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  1. I can perhaps add something here as I actually spoke to a chicken farmer about the slaughter process, although I do appreciate that different farms / slaughter houses may adopt different processes. However, he said that here in the UK at least there are very strict rules that any meat which is...
  2. No - the reason it isn't psychosomatic is that I don't react at the time - and indeed it's taken me ages to work out what I think the cause is. I react the next day - my system goes into overload and kicks everything out. And it's the same deal when sitting in a room with people eating sandwiches...
  3. I would suggest that we don't know anything like as much as we need to about the way the body recognises and reacts to a substance which triggers an auto-immune response. Just because there isn't actually "gluten" per se in steam or vapour doesn't mean the body might not recognise the smell or...
  4. Dear all, I know this is probably ridiculous, but someone asked me the other day how I can be sure that duck fat and goose fat are safe given that the animals spend their lives surrounded by grain and are indeed probably covered in grain dust for most of the time, and presumably processing may...