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  1. Thanks Bunnie. You and ww340 are the only people on here to EVER answer a question or a post I've had on this forum. I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow and plan on trying this recipe this weekend.
  2. I posted on here on Sunday, somewhere, how well we were treated at the Outback on the West Side last Friday night. They even had Redbridge AND New Grist beers. We've been to Bunky's, albeit before we knew about my celiac, now we'll have to go back and try their gluten-free menu items. We HAVE had their pizza, found it at Woodman's, and the crust was made by Silly Yak. It was excellent. The only issue we had was the fact the type of pizza it was was on a slip on the INSIDE of the box!! How are you supposed to read that when the box is sealed shut???
  3. I made pancakes yesterday from a basic cookbook recipe substituting white rice flour and Splenda. They were delicious, light and fluffy.
  4. Geez...I've NEVER had problems with gluten-free pasta...now y'all have me worried it could yet happen to me. Maybe I better go upstairs and see what brand I have and let you know! All I remember is you boil it for 6 minutes, and you're not supposed to rinse it.
  5. What IS "xantham gum"? What does it do? Is it essential to the recipe? How about the sugar? We have no sugar in the house, would honey work? Or can I leave it out altogether?? I seem to remember it's in there to "feed" the yeast. True?
  6. But, back to the original question, does anyone have a RECIPE?? As in not a box or mix. I've been trying to make bread in our bread machine by tweaking the original recipes that came with the machine, with disastrous results.
  7. A big kudos to the Outback Steakhouse on the west side of Madison. We were there with friends Friday night, and our waiter couldn't have been more helpful. Not only do they have a seperate gluten free menu, they even have both gluten free beers!! We didn't even think to ask him that, I mean, how many restaurants have gluten free beer, but our friend suggested asking our waiter, so we did. He said he thought they might, that they at least used to. And sure enough he came back with not only New Grist, but Redbridge as well!! Different experience in a small town outside of Madison on Saturday night. We explained my condition to the waitress, well, we thought. But when my steak showed up, it was covered with onion straws. GRRRRR!!!!!!!!
  8. Very cool!! Thanks for the lists, they will come in very handy :-) That's interesting about the dairy, where can I find more info about Celiac and dariy products? My Dr. told me that Dairy products are just fine.
  9. Is there such a thing as a Ciliac "Bible" a book or paper that lists all of the foods (even by brand name) that are safe for Ciliac sufferers, as well as a list of the no no foods for us, being brand new at this, I'm trying to get all the info I can. It just don't make sence to think you are eating something safe, and find out later that it's not. Also I see many people on this forum say not to consume dairy products?? Why?? as far I know dairy is gluten-free???
  10. Thanks, good info evrybody I'll check these out. One question tho, what does cutting dairy out do? as it's non-gluten and my Dr. did a bone scan and said I was borderline osteoporosis and put me on calcium and vitamin D, I'm thinking the more calcium I get the better. Being from Wisconsin I eat a lot of cheese and drink gallons of milk... I don't own a cheese head tho :-)
  11. Being as I'm new to this disease, I've been on the no gluten diet for a month now and feel the same as before . The wierd thing for me is, besides the "foggyness" and being dizzy and light headed is, my face and mostly my lips are numb most of the time. Has anyone had that? I also need a sleeping pill each night, or I don't sleep very long. So how long have you been on the diet before you started feeling "normal" again??
  12. We're new also, husband (whose username this is) was just diagnosed by biopsy a couple weeks ago. So far I've tried rice flour in two instances, cheese sauce, and corn bread, and they both turned out well. I like the softness and finer texture it has. We haven't gotten to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods yet, so hopefully when we do we'll find other things. We tried a new Super Wal Mart 'cuz somebody on here said they had an entire gluten-free aisle, but apparently the one in Madison, WI is not one that does. The other things we found were certain breakfast cereals, he likes to have cereal in the morning, and some frozen entrees for when he can't find something to make himself for lunch. My plan is to make soups on the weekend and keep them in the fridge for him to heat up for lunch too. We just got back from vacationing in Florida on Christmas Eve, and that was tough on him. The biggest problem for him is adult beverages, now that he can't drink beer. I found some Red Bridge for him, but when we go out it's hard for him to find something to drink, he doesn't like the soda out of a gun bars always have, and he can only tolerate so much vodka and cranberry juice! I'm going to peruse this thread for more tips too. I've been on Adkin's for years, so it's not a problem for me to cook without wheat, but it's going out that will be the problem for us.
  13. Ever since I started telling people I've been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and that I'm soooo bummed I can no longer drink beer because of the wheat, I've had a ton of people say "Drink Budweiser! It's made from rice!" Is this true?? Or is it an Urban Legend? I've had their Redbridge Beer, which is fine when I'm at home, but I don't find it in a bar or restaurant!! It sure would make my going out and eating out life easier if I could still drink Bud Light. Anybody out there know?
  14. Know any that aren't chains? I s'pose that's too much to ask for....
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