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  1. There is a myth out there: that celiacs are skinny. The truth is, about 60% of celiacs are overweight or obese. My sister and I are both celiacs, an inheritance from both sides of the family. We both had bizarre weight issues. Either gaining weight furiously even though we would both be living extremely active lives (biking or jogging to work, weight lifting, training for the Ironman etc etc - and eating very heathfully) or losing weight suddenly for absolutely no explanable reason. I have gained and lost 20lbs within 2 months, been over 200 lbs and under 120 lbs. We were very very VERY frustrated. However, once on a gluten-free diet, our bodies seemed to settle down. I am now consistently 150 lbs. It never varies. I think what happens is, when you are sick from eating gluten, and your stomach can no longer process nutrients or break down food, your body begins to starve. When some bodies are starving, the survival response is to hold on to any fat/sugar/energy it can, and store it. I used to have insane hunger cravings that would cause me to eat entire boxes of cookies so that I would be able to simply be able to function. I never ever ever have these cravings anymore. My body has settled down, the metabolism has balanced, I am not a werewolf anymore. Welcome to your new life. Natasha
  2. oh yeah, this is a really frustrating part of celiac disease... your body gets so deprived, your brain can't function. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, though since i have been diagnosed with celiac, i am now thinking that this is really my problem. I find that when i supplement with sublingual b12 vitamins (has to be sublingual) that I no longer have that uber-irritable, skin-peeled off so don't touch me, can't control what i am saying, please move faster and get me my coffee, barrista before I turn into a witch feeling that caused me to lose jobs and friends and family but taking those b12's.....ALL THOSE FEELINGS GO AWAY. I take tons, and then taper off. The exhaustion goes away too.
  3. I try to eat very small meals, every two hours. I also do not drink any liquid while eating. I stay away from greasy foods, and air filled foods like popcorn and pop. chew your food thoroughly. and eat slowly. dairy seems to be hard on me too. Take some digestive enzymes. you may be constipated. that will cause bloating. When this happens to me, I eat ground flax seed (lots) on kefir or yogurt. I will also try to eat some of Bob's Red Mill gluten free grain products or some brown rice with the husks on them - for some reason eating this kind of bulk makes me go. Coffee will help you too. Don't take over the counter meds for constipation as they are generally glutened and are really hard on the stomach. all the best. I know it is hard to be pregnant looking when you're not, and in great shape.
  4. Yes, I too have to urinate 1-2 times a night and have extraordinary thirst. I have also lost some control over my urinating, though this seems to be better when I take my sublingual b12's.
  5. Another really great gluten free beer is Messagare from Quebec. This is $2.80 Canadian a bottle, but you can only buy in a six pack right now. Non-celiacs even like this beer!
  6. I feel for you. The brain fogginess and exhaustion are debilitating. I am gluten free for two years, but still suffer from this. I have also found that sublingual B12's (they have to be sublinguals; the ones that you swallow into your stomach will not work as it doesn't necessarily go into your bloodstream that way). You can take as much B12 as you want, you can't ever take too much. Your urine will only turn greenish blue if you take too much for your body to absorb. I take tons at first, and then less when I start feeling better. they are expensive, but the only thing that gets me back to normal life. good luck
  7. Trouble with coffee: YES. I am newly diagnosed and of course am still sorting it out like the rest of us, so here I am, sitting with the biggest bloated sore belly ever. I can't ever remember coffee not doing a number on me, but isn't it strange what we will put up with for a buzz? I think that coffee is really rough on the entire digestive system, and possibly there could be some gluten traces in it. Why not? Everything else seems to have gluten in it!
  8. [quote name='Mosaics' date='Nov 7 2007, 06:46 AM']The list on the link below says that all wines are gluten-free. Maybe it was something that you [i]ate[/i] with the wine that made you sick? [url="http://www.celiac.com/articles/222/1/Gluten-Free-Alcoholic-Beverages/Page1.html"]http://www.celiac.com/articles/222/1/Glute...ages/Page1.html[/url][/quote] I too had 3 glasses of Yellow Tail wine a couple of days ago and I too became so sick, vomitting, for three days! It was really really weird, I was very mystified by my reaction to the wine. I feel there is some colour or flavouring in the wine. This is not my usual reaction to wine, as I also had 3 glasses of wine the week before, with absolutely no reaction.
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