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  1. It seems I can add a cover photo in this new forum software, but haven't done it yet.  Ooops!

  2. Hi LLT,

    I went on the gluten-free diet at the beggining of Dec 2007 and joined this site that month. I had symptoms for 10 years before that though. Well actually more like 20 years but they got worse over time.

    I took me quite a while to learn the ropes of the gluten-free diet. I made a lot of mistakes along the way. Fun times! :-)

  3. how long have you had celiac (or just been gluten-free?) sry if i do not reply for a while, my access 2 the computer is limited n i usually choose 2 spend my time on YouTube ;)

  4. Thanks Loey! I slow down sometimes too. I have mostly been doing sketching here and there lately but haven't doing much painting. But now that's it's cooling down I will get my encaustics out and start having some fun with them. We have several artist members here. CoolClimates makes fabric art, and I think Ravenwoodglass makes glass art. So you fit right in with your jewel...

  5. I went to your web site and really liked your work. You're very talented. I especially like the the piece using pointillism. I'm a jewelry crafter and unfortunately my flare-up (and the state of disarray that moving has created) has stalled me. Maybe I'll give it a shot tomorrow. I know where some of my supplies are buried in the basement.


  6. Hey Tena, Oh, yeah Michigan has a little snow too? :-) Good idea. I plan to sit inside and make gluten-free cookies and muffins this weekend while it snows. Stocked up on gluten-free flour yesterday night. Whole Foods was a zoo. Got some bird seed for the birds too. Gives my cat Muffin something stare at out the winder. Take care! Paul

  7. Hey Paul.....I thought Michigan was one of the only places that got storms! Hope you stay safe and are stocked on what you need.

    Stoke the fire and watch a good movie this weekend.

  8. Lost in the wheat fields...

    1. Live Love Twillight

      Live Love Twillight

      Ha ha! Thank you, you are the first one to welcome me, I appreciate that :D

  9. Hey, I wanted to thank you. You have been incredibly helpful since I got here, Thanks a lot!!

  10. Hi Lovey25,

    I am not sure I have Hashimoto's now. At my most recent visit to the endo he said all my numbers / levels are ok!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  11. You have Hashimoto's? Me too. :(

    But you're a rarity -- not many men have the disease.


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