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  1. From what I have read so far it seems bentonite clay is pretty commonly used for the fining/clarifying. But there is no way to know what each vinyard uses unless they reveal it. Clay doesn't sound like a bad deal at all. Seems they have a lot of options for what to use.
  2. I also wake up sweaty. I have a thyroid condition related to celiac called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I sometimes get sweaty after eating also. Anyway, you might want to ask your doc to do a thyroid panel..
  3. I have read that swollen ankles / feet can be due to an allergic reaction to something. I have that problem often and especially if I have had gluten in something. A doctor once told me that it can be a sign of heart disease, due to poor circulation.. I think in my case it is allergic reactions/symptoms.
  4. I have been thinking about getting one of these tests myself lately. I found this article on IGG allergy testing that sounds kind of negative though. As in the results may not be reliable depending on the materials used for the testing. I can't say I understand all of what she said, but it sounds like the doctor found some holes in the process some labs use for testing. IgG Food Allergy Testing by ELISA/EIA What Do They Really Tell Us? http://www.tldp.com/issue/174/IgG%20Food%20Allergy.html
  5. I got no kids myself. But it seems to get her past it would be best to do a very simple diet for a day or two. Like applesauce only, or bananas. Maybe put a little psyllium husks (1/2 teaspoon) in her food for extra fiber. Be careful of spices too, as they often have gluten added to keep them dry and loose. McCormick brand single ingredient spices are gluten free, per their website, but not the blends. I'd skip the Thai place, unless you can verify all their spices are gluten-free. That is if they are using spices on her food. There is also the possibility of cross contamination at the Thai place, if they don't understand the total separation required in the cooking process. Maybe they would let you bring in food for her to eat? That way you could still go there and she could eat safely. I hope this helps some. Since celiac is genetic, are you or your husband on the diet too? http://mccormick.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/mcco...amp;p_topview=1 Question Do your products contain gluten? Answer All of our single ingredient spices and herbs are gluten-free and 100% pure, with nothing added to them. All of our extracts, including Pure Vanilla, are also gluten-free. Some of our products do contain gluten, and this will be clearly listed in BOLD type within the ingredient statement. We do not maintain a list of gluten-free products, as our formulas change from time to time.
  6. Spelt is a form of wheat, and has gluten in it!. Hopefully she isn't still eating it! You are not the first person to make the assumption that spelt is ok, I have seen other people post saying they thot it was safe. Also, some medicines/vitamin pills contain gluten. I think they use the gluten to help bind the pill ingredients together. Here is a little from Wiki on spelt: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the wheat species. For the alternate spelling of the word spelled, see Spelling. Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Division: Magnoliophyta Class: Liliopsida Order: Poales Family: Poaceae Genus: Triticum Species: T. spelta Binomial name Triticum spelta L. Spelt (Triticum spelta) is a hexaploid species of wheat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spelt
  7. Testing is a good idea. You can get a blood test for the antibodies that will show if your body is reacting to gluten. Unfortunately some people don't show the antibodies but still have the problem. If you have the blood test do it before going on a gluten-free diet, or the results would be unreliable. There is also a gene test they can do with the blood. I think in Europe they have more gene markers that are thought to be celiac related than the American doctors accept. It would be best to find a doctor who is known to work with celiac patients for the testing. Many doctors aren't familiar with it and may not give you the right tests, or recognize symptoms. In the end run if testing doesn't show celiac but you still feel better after going on a gluten-free diet, then listen to your body is good advice. Medical science has not advanced to the point that doctors/scientists know everything yet, or even approach it. If they did, it wouldn't take an average of 10 years to diagnose celiac disease. There is an awful lot of money invested in marketing wheat, rye and barley products. And what you don't see is that they put it in many foods other than the obvious ones like breads, flour, beer etc. The bakery area in a grocery store is like the big poison marketing section to me. For that matter, most of the processed foods are the same thing, poison. Not because they are processed, but because they hide gluten in them somewhere. I have thyroid nodules now after years of gluten poisoning. Don't wait to find out, because if you have celiac disease you are damaging your body every time you eat gluten. That's not healthy!
  8. I hope you get better soon Neesee! My younger brother had a colostomy for a while. He had Crohns. It was intended to give his intestines a chance to heal and rest. I think it did because they undid the colostomy after a while and he was better. He was able to ride his bicycle back and forth to town 26 miles round trip after that. I like your advice to eat fiber. I try to remember to put a little psyllium husks in my food. The anti-biotics might help. Here si a a link to an old story on BBC news about a theory that bacteria are involved with Crohn's. Not saying you have Crohn's of course, celiac si very different. I just thot it interesting that this MAP bacteria is present in some people with GI symptoms. Sorry, kind of off topic. ** 'Clear' bacteria link to Crohn's ** A US team has found the clearest evidence yet that Crohn's disease is caused by a type of bacteria. < http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/health/3663336.stm >
  9. Scott Adams

    Happy Birthday Scott! Thanks for the website and celiac forum. It makes big difference in people's lives!
  10. Now that's just not fair. Gluten in wine should not be there anymore than fish or bull's blood or egg whites or casein. What's wrong with just grapes and yeast? . Article in the Press Democrat saying that wheat is sometime used in the glue on wine barrels. http://www1.pressdemocrat.com/apps/pbcs.dl...1036/BUSINESS01 The company mentioned in the article that makes fining agents for wines: Page decribes thier fining agents. http://www.laffort.com/en/produits/collage.html Mad Cow disease from drinking wine? BBC new article about bull blood being used to clarify wine in France. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/377938.stm Happy Friday! Yuck.
  11. Hi Eric, I have celiac and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I can't say that the thyroid has improved, but it hasn't gotten a lot worse since I started going gluten-free. In my case, I developed a lump on my thyroid in about a months time. It has stayed about the same size though and hasn't grown. I consider that an improvement since it was getting big fast and just kind of stopped growing. I have read post by other people saying their thyroids have actually returned to normal. I don't know if related conditions generally clear up. I tend to think they don't go away but perhaps stabilize some. That's just my guess, I ain't no doctor-head. But for me my digestion issues and related symptoms have cleared up a lot. It's definitely worth doing the gluten-free diet for me. I hope it works out well for you!
  12. I think if you know you have been glutened the best thing is to get rid of it as fast as possible. I think of gluetening as kind of like having a poison in your system. So, I think it is best to get the "poison" out fast and limit the damage. So, instead of an anti-diahrea product a laxative might be a better choice. Certainly not an option when out and about traveling or whatever though.
  13. I have a grinder and use it for various gluten-free flours. I got mine used and did a very thurough cleaning before using it. Stripped it down and cleaned every surface I could find inside. Some flours are hard to find, like pea and lentil flour. Anyway, as long as you can clean it out and dedicate the grinder to gluten-free flours you should be ok. I don't have a good bread recipee to share. My beat thing so far was some gluten-free pancakes using green pea flour. Looked a little odd but tasted good.
  14. I am not sure Beau's lines are. I have ridges running the length of my nails. I have read that ridges are supposed to be due to a low level of vitamin B. And low vit B is sometimes present in celiac. I also have receding gums, and sometimes a scratchy throat. I have a cat too. OK, that's not helping I guess. :-) I have Hashimoto's, and I suppose that might cause some of those things to happen.
  15. I haven't read this whole thread. But I will when I have time. I just wanted to check in and share my thinking on Glutenease. I am not an expert on enzymes. Anyhow, my understanding is a claim for Glutenease is the ability to break down gluten into smaller chunks. This sounds like it might be a good thing. But, is it? There are no tests to show that the smaller chunks of gluten protein are not passing through a celiac's intestinal walls same as the larger molecules do. And if they are, is this as dangerous as the larger gluten protein molecules, less dangerous, or more? Are lots of small bits of something less bad than fewer larger bits? I don't know. It would be great if a medical institution would do some tests on this products claims and let us all know.
  16. I am single and anything but a super-chef. I had it in mind to do baking at first but currently am getting along with rice, veggies, and meat. I did make a pancake that came out pretty well but not sure I have the recipe right now. Anyway, I make a big pot of rice and veggies on the weekend and eat it all week. I usually make enough that I can freeze part of it. So during the week I can thaw out a previous batch and have that for variety. This makes it very easy to get through a week since you basically have something to nuke each day and eat. Nuking your food is good! I learned to be careful about the spices that I use in the big batch of rice fixins. McCormick Spices are gluten-free in the individual spices but not in the mixes. So avoid spice mixes generally. No problem, just add individual spices instead. It is better for me to be on the simple side of a big batch of rice and add extra spices when I eat a bowl. That way I don't end up having to throw out a big batch of rice because I added something that bothers me. So, big pile of rice and veggies and chicken or of beef on the weekend and freeze some. I recently bought a pressure cooker and have found that handy for this weekend cooking. I can cook brown rice and veggies and all that much quicker with the pressure cooker. Mine cost $30 at Target. Other than that I try to keep bananas and fresh fruit around for mornings. In the cold months I eat oatmeal with raisins, peanut butter, nanners, and sometimes dried fruit bits and sunflower seeds. Good stuff. Corn tortillas for wraps sometimes. And Tostillas corn chips for snacks, or penauts and peanut butter with celery. Oh, and I make tahini dip with lemon juice and garlic also. I find there is a whole lot of pre-made stuff at the grocery stores that I can't eat. But there are lots of whole ingredients that I can buy and make my own food. Amazingly, people used to eat without factories producing things in boxes! I am learning to do that, and it is not a bad thing! The thing to be aware of, is that many food processors use gluten as a homogneizer or emulsifier, or anti-caking agent in their food products. So it is hidden in many main stream processed foods. People lived without gluten in all their foods in times past, and it is possible to do that today also! You can do it too, it may be a a learning thing, but it is doable!
  17. My dentist seems to think my gums are receding more than my hair, but who's to know for sure? I didn't see her measure or anything. I know my gums were often sore prior to going gluten-free, but now are much better. Brushing and flossing all that good stuff didn't seem to keep them from getting sore before gluten-free. After gluten-free they seemed to take on a new life and start getting stronger I have taken calcium pills for years due to being lactose intolerant also, but that didn't keep my gums from getting in trouble. Baldness runs in my family so not too surprised about some hair loss. Then again, I was getting gray hairs at 20 so maybe I'm on the accelerated plan for some things.
  18. I have been eating the Utz white corn tortilla chip rounds that are labeled gluten-free and haven't had a problem with those yet. I haven't tried the potato chips though.
  19. Well, I may have my answer. I had started eating dairy again after years of not. My digestion was so much better after getting off gluten for a few months I figured why not? But ended up not being able to sleep too. Now that I am off dairy again I have been able to sleep fine. I can't think of anything else that would have caused it so I am going with the dairy as the cause for now.
  20. I have trouble with insomnia and tend to wake up after about 4 hours of sleep, regardless of when I go to bed. I don't have an answer for how to deal with it. Still trying to figure it out myself. I also have Hashimoto's thyroidits and tend to think it may be related to that. Don't know for sure though.
  21. I don't remember ever having a gluten dream until very recently. And I am just posting it cause I thought it was funny. So, the dream is in black and white. It's an old Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoon, and they are trying to get even with Boris Badenoff and Natasha. Boris and Natasha are on the right side of the screen and Rocky and Bullwinnkle are on the left side separated by a wall. Rocky and Bullwinkle somehow know that Boris is very fond of what he calls "puffy cheeseburgers". So Rocky and Bullwinkle have slipped a bicycle air pump hose through the wall and into Boris's cheesburger. Rocky wails away on the bicycle pump inflating Boris puffy cheeseburger to the max, which poor Boris doesn't notice for some cartoon reason. Boris grabs the cheeseburger and bites down hard, and gas starts shooting out his eeire end and he flys all around the room bouncing off the ceiling, floor and walls leaving a dotted trail all around the room and Natasha. Natasha just stands there coyly, smiles and says" Boris, darhlng, you really do love your puffy cheeseburgers!" Guess you had to be there... Hmm, I hope this isn't one of those dreams that predict the future...
  22. "I Hate Everything" Well, that pretty much narrows it down! : Just kidding! These are interesting theories about gluten and milk proteins affecting the brain chemistry. I know my mental state has changed for the better since going gluten-free, and I know I am negatively affected by slip-ups with gluten. I am starting to wonder about milk too after reading some of the comments and links. Guess I picked a bad week to buy a block of velveeta! But for me 10 years of struggling to cope with "stuff" has been pretty much cleared up by going gluten-free. So maybe I will take the next step and go CF also. Thanks for the info people, very helpful!
  23. I have an actual frog in my throat, not a nodule. Well, ok it is a nodule but a frog sounds more exciting. Mine is dead center in the middle of my throat, which is what they call the isthmus. A little bridge of tissue connecting the 2 butterfly wings of the thyroid. It doesn't say ribbett or anything like that. I had a cat scan with contrast on rec from my primary doc, who then sent me to a thyroid specialist. The thyroid doc said a sonagram would have been better and cheaper. Anyway, he did the FNA, which is no big deal at all. They just stick a little needle in and draw a little fluid out for testing. No hurt, no anaestesia. My doc said as long as you use a small diameter needle most people don't even feel it. The chop doc recommended surgery to remove the whole thyroid, which he said is the standard treatment in these cases. If it was on one side or the other, he said it would be ok to take out just that side. But in the middle bridge, they remove the whole shebang. Anyway, the test was benign, and that is true in the vast majority of cases, like 90%. I haven't had mine removed, and it is over a year later and I am still walking around fine, cough - cough, hack - hack. : Just kidding. I am doing gluten-free and waiting to see if it heals up really. Maybe, at least it doesn't seem to be getting worse.
  24. I have ringing in the ears too. For years. It comes and goes in volume, and doesn't really bother me anymore. Would be nice if it wasn't there but I am used to it. I don't know of anything to do about it. I don't notice it if there is other noise going on, like tv or music. Maybe a white noise generator would help you sleep at night? I think that is one of things that people use them for. I've not tried it myself though. I got used to the ringing long ago.
  25. Oh frig!!*$%! Geez, I never put that together until now. I have had eye twitches around my right eye for years. I always figured I must be nervous or something. Never even thought of it being associated with celiac. Course I wasn't aware of celiac until recently anyway. H.E. double tooth picks, I thot I had bad nerves or something, maybe I was right, but due to celiac malabsorbtion! Well, they seem to be gone at the moment. I have been taking sublingual B-complex by Spring Valley. Given to me by my most excellent sister Pam, who also figured out I was probably celiac. I also take a Solgar B-50 complex. Maybe your twitches will go away with supplements and gluten-free also.
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