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  1. I agree with you. I'm sorry
  2. My son likes the Dayia cheese- He's been dairy free since 18 months- so it is very "normal" to him. He's almost 6 now. He also likes the tofutti slices for things like grilled cheese, or on crackers, it's like the velveeta slices (to him anyway) He also likes Veganella (sp?), it comes in a brick and you shred it yourself. The texture is kind of funny- so I'd recommend it only for things you are going to melt- like pizza. It melts better than most dairy free cheese though- and then the texture seems more normal. He likes all of these, but I do agree- none of them taste like cheese we are used to. It takes some getting used to. Depending on how old your daughter is she may adjust quickly, or it may take longer.
  3. We haven't had anyone think of it as just a cute bracelet. People notice it, because while it has cute beading etc., the plate you put info on is obviously a medical alert. It's worked out really well.
  4. My son who is almost 6 wears one- and loves it. He thinks it's like his grandpa's. They even wear it on the same wrist. They have lots of cute ones kids would love at http://www.petitebaublesboutique.com/ My son has the cowboy one- it is super cute, has held up well, and he feels good about wearing it, and I feel better too.
  5. Homeschool

    I can't give you any good feedback on this one- but just wanted to say that we are facing the same decision. My son is due to start kindergarten in the fall and I'm just pulling my hair out- unable to decide what to do. We are considering all choices, public, private and homeschool. So- although I can't offer advice, I just wanted to say I am with you on this, and I'll be back to read people's replies. Oh- we're also considering the online public school option- my brother works for one. So it's interesting to hear that too.
  6. Kids Kitchen makes those little microwave cups- and the beans and wieners are both gluten and dairy free.
  7. I have never heard that, do you know where you heard it, or why it would reduce the risk?
  8. And oh very nice that you have a good, breast feeding friendly doc! That's always a very comforting thing, when the doc knows what's going on, phew! We started out with a good one for our first baby, but then had to move and our second doc didn't have a clue. He was telling us completely incorrect things, like the fact that my baby was born big somehow meant I'd have to stop breastfeeding after a couple months. Grrrr.
  9. Thanks guys. You've all had great suggestions! My little one really loves to pick up little pieces of things... it's so cute to watch her do this. She's not crawling yet, and doesn't even make an attempt, but boy, she's figured out the pincer grasp quite well, and is she ever proud of herself! We are very lucky to have a great doctor for her it does make a huge difference! I very much appreciate your ideas, experiences and knowledge! Thanks so much!!
  10. Wow- Thanks a lot guys! I had thought that iron stores only lasted about 6 months... is that not true? I am pretty lucky that my babies doctor is also a lactation consultant, and she's really great about breastfeeding... Thanks so much to both of you for taking time to post I really appreciate it. I also love the ideas about the grains, and crackers! I'll have to give it a try!
  11. Hi- I've got a seven month old baby who loves to use her fingers to feed herself. We are not aware of any problems related to gluten just yet, however, due to celiac in the family her doctor would like her to wait until 12 months to eat anything containing gluten. We are having trouble coming up with good foods for self-feeding. Many small diced foods such as cooked carrots, bananas etc. are to slippery for her to pick up just yet. She likes "mum-mums" but we're looking for something smaller, so she can keep working on her pincer gasp. Thanks. On another note- any ideas for foods with iron for her? Infant rice cereal makes her very constipated, and other baby cereals seem to be out due to gluten... infant cereal seems to be the best source of iron, so we'd really like a good source- she is breast feed, so doesn't get iron from formula.
  12. I have been told that gluten does not travel through breast milk.
  13. My son absolutely had trouble sleeping, waking up 8-10 times at night prior to diagnosis (18 months). After diagnosis he started waking up 3-4 times a night instead, and now sleeps through.
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