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  1. Ooh, good point. Thanks for pointing that out. And about Method - Yes, it is sold at Target. I LOVE the unusual scents and they aren't full of all the harsh chemicals you find in many cleaners - oh, and they work good too . Especially the kitchen cleaners (they come in a few scents) and...
  2. Wow, thanks guys! Yardley and Method? I love those! I called Method months ago and they never got back to me. It's good to know they're gluten-free too. And Yardley is very cheap around here, very nice. I also found out that Playtex, Baby Magic products (lotions, soaps) are gluten-free...
  3. Oh, that's good news then. I never got a reply from the manufacturer and I've been dying to use this natural toothpaste I used to like. thank you!
  4. Is this a gluten-free ingredient? Or is it a general term that could be used for different ingredients - like, wheat gluten perhaps? Thanks -donna
  5. I am wondering if anyone knows of any soaps (bar or liquid) that are gluten-free OTHER THAN Soaftsoap, Irish Spring, Palmolive, and Neutrogena. Thanks, -donna
  6. anyone know if domino sugar is gluten-free? thanks -d