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  1. As frustrated as you are with having to go through this,,, I guarantee your husband is ten times more frustrated. I wasn’t diagnosed with celiac disease until I was 54, over ten years ago. The first two years were HELL, but after my intestines healed things started getting a whole lot better. Through the entire process my wife was a SAINT from heaven,,, but then again that is why I married her. I would never have married a woman that was rude, mean and snippy like you described above. No matter what you are going through there is absolutely no excuse to act like that. I too had the sleep issues,,, or should I say lack of sleep issues,,, but for me the solution was simple,,,,, SEX. Just before trying to go to sleep have sex. For the first six months my wife and I went at it like rabbits. We had more sex during those six months than in the previous five years. Afterward I slept like a new born baby. Try being nice to your husband instead of being rude, mean and snippy,,, and who knows maybe your sleep problem will disappear. As for your little puppy,,, how in the world could you possibly be mean and rude to a little puppy that does nothing but love you unconditionally. In the scheme of things having Celiac Disease is a piece of cake compared to having some other health problems like cancer, heart disease and diabetes to name a few. If you continue to be rude, mean and snippy to your husband and puppy,,, God can always give you something else to really make you b%$@# and be mean about. Just an opinion from an old man that has been through Holy Hell in his 65 years, yet still treats his loved ones and friends with nothing but love and respect. I haven't been on Celiac.com in years because I found it to be too depressing. Oh, I loved it at first trying to figure out what the hell was going on from people who had been there and done that,,, but after about six months it became depressing reading all the "junk" from would be amateur doctors. For God's sake young lady don't take any medical advice from non medical professionals who just happen to have a computer, keyboard, and a membership to celiac.com. By the way,,, I am retired, but I run a foundation that gives away millions of sports cards to sick kids and kids in hospitals. A grandfather wrote me about how five of his seven grandchildren have Celiac Disease. I put a nice letter in with the cards I was sending him telling him about what I went through before I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease. The next morning (yesterday) I saw Celiac.com sent me another email, but instead of just moving it to spam like all the others over the past five years I opened this one and there was you post. At first I laughed, but then I thought back to what I went through when I was first diagnosed, so I decided to respond to your post. I'm a good guy, with a HUGE heart, but sometimes youngsters need a good swift kick in the butt. I hope the next thing you do is apologize to your husband and puppy,,, and realize their world's have been turned upside down too!!! To me celiac disease is a piece of cake compared to the other things I have had to endure.
  2. I work at Lowes,,,, HOWEVER,,,,, I have been out of work and sitting in a recliner for months. Back in March of 2008 I was hit in the face/head with a 60lb box that fell from 10 feet. After 11 days in intensive care I found out I needed 3 major surgeries Neck, Shoulder and elbow. The neck surgery was first and went well, but two days after the shoulder surgery I developed skin lesions. The day of the surgery (Oct, 30th) I was given a prescription for Epidrin which contains 15% dry iodine. Two days after the surgery I took 6 pills within 6 hours and around the 6th to 7th hour I started breaking out on my ankles and elbows. They were so bad they cancelled my elbow surgery for three weeks. Now I am recovering from both the shoulder and the elbow with around 300+ horrible skin lesions that absolutely burn from the inside. I've seen pictures on the internet of people with DH. My lesions are identical in size and patterns, however I have not seen a picture that is as bad as my breakout. I have a tolerance for pain,,,,, a very high tolerance for pain,,,,, but sometimes the intense burning from the lesions, combined with the pain and aches from the surgeries get the better of me. I also have had horrible headaches since the hit in the head. The type where no matter what you are doing you have to put your head down because it feels like iyour head is going to explode. If I can get rid of these HORRIBLE skin lesions I know I can deal with the rest of my problems. Joe
  3. ravenwoodglass, I have had these horrible lesions for over two months. I have seen two different dermatologists and they are both clueless. They both did biopsys and they both came back negative for DH. I truly believe it is DH, but I can't get a doctor to listen to the facts. The facts are: 1. I have celiac disease. 2. I was given medicine that contained 15% dry iodine and that started the rash/hives/lesions. 3. The lesions started strictly on my elbows and ankles symetrically for the first week to ten days. 4. Next was the knees and a few days later was the shoulders, but still everything was symetrical, just a little worse on my right side. 5. Nothing,,,,, absolutely nothing on my head, face, hands feet, chest , back, butt or genital area,,,,, strictly on the outside of the ankles, elbows, shoulders and knees. 6. Then after one month of suffering from the constant burning the lesions started to spread between the affected areas. 7. We have eliminated insects and Scabies. I am hurting really bad and I can't find anyone who will give me the Dapsone ointment. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Joe Hoffman (407) 248-9020 jkhoffman36@yahoo.com
  4. I am a 57 year old male from Orlando. I posted on here quite a bit about a year ago when I found out I had Celiac Disease. I had gone through six months of uncontrolable diarrhea, was hospitalized 3 times and had a Dr tell me that it was all in my head and that I needed to see a psychiatrist. By diet I was able to finally return to normal activities. I remember a man from Hawaii that was in about the same identical boat. Well I returned to work at Lowes last March and found the my Zone Manager's position had been reduced to a Team Lead position on the floor. So at the end of my first week back a 60 pound box fell from ten feet and hit me square between the eyes. I never saw it coming. After 11 days in intensive care I found out the full damage. I needed Neck, Shoulder and Elbow surgery. So I have had two major surgeries in the past five weeks and I am scheduled for a third next Thursday. The problem is after the first surgery I was fed a breakfeast full of Gluten. The result was just some stomach pain,,,,, but nothing severe to my knowledge. Then two days after the second surgery I broke out in what appeared to be hives. They grew to looking like large zits and blisters and now two weeks later some are the size of boils. I have hundreds of these itchy, watery lesions all over my body. Here are my questions: 1. Does anyone know what to do for these????? I have been using an anti-bacterial cream and calmine(sp) lotion, but they are not getting the job done. 2. Does anyone know of any Dr's in the Orlando area that specialize in Celiac Disease????? As always thanks for your help. Joe Hoffman
  5. Alright guys, two days after posting this thred "Almost There" I came down with a high fever and it appears to be a nasty upper resp. infection. I started taking lots of fluids and started on antibiotics. For the first four days I thought for sure I was going to die. Every breath was a struggle and I am talking absolutely zero strength and energy. I've had these infections before and kicked butt. Down two days then a recovery day and then back on my feet at full go. I have never been this sick before. I have two questions: First, Is this something I need to get used to,,,,, that Celiac makes every other thing magnified? Second, tonight I put Vicks Vapo Rub on my chest and I have been itching really bad all night. I thought it was gluten free but the Turpentine Oil scares me a little. Is Vicks Gluten Free? As always thanks for your help, Joe
  6. First, thanks for your help with the salad dressing and teriyaki responses. From your valued imput I take it that I was just lucky with the teriyaki and it is now on the "No Way" list. This all started for me in early August. Several hospital stays/visits and six doctors later I now know for sure I have Celiac. Especially after I stopped the diet after a biopsy when a Dr. told me I was negative for Celiac, and I started grazing on pizza, breads, cookies, pasta etc,,,,, and my body went into shock,,,,, I'm talking 25 to 35 trips to the toilet daily for over a week and the time not on the toilet was spent curled up in a ball (fetal) on my bed. Each time it was like a gallon of pure water coming out in less than a second. So violent that regardless of which toilet I used everyone in the house could hear me. It was disgusting. The only positive was my three grown children finally all moved out and got their own places. Not only was the Celiac kicking my butt,,,,, but I felt like I was stuck in that movie "Failure to Launch". Thanks to you guys I was able to understand why the biopsy was negative and why I could still have Celiac. When the blood work came back positive for Celiac I then knew there was no doubt. Just when I really felt like I was back to where I was when I went off the diet thinking I was Celiac negative, three weeks ago I ate Hillshire smoked sausage and three hours later I was back to square one. I had uncontrollable diarrhea and constant stomach pain/cramping again. 20 - 25 trips daily to the toilet and a gallon of pure fluid in less than a second. This lasted two weeks and then I went into four and a half days of constipation. Once the dam broke I have been feeling much better. Yesterday was the absolute first day I felt like I was myself again. My arms and legs are thinner than they have ever been with constant spasms and tingling, and my stomach is bloated beyond belief,,,,,, but my spirit is back and I am ready to join the human race again. Also,,,,, I only went to the toilet five times yesterday and it was oatmeal like, not pure water/fluid. I celebrated by taking my 21 year old son over to the tennis courts and beating him 10-9 in a stickball home run derby game. He beat me two sets to one in tennis, but just barely. Not bad for an old man that has been through where I have been for the past six months. By the way my son was an All-Central Florida football player, he was no easy opponent. He made me pull from within. I remember my first day in an NFL camp when my arms and legs ached so bad,,,,, that was nothing compared to how these little skinny arms and legs feel now. But, the important thing is I made it through the day. Well I'm almost "there" thanks to my new doctor,,,,, but mostly thanks to you guys. Especially Ken, Deb and Momma Goose. Ken, you were "right on" with everything. Being the same age/sex and you going through this right before me,,,,, made it almost believable that there would once again be a day when I could leave the house without the threat of going in my pants in public. Yesterday was that day. I'm back. Deb, thank you so very much for the personal emails and words of encouragement. Momma Goose, thank you for taking the time also. Your info you passed on was so valuable in my effort to beat this thing. All three of you guys inspired me and I thank you and all the other posters for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help me and the other new Celiac's. What I have learned is Celiac is so very different in individuals. I'm 56 and my symtoms were very similar to Ken's who is also 56. My diarrhea was a little more severe, his nausea was a little more severe, but our pain/cramping and bloating was about the same. His arms and legs got a little worse than mine, which tells me he must be one strong determined SOB to pull through it and be walking up mountains. That speaks volumes about his strength and character to me. If someone were to suggest walking up a mountain to me today, I could only say "are you nuts?". "How about a little stickball or tennis?". When I was a head college football coach I was quoted in the newspaper as saying "sometimes it's better to be lucky than good". Yesterday with the "Teriyaki" episode I learned that with Celiac "it's better to be smart than lucky". That was absolutey stupid on my part to risk all that I have gained on something that may, or may not, have put me back to square one. To make matters worse, my wife made me sleep in the back bedroom by myself. At least my little Sharpai cuddled up with me. Thanks again to you all, and God Bless, Joe Hoffman
  7. I have been very careful on my new diet, but I am wondering why so many things that are supposedly "foods to avoid" are gluten free. Example: Salad dressing,,,,, Wishbone says their "French Dressing" is gluten free so I have been using it for a month and sure enough I am fine with it. My wife just read me the riot act because I had "teryiaki sauce",,,,,, I read the ingrediants and how it is made and I am feeling just fine after five hours. See the ingredients below. Has anyone else ventured into salad dressings and teryiaki sauce with the same results? Thanks, Joe naturally brewed soy sauce that
  8. This past week I have been experiencing twitching and minor spasms in my legs. This morning I noticed the muscle spasms increasing in both frequency and strength. One hour ago I had this severe twitching in my left leg that felt like live electricity running through my leg. I tried to walk, but I couldn
  9. What about potato chips. The thing I miss most right now is potato chips. I have tried Cape Cod chips and they are Gluten Free, but they taste like crap. I love just plain old Lays Ridges/Ruffles, but I'm scared to try them. Does anyone have any input on chips that are definitely gluten free? Thanks, Joe
  10. Thanks so much for all your replys and help. This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with and I am absolutely Celiac ignorant. To answer a few questions,,,,, The peanut butter is not the problem. I have been eating small amounts if Skippy every day. My wife has not purchased new cookie sheets and utensils, but she scrubs the heck out of them after every use. Obviously we are going to have to rethink this. We have a large family and this is all new to us. Our kitchen is far from gluten free. In fact my wife is baking cookies now for her and the kids and just the aroma/smell/odors are closing up my sinuses and making me lightheaded. I had homemade creamy vegatable soup for lunch,,,,, a banana smoothie for a snack and a chicken breast and brown rice for dinner. My stomach is burning and really bloated. I have only made three trips to the bathroom today which probably means I am headed to the constipation part of this vicious cycle. I am taking TUMS for the burning,,,,, please tell me TUMS are gluten free. Thanks to everyone and Merry Christmas to all. Joe Hoffman
  11. OK, yesterday my wife made more xmas cookies only this time no sprinkles or toppings,,,,, just creamy peanut butter, eggs and sugar,,,,, lots of sugar. I was on the toilet for ten straight hours and the cramping and pain was back. So now I know I have to cut out the sugar. This trial and error thing could take months and months,,,,, do any of you guys have a list of foods by manufacturer that you could email me at jkhoffman36@yahoo.com. I have always tried not to reinvent wheels, it would be nice if I could speed up my learning curve by learning from the mistakes that you all have made. Thanks, Joe
  12. Hi, and thanks for helping. My dad died from diabetes. They checked my sugar while I was in the hospital in early October and they said it was negative. I believe the number was between 160 and 170. I'm definitely Celiac. I am going bland and cutting down on the amount I eat for ten days and then I will evaluate where I'm at and ask you guys for further guidance. Thanks again everyone for all you help. You guys are great. Joe
  13. Laura, Hi, and thanks for your valued input. I'm a big guy. A year ago I was 308 lbs. At the beginning of August I was 294 lbs and in just my first three weeks of chronic diarrhea I was down to 255. It wasn't that I was losing weight so fast,,,,, it was I was losing muscle mass. My face, arms and legs were getting really skinny but my stomach was bloating to double the size when I was 308. I was always dehydrated and weak as could be. I made myself keep eating and drinking. I ate and replenished fluids 24/7. As fast as I put it in me,,,,, the faster it came out. Now that I am on the Gluten Free Diet, I have toned the input down, but I still eat and drink enough for large men and small cattle. Although I am starting to see some progress from the diet, I am still struggling with the diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pains and cramping. I'm really scared to stop eating all day,,,,, but if you believe "over eating" may be contributing to my problemsI certainly feel like it would be worth the try. I nibble all day and all night and I eat a big lunch and a big dinner. What do you suggest I change my eating schedule to? and what amounts? Thanks, Joe
  14. You mentioned Ice Cream,,,,, what kind of Ice Cream can we eat? Thanks, Joe
  15. As you know from my other posts I am newly diagnosed with Celiac. I have found the feedback on this forum phenomenal, so I have some more questions: 1. Does high doses of sugar (Gluten free xmas cookies) increase the diarrhea. I ate about nine big cookies last night and I suffered severely for the next eleven hours. I spent six of the eleven on the toilet and the other five curled up in a ball shaking from the abdominal pain. 2. My wife said she checked the ingrediants on the sprinkles and topping and said they were all OK. Have any of you had cookies with sprinkles etc., and had a similar attack? 3. I have been very light headed, sometimes really disoriented, almost like I have been drinking. Is this a part of the Celiac or do I have something else going on now too? 4. I have been itching for five months now, mostly at night, and some nights a lot worse than others. Is that another side effect of Celiac? 5. I am also getting little marks on my arms and legs, more so on my arms. Not scavies, or insect bites. Kind of like bites, only a little bigger, but smaller and less rough than warts. Are they another side effect from Celiac? 6. Last question. The diarrhea has gone from heavy straight fluid to a heavier oatmeal like substance. Every day now it was getting thicker. Then Monday morning I stopped having bowel movements until last night. I don't even want to describe what happened last night, but at the end I was back to real loose oatmeal type diarrhea again. My question is "Is it common to go from diarrhea to constipation and then back and forth"? If so how long does this part of the recovery last? and is this the last step in the recovery process regarding controlling your bowels? Thanks for your input. It is sincerely appreciated. Joe
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