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  1. Mama Ruthies

    Please Help Me Diagnose My 2Yo!

    I would say that Celiac is a definite possibility. Here are some of the things that our son had--- the biggest...
  2. We got their ice cream (heavenly!!) which states vanilla---want to make sure it's gluten free. I do have a call into...
  3. We have picked up some things from Costco and are thrilled to find Lundberg rice and numerous other organic items there...
  4. Mama Ruthies

    Speech Delay

    From our experience with our 5 year old son, I can tell you definitely that gluten can cause speech delays. We just...
  5. Hi Tracy, Our son (a little over 5 and gluten free for almost 2 years) also has speech delays which we now know were...
  6. Mama Ruthies

    Tired Of Doctors/tired Of Testing

    Hi Kim, Your daughter sounds so much like our son but we didn't realize he was being affected until much later. He...
  7. Mama Ruthies

    gluten-free/cf Calcium Supplements For Children

    We use a product called Cal Mag Fizz. It is a powder you put into water and it fizzes (thus the name )
  8. Our 5 year old son reacts to gluten by first having BM issues, then a regression in speech (he already has speech delays...
  9. Mama Ruthies

    Help Toddler Is Starting Testing For Celiac

    Sorry you are having to deal with this. You could get the blood test but as others have said, it has a higher false...
  10. Mama Ruthies

    I Need Support With My 3 Year Old!

    Some great ideas on here---I need to be much more aware of possible cross contamination when we are out and about. ...
  11. Mama Ruthies

    Need Help

    Hi Aleshia, Quick background on our 4.5 year old--- His speech started to regress soon after our 2 year old was born...
  12. Mama Ruthies

    Celiac And Learning Disability Symptoms

    Our son (now 4.5) has been gluten free for 14 months. He definitely has learning issues from gluten. He has delays in...
  13. The gene is DQ7. Our son didn't say his first sentence until he was about 3.5. He was saying "I" statements (I go to...
  14. I haven't read all the responses but want to say that Enterolab was an answer to our prayers for our then 3 year old...
  15. Mama Ruthies

    Hi! I Am A Mom Who Needs Help

    Our 4 year old son also has speech delays which we know are related to gluten. He's been off gluten since Nov. and his...