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  1. When I was newly diagnosed, I also had a low wbc which was due to my malabsorption of iron. After receiving iron intravenously my wbc returned to normal. I am again having a low wbc and they are checking my iron levels.

    I am interested if any other people had similar problems. I am worried, as I am reading sometimes a low wbc is a more serious celiac call refractory sprue. Any one know of this??

  2. Yes, I've heard of people reacting to shampoo.

    Myself, I didn't realize for some months that I was using hair gel with wheat protein. That sure seems to be common. Every time I go into the salon, I have to remind my stylist that she can't use what she usually uses. Things have improved since I switched to a different product.

    What products are safe??? This includes shampoo, conditioner and hair spray???

  3. I am confused as I thought corn was a safe product and gluten free. I have been eating corn chips, corn flat bread,

    etc. Does corn just bother some people? Most of the time I feel good but I do have a few questionable days. I am new so please help as this is confusing. I feel so bad for people with gluten and corn intolerence - not sure what you can eat! I also have another problem with eating which is those lunch time work parties, award dinners, etc where you don't know people well enough to say you have an allergy not anorexia. Thanks for your help.

  4. I've read that sometimes women have I.V.'s during labor for various reasons. If this were to be the case, does it need to be gluten free? I would think most I.V. solutions are gluten-free but you never know. Since it's essentially by-passing my digestive system the gluten wouldn't have an effect on me right?



    I recently had to have 8 iron IV infusions. These infusions also required that I got Solumedrol IV prior to the iron. I could tell I was getting gluten and they changed the IV med to Solucortef. All is fine now with no other changes in meds or diet. In my opinion and the doctors - Solumedrol had gluten; the manufacturer had never tested it for gluten. Solucortef had been tested. My advice try have doctors research medications prior to your infusions.


  5. I was diagnosed in mid-December, and ever since I changed my diet to gluten free I am hungry. I eat alot and need to snack frequently. It is odd that my appetite has increased, bcause my absorption should be improving. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I am trying to gain weight but even with all this eating/hunger it is a struggle.

    Thanks for your response.