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  1. Aw ... thanks! It means a lot to talk to other parents! Dr. said 2 months should be long enough to get a result on biopsy ... I thought it was 6 months.
  2. Thanks everyone. We decided to try it one more time since he recovered within a few hours and we wanted to make sure it wasn't just nerves. So far, he's handled it perfectly fine. I'm so uncomfortable doing this test with him but I feel like I should for his sake. I mean I guess he has a right to a normal life ... it's just after 3 years of gluten-free, this feels not good with me.
  3. Never got a definitive celiac answer ... 6 yr old has been gluten-free for almost 3 years now. Along with his GI, we decided to test him out on gluten for 2 months and then do blood work and scope him. He had a gluten lunch for the 1st time in almost 3 years. Two hours later, vomited for almost 2 hours. Now has tummy ache but not nauseated anymore. Dr. thought it seemed to quick and too harsh of a reaction. What do you think? What's your experience?
  4. Well, I guess we won't make it the 2 months. 2 hours after he ate his first meal of gluten, he was throwing up.
  5. I totally agree with you. We plan on staying gluten free regardless of what the rest says. It's more to see if he will test + for it. If he does, then that will give us a different perspective on whether or not he has the Crohn's too (which is rare to have both ... 1 in 150,000) ... not sure if any of this makes sense. I was just curious if 2 months would be long enough to show up in the intestines ... I know it may not take that long ....
  6. Hi! My son's GI ( a new one) wants to test for Celiac again since he was never tested besides during his colonoscopy ... but tests were inconclusive. He does test + genetically (my husband has it) BUT he also has Crohn's disease. So, Dr. really wants to make a definitive testing during his next scope in October. He wants me to give my son (6) gluten for the next 2 months and then he will take another biopsy. Is 2 months long enough to get any results blood wise and scope wise? He said that if he does start to show symptoms, he'll scope him immediately, so we can put him back on diet. He's actually a REALLY good Dr and he's spent sooooo much time with us and REALLY wants to give us 100% answers so we can move on. So.... 2 months .... long enough?
  7. Ladycates

    Need Emotional Support/help!

    Thanks guys! If it were just me and the hubby, that'd be easy! But I have a 6 and 2 year old, both, who will need to be fed more than a salad after a long day of playing at the beach. Eating at places that are gluten-free are much pricier than the usual places ... so that's a factor, too. I'd just like to be able to deal with it emotionally and just move on. I'm just so sensitive about it all.
  8. Hi! Both my husband and son were diagnosed with Celiac disease almost 3 years ago. Since then, our house has been gluten-free. I haven't personally touched gluten since the dx either. I feel like I'm having such a HUGE struggle with the emotional issues from the disease. I feel sorry for us and I know that's not healthy. I get angry and frustrated with it. For example, our entire family is going on vacation to a beach house with my inlaws. There will be 3 other kiddos there that are celiac free. It hurts me deeply when they all go out to dinner and we have to stay behind and cook and clean up. I know that I can't expect them to stay and eat with us ... heck, then I have to cook for 7 more people ... but it's just such a separation and I'm just SOOO sensitive to this. It depresses me. It makes me mad that they can go enjoy themselves and we're stuck cooking and cleaning. They get to take their kids out to the local ice cream shop for cones and we have to stay behind. It just SUCKS and I WANT to be able to let it go and have fun but I'm struggling. Advice? Will this feeling ever go away???
  9. Yes, I could NOT agree more with you. If I didn't have such a picky eater, all these ideas would work due to the fact that I've actually tried all of them before. He also has Crohn's disease, so he has eating issues all together ... doesn't like to eat very much, extremely picky, etc. He's suffered w/ tummy pain for a few years ... it's finally getting a little better. I'm just looking to boost him immune system however I can because of his Crohn's, the meds he is on, which deplete his system and the the fact that he just started Kindergarten. I wish I could get him to drink juiced products, smoothies and to eat chicken soup ... it just hasn't happened for years and I don't foresee it happening but of course, I'll continue to try.
  10. I've been thinking of starting my 5 year old on Juice Plus to gear up for flu season -- any added fruits and veggies in his diet are a good thing ... doesn't eat many veggies!!! THey said they test their product regularly and are always below the FDA limit of 20 parts per million, so they're labeled gluten-free. My question ... I'm not familiar with all the testing and degrees of gluten, etc. So, I'm not sure what to think. I certainly don't want to take a risk w/ my son but I'm not sure if this is the case for most gluten-free products? Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks in advance!!!
  11. Is this stuff gluten-free? I know it's not healthy but someone gave me a box of it and I'd rather use it than throw it away BUT only if it's safe. Anyone know?
  12. Thank you so much for passing this information onto me!
  13. Thank you! I'll give the neutrogena a shot!
  14. Hi! What gluten-free sunblock do you use for your kids? I have California Baby right now but it's so expensive. $12 for a small thing of it! I'd like a cheaper alternative to keep in my diaper bag!