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  1. Hi, I don''t have the same reaction to celery as you. but I don't eat it. It does make me sick. In Europe celery is recognized as a major allergen. More info in link. https://www.allergywise.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Celery.pdf Try a search on celery allergy and you will...
  2. Saw an article about Mission Foods in CA being shut down for not reporting COVID-19 cases among employees. Just FYI, might be best to avoid their products for now. Seems they were allowed to reopen after 24 hours. https://www.sacbee.com/news/coronavirus/article244543137.html
  3. Right, DH is a condition only celiacs get. The antibodies get deposited in the skin and cause irritation. Also people with DH sometimes don't show positive on the blood work. Maybe because the antibodies are in the skin rather than circulating in the blood. DH can be very sensitive to gluten...
  4. Hi, She may be reacting to something else in her diet. There is a small percentage of us that react to oats like we do to wheat, rye and barley. So if she is eating oats that would be something to remove from her diet for a few months to see if things improve. Another possible problem food...
  5. Hi Chris, Another thing that can cause neuropathy is diabetes. And it is very common. So it's good to be checked for it too. If you do turn out to have diabetes, then you will want to avoid most of the gluten-free baked goods available now. gluten-free baked goods often use more sugar than...
  6. Hi Chris, Having the genes for celiac does not mean you will get celiac disease. About 30% of Americans have at least one gene for celiac disease. Only about 1% of Americans actually develop celiac disease. Don't be real concerned about giving up gluten IMHO. It may seem hard at first...
  7. Hi Chris, All the celiac antibody tests depend on the patient having eaten at least some gluten every day for 12 weeks before. They call that a gluten challenge. The endoscopy requires 2 weeks of daily eating gluten before it. Without the gluten consumption, the tests are invalid. There...
  8. Hi Chris, Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that causes damage to the body. Often celiac disease attacks the GI tract but it can also attack many other body organs. Gluten sensitivity is a broad term for reactions to gluten containing foods. It does not involve an immune attack on...
  9. That does sound pretty miserable David. Generally i think people have at least some improvement over the course of a year. Although they are not always "all better". There can be many reasons for GI distress, but per Cycleslady, re-checking celiac antibodies is a great first step. It is very...
  10. Does it taste as good as regular playdough? ☠️
  11. I think it's normal to feel hungry after going gluten-free. Remember your body is starting to heal and that take energy, Also your digestive system is beginning to start functioning more normally than before. There are lots of potential changes when we go gluten-free and stop poisoning ourselves...
  12. Hi Matt, Oats are a problem for me too. Sugar is good to avoid at first until your gut flora stabilizes in a healthy mix. When our guts are irritated, damaged, and inflamed they tend to not have the best bacteria thriving. So sugar may not get digested and instead feed swarms of bacteria...
  13. Hi Matt, You can avoid buying $$$ gluten-free foods by sticking to meats, fish, nuts, veggies and fruit. Those are whole foods and are naturally gluten-free. Until you learn the gluten-free diet it's best to avoid processed foods. Learning the gluten-free diet can take 6 months or more IMHO...
  14. D3 is a good form of vitamin D to take. 2000 IU is what I take sometimes. My doctor had me take 50k IU Rx for months due to low Vitamin D levels. That high dose didn't help my vitamin D levels tho. It is not common to overdose on vitamin D. Our skin makes enormous amounts of vitamin D in some...
  15. I think that boron is a missing key to some people's health with regard to vitamin D. There is a link between vitamin D and boron that is important. It seems like boron affects levels of other nutrients in the body and how vitamin D is used by the body. It could be that without adequate boron...