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  1. I'm going to answer my own post! It turns out that "Westwood" was a typo. The correct name of the company is West-Ward and their Prednizone is indeed gluten-free. Also gluten-free is the brand Mutual, and lastly, as I stated in the previous post, also gluten-free is the brand Roxane. Cheers!~
  2. Hi there, I am trying to determine what manufacturers (if any) carry Prednizone that is gluten free. So far I have found that Roxane Laboratories certifies that its Prednizone is gluten-free, however, there is not a pharmacy in my area that carries it. Another pharmacy carries Westwood brand, but it contains sodium starch glycolate and the source is not known. Watson brand cannot say if it is gluten-free or not. This is very frustrating. This is the second time this month I try to obtain a gluten-free medication from a pharmacy and no one can answer what should be a very important piece of information. The good news is that I've read Prednizone can actually help with Celiac symptoms, so perhaps it doesn't even matter if it is gluten-free or not (?) Thanks~
  3. Hi, My daughter wants to get modelling clay for Christmas - not the kids stuff like play dough. Does anyone know if there are any gluten ingredients added to professional modelling clay? Or are there so many different kinds that I'd have to call around? Are the ingredients always the same? Thanks~
  4. Good to know, thanks, b/c the manufacturer of the multi I used to take went out of business.
  5. Yeah, I haven't considered that enough (organic foods). I really ought to start doing that.
  6. I could definately add some variety to those things. I'm such a scheduled person - I like to have the same things every day, every week. Probably not healthy though. What is turmeric like? What do you use it on? I have to be careful about sugar b/c of my low-blood sugar problem. I pretty much avoid it aside from an occasional bit of fruit before a meal or 1 piece of chocolate after my supper. Things are fine in that department, thankfully! Thanks, Riceguy!
  7. Mtndog, that is so true. I wish I had more time on my hands to do that. I miss convenience foods like canned soups and microwave meals. I need lots of protien too and I tend to eat a lot of lunchmeat, jerk and nuts between meals. Love tomato juice, but I think Campbells is not as good as V8. I get hungry between meals a lot (I have low-blood sugar issues...)so I fill between meals sometimes with chips and salad too - but salad dressing may be a problem too (I don't always use Kraft - sometimes I just check the label and hope for the best with like a generic brand). I'll check out those supplements - thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! Guess I've been away a while. Nice new look to the board! I'm just curious what kinds of supplements people take that may be beneficial for Celiacs. I only take Calcium and Vitamin C and occasionally I drink 8 oz of Aloe a day (when I can afford to get it...). Just curious what other people do. My main concern is with future possible cancer. I want to do everything I can to avoid it b/c I know I am often contaminated. I follow labels but some things still cause problems - often, I believe, b/c of contamination issues during processing. Sometimes it takes trial-and-error to determine just how gluten-free something is. So, with that in mind, I am looking for supplements that would promote healing and discourage cancer. Maybe antioxidents? Maybe some other natural foods? Thanks~
  9. Looked for the Dora cereal this weekend and couldn't find it yetl. Haven't checked everywhere though. I won't try the Kix for the same reason I never have him the Gorilla Munch: Worried the little balls will get swallowed without being chewed. Amazon has the Dora cereal but I don't want to buy 12 without even trying 1. Btw, I did find confirmation that Enjoy Life has stopped manufacturing the Perky Os (all flavors) cereals. Too bad too b/c they were the most baby-friendly, gluten-free cereal I'd ever found
  10. LOL! I see.. Well, glad I read it again
  11. OH! I didn't see that part. Never thought about soaking them. That might do it - thank you!!
  12. Yeah.... they are yummy and I like them better too! But not so good for baby....
  13. Ah ha. I do believe that is the first one I tried and they were just too hard for him. Cheerios break apart easily when you bite them. But thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Honey Kix? Like, regular (not specialty gluten-free) brand? It's gluten-free? Never tried it. and the Dora is gluten-free too? I had no idea there was anything gluten-free at the regular market. I need to come by here more often! Thanks! Now, neither of them are too crunch? They break up fairly easily?
  15. Hmmmm.... I thought I tried that one, but maybe not. It's not real cruchy? It has to break up easily like a real cheerio - he chokes easily.