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  1. I am looking for an all purpose flour mix. Something I could use in replace of wheat flour. I am trying, and yes I said the word TRYING to bake again. I have all these wonderful recipes I know could maybe work if I had something to just replace the flour part. Maybe combining a few of them together with the gum?? I am not sure where to start on this. And ideas? Thank you.
  2. AmyandSabastian


    Hi my name is Amy. I am 25. I live in Louisiana. My son was dx'ed 2 months ago and has been gluten-free since. He is 8 months old right now. My husband Bryan (26) and I are in the mist of getting tested too. I just love this place too!! As for me I own a website for mothers and pregnant women. I stay at home with my son. My husband is an engineer. And we are going to start trying for number 2 soon.
  3. I am jumping up and down right now. I am almost in tears. I am sooooooo glad you decided to try the diet! I cant tell you how happy I am for you and never have met you. Congrats!! Super Congrats. I am so happy he is feeling better. Stick to the diet!! Who knows what will come next. Read and learn as much as you can. I am still contacting manufactors, still emailing and calling. Still researching. I havent slipped in a long time and Sabastian is as healthy as ever. He doesn't look like a potato and is reaching normal weight levels. And at 7 months he took 3 steps yesterday!!!! So, I wish you luck. If you need any help please post!!
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    Starting Out

    Welcome to the group. I was where you were 8 short weeks ago, wow how times flys. I have a 7 month old son that has celiac disease. I thank god everyday that I found out so soon, he was regressing and losing weight and it could have been real bad if we let it go any longer. plus he was in so much pain everyday. Step one is done sweetie, you have found the probelm, I promise it all gets better after this. The feelings you are going through are so normal and I still fight with them, as my husband and I are going gluten-free in 2 weeks. I am cleaning out pantrys and freezers and bawling at the same time. Some people suggest your house goes gluten-free and some do not. I chose to so I wouldnt have to tell my son no in his own house and also for the health of my family as my husband and I are in the middle of testing our selves. Whole Foods is my savor!! I have to drive 2 hours to get to one and I do it every 2 weeks. Another savor to me is this board. This board is full of wonderful people that are so know so much about it. I feel so comfortable asking and talking about anything with them. They still help me through this journey daily. Now since I am so new to this I can't help you too much except tell you I am willing to listen anytime. I understand how hard this is and will be for life. Again welcome and good luck. Amy
  5. AmyandSabastian

    Hornsby's? Blue Bell

    So hornsby is a no? Man I looked at that label over and over. I love hornsby and I swear I thought I did good on that purchase. Well I will email both Hornsby and Blue Bell. I was being lazy. And yes I was talking about the ice cream. I know about Ben and Jerry's but hubby doesnt feel like they compare. Thank you Richard!
  6. Pops were the one where wheat was added in January. Just to clear the air.
  7. AmyandSabastian


    My son and my husband have severe reflux and have been on Prevacid since the day it has come out. They were on Zantac first with no help. We also have bottles of Roliads around the house at every turn.
  8. Thank you Dana!! Makes me feel so good. Honestly I am getting pretty good at this!! I havent slipped in 4 weeks now. Not one time. He has been such a happy baby. Life is WONDEFUL. He is super advanced now. He is crawling, talking (mama, nana (grandma), daddy, baba, ouch, hi), trying to WALK, push walking anything he can find, eating with hands like a champ (sweet peas!!!)standing alone for a few seconds, taking two steps. Now mind you he is ONLY 7 months old. Gluten free has saved me from the loney ben!! I wish you all luck, no matter how hard it seems to stick to this diet, take it from me and Sabastian, ITS WORTH IT and you can do it. Oh, and ALWAYS trust your motherly instint!!
  9. Well my story is like most. Sabastian was cranky from day 1 and was labeled colic and never grew out of it. I went from Doc to doc and finally got some answers. He has been gluten-free for (wow) 8 weeks and what a world of difference. He was regressing, had silent reflux, pooping probelms from day 1, on and on and on. My husband and I are waiting for our kit from Enterlab and we are thinking we are postive too. I am 25 and I have had IBS since 4 and I have athritis. Hubby has many probelms too.
  10. AmyandSabastian

    Recipes For Breadmakers

    Same here. I have a breadmaker and I have had VERY bad results. Of course I cant make normal bread either. lol So recipes would be nice. Anyone know of any? Do you prefer to use a machine or the oven? What flour is better for breads?
  11. Hi welcome to the board. My name is Amy and I have a 7 month old Sabastian who has celiac disease. I am also new but I can offer what I have learned. I am looking for new mommies to chat with, with young babys. There arent many of us. amycopeland@ourbirthclub.com Amy and Sabastian
  12. AmyandSabastian

    For Women Cd Suffers Only.....

    I also have the same probelm. I am glad someone mentioned this. One thing about the ovulation. It took us almost a year to have my little one. We are about to start trying again and I am worring that its going to take forever. We plan on going gluten free Aug 1st. Should I wait for a couple of months of being gluten-free? Or shoudl I start now. I dont chart I count days so I am not sure if I ovualte late or what? Any help on this matter would be apprieated.
  13. Hi I am from South Louisiana and everything we cook has roux in it. I am looking for a recipe for gluten-free roux. I have rice, soy and potato flour. I havent tried anything yet. I am looking for a microwave one if possible. Any ideas would be apprieated! Thank you in advance.
  14. Hi my name is Amy. My 7 month old Sabastian has celiac disease and he has been gluten-free for almost 2 months now. We saw a difference in 3 days and 100% in 10. I hear not all are like that. He also had and still has silent acid reflux. I wish you luck and if you ever want to talk just im me. Welcome to the board. These people are better than angels. They help you through everything.
  15. Ok I am sure you all are getting tired of me. I am so sorry. D day is coming soon (Aug 1st the household is going gluten free) and I need to learn as much as possible in a little over a month. Do you suggest any good sites to visit, books to read, other support groups on line and message boards? And thing for babies? You all have been so helpful already and I thank you so much.
  16. What brands are gluten-free? I am trying out a few brownie recipes and I didnt think if they were gluten free or not. And I am FAILING big time with making bread in my machine. Is making in the oven easier? What is your favorite recipe? I also bought some from Whole foods that tastes like paper. Please tell me homemade is better than that!!!
  17. I think Jello is safe but is Jello brand pudding safe? Anyone know?
  18. AmyandSabastian

    Jello Or Pudding

    Mariann, I just made a box of the pudding with soy milk because my 6 month old cant have cows milk yet. Well it never harden. Its still liquid in my fridge. Too bad he cant use a straw yet. lol I have alot of goats milk too, after I try making it with that I will let you know how it works.
  19. AmyandSabastian

    Gluten-free Hotdogs

    I found this info on this site. Gluten-Free Hot Dogs & Sausages See your ad here! Site Sponsor: * Hot Dogs: o Hillshire Farms, all varieties except their fat-free hot dogs, and smoked sausage all varieties. o Kahn's Beef Franks. o Applegate Farms. o Eckridge (regular franks). o Boar's Head Beef Franks. * Best Kosher Foods Corporation o Best's Kosher (Available at Costco) + Beef Frankfurters + Mild Beef Frankfurters + Beef Dinner Franks + Reduced Fat and Sodium Beef Franks + Beef Knockwurst + Lower Fat Beef Frankfurters + Beef Deli Frankfurters + Lower Fat Beef Knocks + Beef Polish Sausage + Lower Fat Beef Bologna + Beef Hot Polish Sausage + Lower Fat Beef Salami + Beef Bologna + Lower Sodium Beef Salami + Beef Salami + 97% Fat Free Beef Frankfurters + Beef Salami Sticks + 97% Fat Free Beef Salami + Beef Summer Sausage + 97% Fat Free Beef Bologna + Beef Thuringer Sausage + Beef Cocktail Franks + Cooked Corned Beef + Smoked Beef Cocktail Sausage + Beef Frye + Beef Liverwurst o Sinai Kosher + Beef Frankfurters + Beef Dinner Franks + Beef Deli Frankfurters + Beef Knockwurst + Beef Polish Sausage + Beef Bologna + Beef Salami + Lower Fat Beef Franks + Cooked Corned Beef o Wilno KosherBeef Bologna + Beef Salami o Shofar Kosher + Beef Frankfurters + Beef Knockwurst + Beef Hot Franks + Lower Salt & Lower Fat Beef Franks + Beef Cocktail Franks + Beef Bologna + Beef Salami + Beef Polish Sausage + Cooked Corned Beef + 9 Contains Modified Potato Starch 9 + 97% Fat Free Salami + 97% Fat Free Bologna * Oscar Mayer o Beef Franks o Beef Franks, Jumbo o Beef Franks, Bun Length Brand o Ring Bologna, Wisconsin Made o Smokies Sausage o Smokies, Beef o Smokeis Sausage, Little madew ith pork and turkey o Weiners, made with turkey and pork o Weiners, Little made with pork and turkey o Weiners, Bun length brand made with turkey and pork o Weiners, Jumbo made with turkey and pork + Big & Juicy Brand # Beef Franks, Deli Style # Hot 'n Spicy Wieners # Smokie Link Wieners
  20. Now I have only been doing this for a month now and my eye for labels isnt right just yet. So I am asking first. Does anyone know if Pops are safe?
  21. AmyandSabastian

    Doc In Lafayette La?

    Has anyone found a good doctor in Louisiana?
  22. I drove 2 hours to get there, since there only one city in Louisiana that has one. When I walked in I swear I was in gluten-free heaven!! They even had gluten-free mac and cheese, all ready made bread, PIZZA, cereal, cookies, crackers, omg you name it. My husband and I decided that we will go once a month just to shop. Who ever told me about this place I call heaven a big thank you from Sabastian. I even got him some noodles that he LOVES to slirp up. If you could have seen the look on his face when his daily snack wasnt the same old rice crackers that is all I could find. He LOVED them. So big thank you from Sabastian and a happy mommy!!!
  23. AmyandSabastian

    Kellogg's Pops

    thank you for the bad news. Any other common rice or corn cereals safe?
  24. one more thing. I was wondering if you could email me. I would love to talk to you. I dont want to post my number on the forum so I would prefer to do it through emails. Hope to hear from you soon.
  25. I have to talk to you. You story sounds JUST like mine. EXCEPT my son is 6 months. We caught it early and I thank god everyday for that. We are at the stage where he stop developing, laughing, smiling, sitting up etc. About the same time as we introduce oatmeal and bitter snacks. He was also breastfed and due to a lack of milk I had to put him on formula. After a month of gas, stomach and pooping probelms we switched him to Nutriemgen (hypoallergnetic foumla) and all was well again. Until we started solids. Oatmeal!! I am crying just reading your story and what could have happened to my son. My sugesstion is to go gluten free. My doc told me to do a 10 day wash out period and call them with the changes. And of course they were drastic. In 2 weeks time he caught up on all of his milestones and surpassed the next months. it has been 4 weeks for us. And only because of my mistakes have I had any more probelms. I wish you luck and god bless.