they will come back again. I will just pare down on to gingerale, rice pablum, boullioun, etc. It is so frustrating. Thanks for listening.


  8. Sounds like you are suffering from depression, which can be a difficult thing to cope with. I too cannot eat any processed foods, even rice flour foods set me off. I am on as natural of a diet as possible. Root veggies like potatoes, yam, etc seem to go well with me, and I follow the paloe diet quite a bit. Lately I have been OK with millet. With gluten free oats it's been touch and go.

    The reason I mention depression for the symptoms you have described is because I have suffered from depression and was on meds for quite a while. I am not off of meds, hoping it would improve my digestion problems, but I'm not sure there's much difference. And now that I'm off of meds for depression, I feel emotions more than when I'm on them. And I'm quite sure I re-suffered a bout of depression in the past 2 months. The list of symptoms for depression is very long. Sadness is just one of them. Depression interferes with one's normal daily life activities. I would recommend that you try to get into group therapy or counselling, as it seems that it could be more than just the diet restrictions that is causing this in you.

    Best wishes

  9. By definition, it's something you will always need to be aware of - so, I think that it's simply a case of incorporating that awareness into your everyday life, of adjusting to that and that in itself becoming second nature :-)

    Yes I think it is something I will always consciously think of whenever I eat. I still eat with people who do eat glutens, and I encourage them to eat as they usually would, and not to deprive themselves of anything cause of me. And I advise them that I can manage myself and what I eat. That they don't need to worry about that. So I do have to be careful not to get my food contaminated. But I've got the hang of it.

  10. Keep gluten free snacks around you at all times if possible. I love all kinds of dried fruits, dried mango, sun-dried figs, dates, nuts, seeds. Carry your special treats with you every where you go. Keep you own special gluten free stuff to eat when you get the cravings. That's what I try to do, cause I am most likely to inadvertently eat something with gluten in it, when I'm real hungry and can't find gluten-free food around.

    Rice cakes are a real good substitute for bread although they are hard and crumbly which is a pain. But you can put all sorts of spreads on them.

  11. Hi there,

    All my tests are always negative as well. I've had the small bowel biopsy twice now, the blood tests, the allergy test. Always negative. Unfortunately, no-one told me that didn't mean I wasn't Celiac. That lead me to misundertstand, and eat glutens whenever I was "better', and then get sick again. What I finally learned is that I have to eat the glutens for 6 weeks to 2 months before the tests to get positive results on them (my doctors told me 1 to 2 weeks but the Celiac assocation informed me that a min of 6 weeks). I cannot do that cause I will be too sick.

    So I'm learning to accept that I will never have a diagnosis from the doctors in my entire life, and that I am "self diagnosed". I had a hard time dealing with that. I am now past that though, and have accepted it. I have now gone gluten free for the rest of my life, as I am too sick otherwise.

    Take good care of youself, and if you know they make you sick, stay away from them.

    Best wishes, Janet

  12. I found this interesting article at http://www.celiacdiseaseinfo.org/candida_connection.html (or just google "Celiac Candida connection").

    I found this article very interesting because I started taking 3Lac about a year and a half ago. 3Lac kills Candida overgrowth in the digestive system. I have had problems with eating glutens for 11 years now and am a self diagnosed Celiac. However, I still struggled with lots of digestive bouts. I started having night sweats about a year and a half ago, and when I googled "Night Sweats", it came up with 3Lac. Apparently, candida overgrowth can cause night sweats as well as a whole bunch of other symptoms including diarhea, which is something I have struggled with for years.

    I ordered the 3Lac, and took it for about a year, and tried to stay off the glutens. Because I didn't have a diagnosis from the docs that I had Celiac disease, I guess I was in denial, and when I would get better I would sometimes eat little bits of glutens. However, I learned that typically I would get sick from eating glutens. Anyways, to make a long story short, the 3Lac really made a huge difference in my life. If was one of the first things that really got my stools back to normal. Even eating gluten-free, I still struggled with loose stools.

    However, I fell off the wagon (so to speak) last year, because I didn't have a diagnosis for Celiac disease, and I had one dr tell me I should be able to develop a tolerance to small amounts of wheat, etc., I occassionally let all abandon go to the wind. Ie. I ate glutens when I shouldn't have. And to compound things, I went off my 3Lac, sort of accidentally, cause I ran out, and it took them so long to ship me more, that i sort of went off of taking it faithfully everyday.

    Not only that, I am a sweets lover, and we know how that feeds candida overgrowth. Anyways, I got really sick for all of November and December last year, that I have now sworn off of glutens for the rest of my life, and let the people around me know that. I cannot eat glutens for 6 weeks to 2 months to get a positive test for Celiac. I think it would kill me if I did that. Would be too sick.

    However, my last bout I noticed I wasn't really recovering, even though I had gone gluten free. Shortly after Xmas day, I finally realized that I had to give up sugar as well. Can't remember how I came to that conclusion.

    Anyways, I am now fighting the Candida in my digestive system. I up up to 3 packs of 3lac a day now, and hope to increase. I have been taking it since Dec 26. It has been a struggle but I am getting much better. Before Xmas, almost anything made me run to the bathroom. NOw I can stomach rice and veggies again. So the 3Lac is really making a difference. If anyone would like to talk about 3Lac, feel free to email me at s_emerald@hotmail.com

  13. i think im going to look into the threelac as well........has anyone had good experiences?? i just cant imagine cutting out all sugar and rice in addition to the gluten


    I have lots of good things to say about ThreeLac. It is one of the few and only things that has made a difference for me. It is costing me a fortune, but I know it helps. I really want to discuss 3Lac with anyone who is currently taking it, or has taken it.

    I started taking 3Lac about a year or so ago. What happened was I was having nightsweats and googled "night sweats" and came up with ThreeLac for Candida overgrowths. I was surprised to see the list of ailments it could help, including diarhea, cause I have suffered from chronic diarhea for many years. Anyways, I did try it. I took maybe one or 2 packs everyday for about a year, and curbed my sugar intake, although I did not eliminate. You know what, I got better. After about I don't know how long. I could even occassionally eat some glutens without getting sick while taking it.

    My biggest mistake was stopping to take it after I was "better". I ended up getting very sick after a few months, and my insides were so inflamed that they were rejecting anything I ate.

    Anyways, it took a couple of months of eating striclty paleo to get the inflamation down. I am now back on 3Lac, and I am trying to increase by a pack every week, cause I want to beat the candida. I am currently up to 3 packs a day. I am doing very well.

    However, one thing I want to say, is that depending on how bad your candida is (how bad your symptoms are), you may have a period of time where your bowel movements are worse. This can be very discouraging. I believe what is happening when this happens is that the candida is dying off in the intestines, but that it is "sore or raw" inside, hence you body starts rejecting food. And it needs to heal. This is what I believe they call inflamed. It really doesn't take very long for the healing to take place. I got up to 3 packs, but then got a bad vaginal yeast infection and sores all around my rectum, and was running to the bathroom a lot, so I had to ease up on the 3lac for day. Did one day without any, then went back to 3 a day again. And the sores are all healed up. But be warned, that you may have an occassional diahrea spell if you are a bit inflamed inside. However, that is not because the 3 lac is making you sick. It is doing it's job. It's killing the yeast, and I believe, from my own experience, that some inflammation does occur with this process. But it is usually very short lived. Drink more fluids and avoid excess food and too much roughage till the inflammation goes down. The paleo diet is very good for that.

    Good luck with it! I swear by it!


  14. I had thought I was cured too several times. Be very careful. It is easy to think that when we are "better" and not having any problems, that we can eat glutens again. I agree getting rid of sugar and candida helps tremendously for digestive issues. But be wary, your symptoms may crop up again if you go back to eating glutens. I have noticed that my gluten symptoms take time to come back, but eventually they do. And when they do, I so regret eating the glutens again, cause it takes so long to recover once they're done their damage.Best to you

    having spent 6 years as a confirmed coeliac , i always hoped and believed there was a cure for me

    having tried homeapathy [waste of time and money] i was given a number of a kaneiseilogist [weird to explain what they do - have faith]

    after my first visit i was told that i had candida - a yeast infection of the intestine

    The symtoms are very similar to coeliacs

    had to cut sugar out of my diet completetly [best i could]. Suddenly my taste buds changed - I actually tasted food

    together with a sugar fast i was prescribed some pills [PERMATROL]

    now ,after 4 months i can get away with flour -although i can do smelly farts

    when the farting starts i ease off the flour

    my stalls (sh*t] are nice and healthy now as opposed to runny


  15. Hi Carol,

    I am going a bit thru the grief also. I just want to say though, that I don't have a celiac diagnosis from the doctor, and my celiac test results were always negative cause I was eating gluten free before the tests. No-one told me that having negative test results did not mean I was not Celiac. If someone would have told me this years ago, I would have faithfully stuck to a gluten free diet. For the past 11 years, I have been on a syndrome where I get sick, then stop eating glutens and eventually get better, and then eat glutens and get sick again. All because I thought I did not have Celiac disease. I thought maybe I was just sensitive or allergic to them or something. I was following the Blood type diet, and I am blood type O and it is recommended that blood type O's do not eat glutens. It does not say that blood type O people are Celiacs and there's no correlation. It was just a fluke that I found this book, and that his diet made me feel much better.

    After a while though, after much suffering from not eating gluten-free, I do not wish to ever let another gluten enter my body again. I am tired of being sick, and really thought I would not recover from the last bout.

    I have been grieving too, as it was a month before Xmas that the Celiac association told me I am a "self diagnosed" (reproduced thru diet), and that I may never have a positive test for Celiac disease in my entire life. Unless I want to go thru the pain of eating glutens for 6 weeks to 2 months to get positive test results on my small bowel biopsy.

    Anyways, sorry to be so wordy. What I am trying to say is that you may or may not switch back to eating and not eating glutens. You may "fall off the wagon" and eat glutens. But eventually I think you will come to realize that it is not worth it for the amount of sickness.

    Also, once you start eating gluten free, after a while, you see there is a whole world of foods that you can eat, and it will become like 2nd nature to you.

    The hardest part I have is with people trying to get me to eat things that I shouldn't. Like I won't eat anything that I am not fairly confident doesn't have gluten in it. I tell people it's my body, I'm the one getting sick, and I'm not going to risk eating it.

    I am also getting better at communicating with restaurants.

    But yeah, it's a huge organization feat and I've got to be more organized for trips, for eating out, etc.

    Don't worry you'll get the hang of gluten-free eating. I even tell my bf that someday he'll thank me for all the gluten-free foods I fee him! LOL


    New Celiac

    Jan 4, 2008

    I was diagnosed in October after 10 years of problems (unfortunatley the IBS label is very broad and I think affects many of us). I have only met two other Celiads and am struggling to find someone to understand how devastating this has been for me. It is a grieving process as I learn to say good-bye to a life that I have always enjoyed. My mother's home-made pie crust, Subway sandwiches shared with my children, a cold beer on the boat. As a mother I find that it's easier for me to go without so that I can keep my kid's eating habits the same. I've lost quite a bit of weight. I often wonder if it's easier to just deal with the pain vs. eating gluten-free. I guess I'm searching for some answers to questions that I don't even know how to ask and I'm hoping this forum can help me.

    Carol L.

  16. Hello,

    I am sorry to hear you are having such troubles with food. I too have been there and felt like all food were poisons. I have finally "recovered" after a very bad 2 month bout that went a bit into Xmas. When I have one of those bouts when my body rejects all food, even vitamins, everything, I have tried the post-gastro diet, which consists of day 1 (clearish liquids like gingeral, diluted juices), then day 2 to add in bananas and rice pablum and boullion (gluten free), and day 3 to try and add small amounts of chicken, and more rice pablum and bananas and apple sauce, and then day 4, add soft veggies like zuchini.

    I was on this diet I think for almost 2 weeks and I was not making much progress this time. Anytime I went back to solid rice, or anything too fibrous, I was running to the bathroom again,and everything running thru me. Was very disheartening.

    Anyways, I was getting pretty hungry and wanted to eat, but didn't want to eat cause I was tired of running to the bathroom all the time and all the gas, etc.

    Some suggested that perhaps I had something more wrong with me than Celiac and I researched a bit, and I noticed a lot of my symptoms sounded like Krohn's. I googled Krohn's and it came up with the Paleo diet.

    I had a huge success with the paleo diet, after following it for a few weeks. It allowed whatever was wrong with me to heal inside (or to just rest, I don't know, I'm not a doctor). And now I am gradually adding back in more firbrous foods like rice and millet, and rougher veggies that I had been struggling with for quite a while.

    The paleo diet info can be found at http://www.paleodiet.com/. Might be worth a try till your insides heal up a bit.

    I also have success with the Blood type diet as well, when I am recovered from a bout. I know the hardest part is getting better enough to eat a wide variety of foods again. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_type_diet

    Anyways, this is just my experience. I was very sick for November and December and really thought I was never going to get better.

    Oh and I forgot. I also take a large variety of probiotics daily now, including 3-Lac which kills fungus in the digestive tract. That probably helps as well, and I'm trying to avoid suger also.

    Best to you, Genie

  17. Hello ravenwoodglass,

    I am new here. I don't really want to introduce myself on someone else's thread. I see you have spent a long time getting the Celiac diagnosis. This now gives me hope that maybe I will get a Celiac Diagnosis! LOL. My tests are always negative. Finally, one day I called up the Celiac association, and they said that I have to eat glutens anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 months to get a positive result (I think they mean from the biopsy). Unfortunatelly I can't do that. In the past I have only eaten glutens for a week before the biopsy. Nothing registers.

    Anyways, sounds like you have had a long battle. I am back to see the GI on Monday and to get a gastropscopy on Monday. I don't think I will see any positive results for Celiac disease on the biopsy as I am eating gluten free. Too sick otherwise. Just recovering from a very bad bout. I'm finally "eating" again. I am so happy! Anyways, hopefully my GI will consider some rigorous blood testing to try and get a diagnosis. I hope so.

    Bye, Genie

    I just noticed you are newly soy free, the potato was just a potato right? No soy oil or anything like that? Soy still gets me too often, it seems to be in even more stuff than gluten, if that is even possible. I have yet to find a margerine or butter sub that is soy free. I just use olive oil or risk the casien in butter. I get the same sort of allergic reaction you do with the soy, only it's my intestines that swell, I thought I had a 'lump' of some kind for 2 years till I went soy free. Whoops that turned into a bit of a rant, sorry. You most likely challenged with a plain potato but just in case it was chips or something like that I thought I should mention it.

  18. Hello SickChick,

    Sorry to hear you are "sick". I can relate though. I have been sick for, well off and on, mostly on, since May, but the last 2 months or of 2007 were not good for me. I can so relate to the list of foods I can eat, and the list of foods I can't eat. I have a big list I keep modifying as well. Some I have to take off the "can eat" list and put on the "can't eat" list. Gets very frustrating at times.

    I just want to say though, that I have experienced that when I am having a bad bout, usually cause I ate glutens (cause I didn't have a diagnosis so I would eat glutens off and on mistakenly), I find that my body rejects everything until whatever is wrong inside heals. Once it heals, and I stay gluten free for a while, like a few weeks or so, then I can start tolerating more (non-gluten foods). It's like you body has to heal first.

    Anyways, good luck with that. It is nice to find people who are having the same problems as me :rolleyes:


    HAHAHAHAHAHA my whole face is swelled up :D

    my nose is running I am sneezing and I got D .

    So I am removing them from my ever-growing list of no no foods ;)

    I know you all understand thanks for letting me whine.