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  1. Dear all, I posted this in another part of the forum but didn't get any responses. I just wondered if anyone who is super sensitive like I am knows of a reliably gluten-free denture cleaning solution? I am having real trouble sourcing this and am currently not sure what to do as if I don't wear the denture I have a visible gap - it is making me quite miserable actually. I have a nylon denture and cleaners like val-clean say they cannot guarantee there is no gluten in there. The nylon definitely absorbs the cleaner as I can taste if for some time after I've put the denture in, so I do need to find a gluten free (and ideally corn-free and soya-free) version. Thanks so much for any help. Best wishes, Carolyn
  2. Dear all, This topic has been asked before but not recently, so I wonder if things may have changed. Can anyone recommend a reliably gluten free denture cleaner please? It is for nylon dentures (Valplast). I have been using a product which turns out to contain gluten. Many thanks for any help, Carolyn
  3. I have had Entamoeba histolytica and Giardia Lamblia in the past (picked up in Malaysia). Both were treated with antibiotics - apparently successfully - but then "triggered off" celiac disease. I have never really been well since infection with these parasites and I am interested in the increasing school of thought that auto-immune disease may in fact have parasites as their root cause. I have seen a number of anecdotal reports of UC resolving after parasite cleanses for example. A gluten free diet has absolutely not solved all my issues by any stretch of the imagination. We worm dogs on a regular basis and a lot of people online appear to do regular parasite cleanses with spectacular effects - not just in terms of what they expel but in terms of how they feel afterwards. Hence my interest..
  4. Dear all, I want to do a parasite cleanse - for a few fairly sensible reasons. However, I am super sensitive and struggling to find one which does not have grain alcohol (which I cannot tolerate). Humaworm has come up as one that seems to be very well rated and does not contain alcohol. However when I asked them a bit earlier today if it is gluten free the response clearly indicated that the product is not actually tested and they don't ask the vendors of the raw materials whether these are gluten free either. I just wondered - does anyone "super sensitive" have experience of using Humaworm without issues? Alternatively, has anyone used a good parasite cleanse product which has not given them problems gluten wise? I also bought Paragone before realising that again, there is grain-based alcohol in the "part 2" of the product so that is out. Thanks so much for any help with this. Best wishes, Carolyn
  5. From what this suggests, it may not be the GMO per se, but the Roundup: http://www.globalresearch.ca/monsanto-roundup-linked-to-global-boom-in-celiac-disease-and-gluten-intolerance/5370041 I thought this was an extremely interesting article I have to say - the link to the main article also discusses in some depth the likely mineral deficiencies found in many celiacs.
  6. Try cutting out all GMOs, including meat, eggs and dairy with animals fed from them. At least one brand of GM corn has a pesticide inserted into it. I am personally sure that in years to come people are going to realise that ingesting foods with a pesticide inserted into the DNA are really not good news for those who already have compromised gut bacteria.
  7. Sorry - I should also have said that I did the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for 1.5 years as well - after the ileo cecal valve treatment. I didn't use any probiotics or fermented foods though as I just couldn't tolerate them, so essentially it became a diet of meat, fish, eggs, all veg except potatoes and sweet potatoes (or corn of course), nuts and low sugar fruits. A friend of mine with a similar background health-wise has found though that she cannot do this diet successfully as she has an issue with fructose, which might be another one to consider. You may also want to buy the book by Mark Pimentel which discusses a further possible approach to treating bacterial overgrowth in the small bowel. Good luck!
  8. Hi there - I am also really sorry to hear of your situation. I was similar myself though a few years ago - although I am a diagnosed coeliac and hyper sensitive with it, so getting rid of gluten did help somewhat. Four things have made a significant difference with me I think: i. Acupuncture by a gut specialist who also manipulates the ileo-cecal and other valves. He says the valves can become "blown open" after stress or antibiotics in particular and describes this as like the door between the kitchen and the sewer being constantly open such that waste products drain backwards and literally poison the whole system. I cannot say if any of this is accurate functionally, but what he did made a big difference to my gut issues. A fermenting gut will cause hosts of issues such as brain fog etc of course. ii. Olive leaf extract. Whenever I get a bad stomach I used olive leaf extract regularly and I genuinely do believe it helps (usually along with fresh ginger in large amounts. iii. MINERALS - and I think this might tie into your brain fog issues. I had a blood test showing very high levels of accumulated mercury (probably from mother's mouth being loaded with amalgam and dental treatment whilst pregnant with me, plus eating a lot of fish during my teens plus a lot of vaccinations plus "adrenal fatigue" so poor detoxification). I tried using DMSA tablets through a specialist practitioner but felt really quite grim so abandoned this. Instead I did a hair mineral analysis test (and yes, I know they are controversial, but everything it showed made sense), showing super low levels of magnesium and zinc. Since supplementing these I have got my mind back and very rarely have those awful brain fog times. iv. Avoiding fluorescent lighting - look it up. Having the bulbs removed at work has made a monumental difference - which again ties in with mercury toxicity. Please do email me if I can be of any help at all. Best wishes, Carolyn
  9. To A Friend's For Dessert.

    I'm also really sorry to hear that. Hope you are feeling ok. I thought I would tell you a story which might hopefully make you laugh. I went out for lunch to a pub with my sister and a couple of friends last Summer, and I cooked all my own food to take in my lovely plastic box and lid. So while the others all tucked into their gorgeous looking roast lunches, yorkshire puddings and gravy, I had some boring cold thing which was purely functional! So then we sat at the outside table at the pub for a little while after lunch and I tried not to watch as they followed up with sticky tofffee puddings and apple pies and cream. I don't think I'd had time to think about bringing dessert as well. But then, at least I knew I wouldn't be glutened and could relax. Then there was a whip of wind and before I knew it, a plastic bag flew across to our table from the road outside and wrapped itself around my mouth before I had a chance to do anything. Imagine my joy when I realised it was full of breadcrumbs! Sometimes if you didn't laugh you'd really cry :-)
  10. Hi all - I just wondered if anyone has tried these? They are supposed to be derived from rock mineral salts only (in water) and therefore apparently have absolutely no contact with gluten or indeed other grains, dairy or soya. I tried the bone support one today and felt slightly odd stomach wise so just wondered if anyone else had tried them with any success? Best wishes, Carolyn
  11. Thank you very much all for your replies. I don't use the microwave myself so it's not that. Perhaps it is just an almighty coincidence and it is indeed a stomach virus - hope so. I am going to look into air filters - that was a good thought - thank you again. Best wishes, Carolyn
  12. Dear all, Someone at work cooked some biscuits and popcorn in the microwave last Friday afternoon and it literally smelled like sitting in a bakery for about 3 hours afterwards as the air conditioning is very poor in our offices and the smell just permeated everywhere. Ever since then I have had stomach issues (D on saturday, severe cramping yesterday and now today even a small bit of blood and mucus.) I know others have found that inhaling gluten is enough to cause a problem, but seriously do you think it could have caused this? There is nothing else obvious which has changed, although there is always the chance it is a stomach bug I guess (hope). I am very concerned that my family - and indeed my employer if this keeps happening - are going to start to think I'm losing my mind (which I am absolutely not - of that I am sure!) No-one here in the UK believes that smelling gluten could possibly be enough to trigger a reaction, but I'm starting to really think it might do. I am fairly sure I also react to the smell of toast. Thanks so much for any replies. I am really worried because this could make working in an office with other people as well as relationships extremely difficult. But I can't see that there is anything II can do about it over and above what I already am (prepare all my meals from scratch, no grain, no dairy, no soya, hyper vigilant about cc.) Best wishes, Carolyn
  13. A chiropractor may be able to do this as well - I think my acupuncturist learned his manipulation technique from a chiropractor originally - good luck!
  14. hello - I have just seen this and realise it was posted some months ago but thought I would reply in case you see it. I am also a celiac but have had further problems beyond this when on a gluten free diet. The thing that has made a huge difference for me was getting my intestinal valves treated - ie. ileocecal valve mainpulation and same for the other 3. This was actually through an acupuncturist who told me that after antibiotics in particular, the valves may not function correctly meaning that waste matter actually flows backwards through the system when it should not, literally poisoning the body. Your identification of where you get the pain in your intestine resonates entirely with the locations of the three valves, so I just thought I'd mention this in case it's helpful. Best wishes, Carolyn