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  1. Well I think for me it isn't necessarily Celiac...but probably a spectrum of intolerance with dairy and wheat.

    I think for me its about knowing how to eat these foods...and listening to my body. My problems in the past were from not eating them correctly...gulfing down these foods. If I ate enough of them fast, it literally could put me in a opiate haze... and also just having tons of undigested or slowly digesting food could dull me way down.. so I was using it like a drug.

    But I realized from eating different ways over the years how you can do the same thing with a chicken and rice dish.

    Right now I just feel pretty good.

    But one thing also, is that I was looking for some magic-ticket to be happy all the time... what I really found was that eating certain ways can make you not have so much gunk inside you...so you can feel lighter, and feel things more and get highs from a spiritual level...

    What has been helping me the most is to become more social... to get more friends and have good times. To care about other people. These simple things make you feel great, connected... not self-centered. And I eat less because I get nourishment from socializing.

    Thanks, good luck to you all.

  2. Well I don't know what to say.

    I started eating wheat again a few months ago, and basically been eating it everyday.

    I guess gluten-free showed me what wheat really can do...

    I still think it oddly contributes to depression...but only if I start eating too much of it... I think its just if I eat it too much, and that includes diary too...then it starts clogging me up inside more than my body can clean itself...so I start feeling very stagnant which then can setup depressive feelings. But honestly this has only happened a few times the past few months, and if this happens I know I need to drink some wine, some water... exercise...and just eat cleaner things for the next 4 hours or so...

    I am just now more aware of what I'm doing... aware of how it can affect me.

    Before I used to just eat wheat almost subconsciously...and dairy... and not only that...but eat it very fast and not even chew it well... most of the time. That is the worst way to eat that stuff...since you can't digest it that way.

    So now when I eat dairy or wheat... I just try to eat it very slowly and chew very well...although I've only been doing that the last week or so...it really seems to help. But before when I started eating wheat a few months ago, I would just eat it once a day... drink more wine...drink more fluids and apple cider vinegar...stuff to help clean out the system...

    Right now I'm actually trying to eat more raw fruits and veggies...since they digest super well, and don't make you feel any slightest bit tired and make you feel something high in some ways. Its just good. I don't think I'd ever become a raw vegan or anything but I think its good to eat more stuff like that.

    Good luck to everyone. I think I'll be okay... but maybe my villi will suddenly go out on me and i'll come crawling back. Haha...but in all honesty I'm glad I went through this journey because at least I have the power of knowledge. I don't think my villi were getting damaged, I just think I may not digest wheat or dairy SUPER well...although I still can digest it. I just have to not be unconscious about my consumption.

    Best of luck to you all!!

  3. Thanks so much Rachel!

    So, if I ended up NOT having the celiac genes, then the chances of me having damaged villi are probably small?

    But then again... I could still have villi damage from say, candida?

    I think I do want to test the genes. If I have any celiac genes then I'll go for blood test and maybe biopsy. I wish I could someone just look inside my intestines myself NOW HOW EASY WOULD THAT BE!!! ahhhh perchance to dream

  4. DjoyG -

    Thats the thing. I am taking a large amount of these particular vitamins. And honestly they really -do- make a difference. I know its not placebo.

    So that may mean that my villi are healing, and I just happen to have enough villi to absorb this stuff.... or, that I'm taking -enough- of it to smother the remaining villi I have?

    I really don't think its placebo... the first time I took this stuff I had zero idea how it would effect me. In fact I thought it would take a week to notice a difference, but in fact I realized a difference within a half hour. I've taken many different herbs and a few medications so I feel I'm objective enough.


    Yeah I think it really would be best to remain gluten free... I mean I don't think I went through all of this for nothing... it could just be that I'm actually getting close to being healed...? I don't know... I just want to be NORMAL!...

    Shay- I know what you mean about eating well. I mean...there is no real reason for me to be eating gluten anyways...its just ridiculous. I could just as easily go to the store and binge on some gluten-free cereal with hemp or rice milk.

  5. Thanks AndreaB,

    I just don't understand it logically. Why would it need to 'build up'?? I thought it was a reaction to gluten at the villi, where your body autoimmunes it...

    I'm just confused... I didn't continue to test the gluten as I don't think I can afford to do that right now. Plus its like, geez.... why would I have gone through all this... and told everyone that I had issues with gluten, if its not true?

    I have "tested" myself in the past... and I remember telling myself I never wanted to do that again... ugh...

    What I'm wondering is...if I am just the type of person that my villi have been damaged, OR... that my villi are fine and I just have issues with gluten.

    But that doesn't seem to explain why I seem to have good results with supplementing B6/zinc/magnesium/b12.... because according to my own personal theory my villi are still damaged and that is why I still need to take these supplements...

    But I feel I've been doing a lot "better" recently... but the past few days I've started not using my supplements as much and I don't know...I feel like I'm sorta returning back to how I was...which... I guess I'm not as happy with that person?

    I don't know what is wrong with me. I really just want God to come down from a shining cloud in the sky and say


    because then I could be like, YEA GOD.... THANKS

    But now its like...its this huge mystery what is going on with me... in some ways.

    And I also feel like there is so much we don't know. Like... some people say if you eat gluten once then all of your villi just die again. I mean come on... we don't even know!!

    The thing that irks me is that I read that candida can also cause the body to attack its own villi... so many thats part of the issue?? Is it? What if candida is just the result of eating too much wheat and dairy stuff on a daily basis...because that stuff could just be harder to digest...

    So you end up getting other stuff eating away at all the putrifying waste inside of you... which gives off its own symptoms... and maybe even eats your villi.

    I guess I would really just love to have a camera inside of me so I could see what is truly going on. I feel like I have to approach this whole thing blindly. So yes...genetic testing would be good... But even so, is that the end all/be all?? I feel like there is just simply more to this whole story...

    Like what about all the gluten intolerant people who get symptoms but don't get villi damage. How do you know your not getting villi damage????

    Sorry I'm just confused right now...a head full of questions...questioning.

  6. Yesterday I felt like testing myself. I ate 5 bowls of special K cereal. 3 granola bars (with wheat). At lunch I had a few small sandwiches with wheat.

    I don't know why but I just felt like it. Honestly I have not eaten gluten in probably 6 months. However the past few weeks this is the 2nd time I have dabbled.

    So far I don't feel anything. No GI compaints. No mood complaints... at least yet. I'll give it a few more days before eating gluten.

    I would hate to think I made this whole thing up somehow. But I remember "testing" this before with, it seems, real symptoms...

    Maybe I would need to eat gluten for a few more days to get a reaction. But why is that?

    I also am confused if I'm getting villi damage or not. Ugh I'm at work gotta go.

  7. You probably still need more months to heal your villi if thats the cause of your issues.

    Since I've started taking large doses of B6/zinc (plus some magnesium and sublingual B12)... I feel way better mentally... kinda like taking an SSRI is how it feels to me in some ways.

    I find personally dairy "seems" to make a difference...although its kinda subtle. It doesn't make me depressed in the way that gluten does... but it makes me feel very like... apathetic/numb/etc...

    You may have a leaky gut because of the gluten, combined with not enough food enzymes to digest the dairy proteins (because of the lack of villi-where the enzymes come out (if i'm right about that)) .. so what is happening is you are intaking through your leaky gut undigested morphine-like dairy proteins...

    That is just from what I have read on the net and here.

    So try eliminating dairy. It may be easier to get on a high dose of B vitamins. Read my sig its what works for me. It was really hard to get off dairy before getting my serotonin in line (from the B vitamins"... because i was addicted to the opiate effect of dairy... it helped me stay more calm but at the expense of my mental functioning it seemed.

    Ahhh its all such a big mess...but I do feel better now.

    Hope that might help.

  8. Yeah, I also have similar bad feelings if accidentally glutenized. My main relief is that I stop having unwanted sexually compulsive fantasies. For this alone I wd do this diet, even thouzgh I do not want to test myself because for that I shd eat some bread. And I dont want that. Geokozmo

    Maybe u have those feelings to sort of try to pep you up out of the zombiefied state you are in when glutened...?

  9. Maybe there definitely is something either eating your food before you get it, or that you don't have much villi to absorb your own food... I think the key is how does it look when the food comes out the other side you know what I mean? I'm not an expert though maybe some other people can chime in.

    I just started this thing where I only eat if I'm hungry. I find that alot of the time I was eating before was just because I was bored/tired/looking for pleasure/etc etc.

    But now when I finally -do- eat, I enjoy my food so much more. And I just feel better now this way. I think its good too, because it gives your body time to really clean up after itself after it digests a meal...instead of shoving more food inside of you... you would think after awhile the body wouldn't have enough time to clean itself back up if you are always eating.

    Take Care

  10. Well if our small intestines are damaged we will not be absorbing some of these vitamins.

    I was just reading about a condition today called Pyroluria. The basic idea is that because of a genetic malfunction, people of this nature lose lots of B6 and zinc...causes many issues notably anxiety.

    But I wonder how much anxiety in general is just caused by not being able to absorb it in the first place.

  11. Did anyone else get withdrawal symptoms coming off dairy?

    I don't feel too bad, but I'm wondering if I'm getting some anxiety...

    In other words, I'm not sure if the situation I am in, should be giving me so much anxiety... like if its real, or if its because I'm withdrawing from dairy.

    I wish I could tell because...well... I'm trying to make decisions on something and the anxiety is telling me one thing...


  12. Well strange... you know I never did have GI symptoms with gluten (or so I can remember)...

    But it wasn't until I really tried cutting it out, that I started having GI symptoms..

    Today is my first day pretty much away from dairy, and I have to say... it seems like everything seems more real to me. Like, I was watching a movie and it was so rich...the emotions/feelings... watching Across the Universe. I felt like I could relate to everything... fear, sadness, happiness, anticipation...

    I also noticed more energy today...like physical.

    So now I'm wondering if its just true that for some reason I have become addicted to the casomorphines or something...

    I'll keep reporting more. In some ways, I feel like a fog is sorta clearing...but I'm not sure if thats the yerba mate or not...although I haven't had much of the yerba, and I had it before when eating dairy so... Anyways this new experience of life is interesting...

  13. I think dairy makes me very zoned out from the world. I guess...like it makes me not care or be aware so much of other's feelings.

    Maybe if I have a leaky gut I absorb way more of the opiate-type chemicals than most people? I don't know. I do know though, that when my sister takes Oxycotin (sp) (for pain) I notice she becomes less aware of other people's feelings...

    And I wonder if that is how I get... hmmm

    We shall see... I'm kinda hoping a fog will sorta lift.

  14. Thx everyone :)

    I've decided to cut it out. Today is my first day. I'll report back if I notice anything neat... i was craving it a bit today...but I KNOW tomorrow will bring the biggest cravings, and i'll probably be somewhere on the internet looking for logical rationalizations on why its okay. Right now I'm cutting it out mainly because of the estrogens and stuff. But I think I may have other issues with it. We'll see...

  15. Okay lets pretend:

    you were out in the wilderness away from all artificial lighting. within a few days you would be sleeping at night... you would start feeling sleepy near sunset, and waking with the sun at sunrise!!

    the light controls our hormones...

    we are built for it...

    so i would say, go to lowbluelight.com and order one of their lights, to flick on at the same time everynight. preferably before 9 pm... or just use a candle.

    do not use any other type of light..and make sure your room is dark...

    and here is the ticker!

    every morning when you wake up, go outside and look in the direction of the sun for 1-2 minutes.

    the earlier it is, the easier it is to look towards the sun. if its too late then just sorta look at the sky in the other direction. try to focus on letting that light energy go into your eyes.

    Let me know how it works for u. i've been researching/experimenting with this stuff for so long... all the posts above are just rehashings of anything else you've find on internet.

    IE people don't really know! sorry its just the truth.

    Why take melatonin...you end up telling your body to stop producing its own. Plus your body can make its own if there is no "blue" spectrum of light present.

    check out photoperiodeffect.com

    read Lights Out

    but for me the key is the sungazing. thats just me. thanks

  16. Well it got me thinking...

    If we have leaky guts...

    Then we probably are absorbing caffeine from coffee much more than lots of other people... so we end up with more circulating levels of caffeine in our bloodstream...

    I think one reason people drink caffeine is because it has a purging effect on the intestines... If you can imagine an intestinal tract being really bogged down by slow digestive...putrifying waste.. just sitting there...

    Then you drink a good hot cup of coffee...it forces your intestines fecal stuff to just get moving and move along...so we are constantly moving that along with caffeine.

    But with people with leaky guts, is it possible we are just absorbing more caffeine? It seems to be my experience personally.

    It seems for whatever reason... some of us have digestive systems that are just not functioning as good as they can. So I think our food doesn't move through us as well. It may sit around longer. We probably produce more toxic waste products from fermentation and putrification of waste...which compounds problems and could be the cause of some of our symptoms.

    Oh yes...plus with damaged villi we don't produce as much digestive enzymes to break the food down so it ends up fermenting/putrifing easier, is my guess... feeding bad stuff...

    I started food combining a few weeks ago and I notice my entire digestive system is doing better. Its just another small step in the game I think though. I wish, I wish, I wish... we could somehow see through our bodies into our guts...and watch food as it makes it way through us. Can you imagine what insight we could gain from this????? To see the effect of different foods...different food combinations... effects of cooked vs. raw dairy... and see how it moves through us... if it gets stuck/slowed down...

    and compare this with children, adults, people with different dis-eases...celiac etc etc...

    At least plumbers have the ability to open up the tubes and see whats going on. Its like we are blind to our tracts... We just have to rely on signs and symptoms to gather data on what is happening inside...

  17. Here is something interesting!

    I was googling a bit and came across a few studies they did on cows.

    Here is one:


    Anyways, basically (from what I read) it appears they found feeding the cows soy damaged the villi greatly. Also feeding them just a milk-substitute with casein caused the villi to change, although not necessarily damaged completely.

    I can't wait for more of these studies to come out.

    But with that particular link I posted, after they started feeding the calves the normal milk (what type of milk? raw? pasteurized?) the villi returned to normal looking villi within 2 weeks.

    Thats really good news! Of course these are baby cows too...

  18. I wish there were actually people doing studies to see how dairy blunts villi etc etc. Anyone have any real links? As much as I want to believe it, where is the proof???

    I seem to find, that if I eat dairy...but I drink wine everyday...the wine seems to flush out anything that is gooey in my intestines. But how can I prove that? Well its just from observing myself.. I don't know.

  19. I'm not sure if I have issues with dairy. I think I may, but not sure. If you had issues with dairy would it be obvious??

    I started eating ice cream about a month ago, and noticed I digested it fine. So I started eating it more and more. Recenlty it got to the point I had to have it everyday...and usually I would have 1 quart a day at a time. Sometimes 1.75 quarts...

    But it was so good. And it was my only source of carbs (the rest of the day I would just eat good meat/veggies...some fruit)

    But recently I was wondering if maybe I should really cut it out for 2 weeks to see if it makes a different in my general mood?

    I don't feel depressed...but I think I struggle with anxiety...wonder if it could somehow mess with that. I seem to remember times in my life when I was against all dairy (for whatever reason) and I was doing better...

    But is it so insidious that it affects you even without you knowing it? I seriously felt huge withdrawals today from ice cream....HUGE. I find that odd.

  20. Sounds like a predicament...

    From what I have read...its basically that you just don't want to eat things that feed candida...

    But there are many different theories too...

    You could try those capriyllic acid (sp) caps...and eliminating certain foods like Rice Guy mentioned.

    I thought I might have been struggling with it the last month... i started just eating raw garlic cloves...and in a few days I felt different. But I also pretty much stopped eating even rice or yams. So basically I was just eating fruit, meat, and veggies.

    How fun is this!! I think its way funner than a pizza party. Yep.

    but seriously...for some reason i feel better now. i've been getting tons more sleep but also my life-stress level has gone down considerably recently.

    I wish you the best of luck and keep asking questions !!!!!

  21. RiceGuy, have you read any of DogtorJ's stuff??

    I just checked out that link...

    See DogtorJ takes that all further and goes to show that gluten is like 30% glutamic acid by weight...and how soy/corn/casein also have glutamic acid in them..

    dogtorj.net, check out the GARD article..

    Right now i'm trying again to cut out all dairy, meat, eggs etc...that were fed any soy, corn, or grains. This is going to be SO fun...haha..but if I don't give it 2 weeks I might be shooting myself in the foot if it works and I never tried.