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  1. Have a GREAT time at the Outback Bowl, we sure did the last time our Badgers went, in 2005!! We love Tampa/St. Pete. In fact, we're going to Clearwater Beach/Sand Key next week Wednesday!! So we're hoping somebody answers your question! There's another one on this topic under "Vacation in Key West". I hope some native Floridians answer one of these threads so us 'sconnies know where to go to eat down there!! We booked this trip ages ago, and now that the Badgers got the bid, I'm devastated to know I'm going to be THAT close, but a WEEK early!!! :o GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Most vinegars are considered gluten free because they have been distilled and the gluten protein is removed during the process. MALT VINEGAR in NOT SAFE.

    My personal favorite is Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sause - the best in the world.

    I was surprised to read this, because the list I got from the doctor said no sauces whatsoever, and I LOVE SBR!!!! So I emailed them, and got a reply right away, and it's SAFE!! YAY!!!!!! :lol:

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