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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Chex Gluten Free Instant Oatmeal

    I noticed that Chex has come out with a gluten-free instant oatmeal and tried it out. Don't know if it is a coincidence or whether they contain the gluten that doesn't like me, but the 2 times I tried it, I have had the cooks 2-step. I usually eat Bobs Red Mill Instant Oatmeal or GlutenFreeda and haven't had any problems with those brands.
  2. Cheerios Are Now Gluten Free

    I have eaten from a Cheerios Honey and Oats box a plain old Cheerios regular and haven't had any reaction.  I'm not full blown Celiac so it could be that I can tolerate a little more gluten than the Celiacs.  Make sure the boxes are labled GF because they still have both boxes on the shelf.  Then again, if they are going GF on the Cheerios product it could take some time for the full transition to take place, which will help minimize the leeching process.
  3. Cheerios Are Now Gluten Free

    Picked up my first boxes of good old regular Cheerios and Honey&Nut Cheerios at the store. They are now labeled Gluten Free.
  4. I have the Gluten allergy and I would not eat anything with that many dyes in it. I try to avoid dyes as much as possible. Even if they say they are gluten-free, you don't know what other chemicals make them up.
  5. Probably not a good idea, but if you do try it just go with a very small quantity and keep it simple so you can measure the effects.
  6. My Doctor also told me to take Mucinex to loosen up the congestion in my head that might be causing me to have ear noise. Trouble is I noticed it contains Blue #1 which is a dye, and I don't know if the dye contains gluten.
  7. Which Breadmaker?

    Breadman TR555LC might be a good one to look at.
  8. Whey Protein.

    I use protein to supplement my gluten-free diet and I was stuck with gluten-free Soy protein until I stumbled on the Vitamin World gluten-free Soy protein (Precisioin Engineered Platinum Series). Works for me, but then again I dump 2 scoops protein, frozen blueberries, frozen bananas, gluten-free yogurt, Skim milk, gluten-free peanut butter in my protein shake. :-)
  9. Walmarts Great Value brand peanut butter is gluten free (marked on the jar) and is very good.
  10. Some good answers and information but as you can see it varies. Damage to the immune system by antibiotics, chemo, surgery etc. can bring about allergies and intolerances and the key is to try to heal and strengthen you immune system to correct some of these problems. Probably won't get back to where you were before it happened, but could minimize the effect and prevent some down the road.
  11. I Am Really Struggling

    In addition to Vitamin D and Zinc I take a B-Complex and they seem to help me a lot. I would be interested in getting more information about what type of Gluten elimination diet you are following. Could be some good stuff is missing from the diet.
  12. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  13. My rule of thumb is I put the products that actually say Gluten Free on the label at the top of my list. Then I add things that don't have gluten type products on the labels, but very carefully (example is I just heard that Prego has added Oats and/or Barley to their Pasta recipie). I also try to avoid foods with a lot of ingredients. Good example is regular Lays potato chips have like 3 ingredients but the Lays Barbeque potato chips have like 40 ingredients, so I'm thinking how many gluten based chemicals does it take to give something barbeque flavor? Same thing with medicines, health regimens and the works. Avoid complex foods that are hard to analyze if you have a gluten reaction.
  14. Skyy Vodka

    Hello Momma Goose. Long time no speak. The potato Vodka is the best Vodka, but be careful they don't add anything back in. The industry has come up with so many flavors for hard liquer that you can't tell what they use to flavor it with. Distilling should kill the gluten protein, but if they add a glutenous substance back in then it defeats the purpose.
  15. I contacted Haagen Dazs and they told almost all of their ice cream was gluten free, except for the ones they added something like cookies to. So I started eating the chocalate covered vanilla ice cream bars with little or no problems. Then I tried the chocolate malted chocalate covered ice cream bars, and my stomach and guts burned for about 24 hours. To me it's a crap shoot and sometimes you get snake eyes.