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    I run a parenting and pregnancy website called www.ourbirthclub.com

    I love being a mommy!! And learning everything about this disease that I can.
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    Lafayette, La
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. AmyandSabastian


    Check out my last post "Moms With Young Kids, need imput" and it will explain it better.
  3. Well I am so excited to report all is well here. Sabastian got his first 2 teeth and has been LOVING gluten. He is his normal happy self. Bowels and tummy have never been better. He ate cheerios, vanilla wafers, bread and bagels, I mean...
  4. AmyandSabastian

    Moms With Young Kids

    Well I did it. I took him off his diet. It has been 5 days now. All bowels are fine, no bloated belly, not cranky as long as he is on motrin for teething. (2 came in last night!!!) I might be leaving this board. I have many mixed emotions...
  5. AmyandSabastian

    Some Advice

    Well man I have some updates for you. In this one Sabastian got his first 2 front bottom teeth this week!!! He is doing great and has become a wonderful biter!! All symptoms are gone. YAY.
  6. AmyandSabastian

    Moms With Young Kids

    No it's the Center of Celiac Disease Research Center in Chicago. Oh and I was told NOT to got to Enterolab because no one will read there results and that they dont share the way the process the results. I dont know I am lost.
  7. OK where do I start? Well I was told to contact the center of research for celiac disease's office for a little care packet they send if you ask for information, so I did. Well when I told her my story she asked if Sabastian has had a biopsy...
  8. AmyandSabastian

    Some Advice

    No he MIGHT be teething, but no redness or swelling so I havent even thought he was. But because of his age everyone says "Oh he must be teething"
  9. AmyandSabastian

    Some Advice

    I forgot to mention one thing, and this may sound stupid. I have noticed that his little nose is rosey. Just the tip but it has been red. Isnt that weird?
  10. I am so needy lol. But I trust all of you so much. I am not sure if I need to be posting this on my website or here. I have no idea if it celiac disease related or not. Here I go: When Sabastian went gluten-free in May we saw night and...
  11. AmyandSabastian

    Got A Quick Question

    Thank you so much. The avatar was easy to make. You have to resize the images and then enter them into an animation program. I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 which comes with Animation Shop. You can download it for a "free" trial from there website...
  12. Well my son has been gluten-free for 3 months. My husband and I are getting tested through Enterlab as soon as we can afford the test. We decided to go gluten-free also so the house would be 100% safe for our son. We its been 6 days and...
  13. AmyandSabastian

    Sams Club

    Funny you should post this I sent them an email last week, still have not gotten a responce. Lets rally up and send a bunch!!
  14. AmyandSabastian

    Hornsby's? Blue Bell

    I ended up called Blue Bell and they mailed me a WHOLE page of thier gluten-free ice creams. WOW you dont even have to give up the cameral ones!! YAY
  15. Bridget, Oh gosh I am blushing. I was soooo scared. I cried and cried thinking this was the worst thing that could happen to my little man. Food?? Its just food!! I can work around it. I am making little books for family for safe items...