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  1. I would love to have your entire recipe. I've been trying to find a good cornbread recipe.
  2. I've contacted more companies than I can count about whether or not their products contain gluten. It's amazing how many of them reply that they don't do allergy testing, that they don't really know what goes into their products, or don't bother to reply at all. I've been very vigilant about informing them of the importance of a gluten free diet to Celiacs, but I don't think that all of my efforts are making much of a difference. I have a least had some luck getting them to contact me back, however, so I'll give it a try as well. The more people who pester them the better, as far as I'm concerned. There are enough of us that are affected that these companies better start paying attention to their ingredients, and doing allergy testing...or they won't have enough of a client base that they'll be able to stay in business. Brandy
  3. Hello Ms. O'brien, Thank you for contacting us as to whether or not our products have gluten derived ingredients. We understand how important this information is for you. At Beiersdorf, we strive to offer our consumers the best products possible, and therefore we may reformulate them when improvement is possible. The information we give you today regarding our ingredients may not be true if we reformulate a product next year. We do not maintain a list of gluten free products as change control is not possible. If you have concerns about Gluten and its derivatives, we can recommend that you avoid all products with ingredients derived from wheat, rye, barley and oats. The ingredient names are: TRITICUM VULGARE SECALE CEREALE HORDEUM VULGARE AVENA SATIVA Although our products may not contain the above ingredients, it is always possible that one of our raw materials may contain traces of gluten because its presence is not excluded by our raw material specifications. Please call us at 1-800-227-4703 if you have any other questions or comments. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm EST. We appreciate your taking the time to contact us. Cordially, Sam Consumer Relations Beiersdorf Inc.
  4. Dear Mrs. O'Brien: Thank you for contacting the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Information Center. It is always important to hear from our consumers, and we appreciate the time you have taken to contact us. All of our BAND-AID
  5. Thanks for writing, Brandy. While I don't have a list to send you, I can tell you that there is no gluten in any Vicks product! Hope this helps. Amy Vicks Team
  6. Hi Brandy. You'll be glad to know that ThermaCare heat wraps do not contain gluten. The ingredients in the heat cells are charcoal, iron powder, sodium chloride (salt), sodium thiosulfate and water. Hope this helps. Gary ThermaCare Team
  7. Hi Brandy. You'll also be glad to know that no version of Pepto-Bismol contains gluten. Gary Pepto-Bismol Team
  8. Hi Brandy. You'll be glad to know that no version of Scope mouthwash contains gluten. Gary Scope Team
  9. Thanks for contacting us about several of our products, Brandy. We know Celiac is a serious disease, so we want to give you clear information regarding the use of our beauty care products. If wheat and/or gluten aren't directly added to a product by us, these ingredients won't be listed on our packages. Like many companies, we often purchase the scents for fragranced products from outside suppliers, and the components of these substances are proprietary information belonging to those companies. Therefore it's possible that a very small amount (generally parts per million) of gluten may be present. We sought advice from physicians; they told us it would be very unlikely a person with Celiac disease would have a reaction from a trace amount of gluten coming into contact with his skin or hair. This is because wheat, rye, barley and/or gluten generally cause symptoms when they're ingested. Since our beauty care products are designed to be used externally on the skin, their use shouldn't be an issue for someone with this disease. Since gluten sensitivity can vary among people, it would be best if you consulted with your physician about the use of all types of consumable goods, if you haven't already. You might even consider using one of our fragrance free products that doesn't list gluten or wheat extracts on the label. Thanks for getting in touch with us. I hope this response has been helpful to you. For more information about Celiac, you may want to check out and Hope this helps. Karen Beauty Care Team
  10. Hi Brandy, I answered a message from you earlier. I just wanted to reiterate, none of Procter & Gamble's cleaning products contain gluten. That would include: Bounce, Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Ivory Dishwashing Liquid, Ivory Snow laundry detergent, Dryel, Dreft, etc... I'm not going to answer each of your messages individually since this covers most of them. Hope this helps. Mary Lou P&G Team
  11. Thanks for contacting Tide, Brandy. Glad you asked! Tide products do not contain gluten. However, I'm not able to provide you a list of products that do or do not contain gluten. We manufacture over 300 products and ingredients may change from time to time. The best way to determine if a product contains gluten is to check the label. If ingredients aren't listed, then either call or email with the specific product. We'll be happy to check it out for you. Thanks for visiting. Christina Tide Team ** I've e-mailed a response asking for a product list, and I'll get in touch with them asking about each and every product. I'll let you know what I find out. Brandy
  12. Dear Ms. Obrien, Thank you for contacting Alberto Culver regarding your interest in our company and its products. Please note that the entire line of Mrs. Dash Seasoning blends are gluten free. We hope this information is helpful. Thank you again for contacting Alberto Culver. Sincerely, Sharlotte Smith Consumer Relations Representative
  13. Dear Ms. O' Brien: Thank you for contacting us regarding Church & Dwight Co., Inc. products as they pertain to your gluten intolerance. We certify that ARM & HAMMER
  14. I am sending you two coupons for free bottles of Country Bottles All Purpose Sauce it does not contain gluten. ** This is the first time someone has offered something free...nice perk.
  15. All Chicken of the Sea Seafood products are gluten free.