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  1. One more thing, alot of professionals say that external gluten cannot affect DH, my experience is that is does, and for me it did. Once I eliminated things like lotion wit HWP for exemple, I saw immediate improvement. I did also take Dapsone, but that seemed to make things worse...
  2. Clan thompson has a list to start with. this website has a list of health and beauty products,www.cpsmeticdatabase is a good resource to search by producr. www.celiacsyndrome has a not ssafe list which is good. Delphi forums is another place to look for lists of safe stuff...Hope this helps Barbie gluten-free
  3. I experienced this and found that I had to eliminate all external products containing wheat or HWP. I started with soaps, shampoos and rinses, cosmetics, toothpaste. Incidently I have read that people with DH are sensitive to floride. I still have flair ups when I get glutenated unknowingly, but am much better...good luck Barbie gluten-free
  4. I too have found this bread, and went crazy for it. I buy 3 or 4 loaves at a time. The first time I brought it home, I thought Udi's had mislabeled the package.
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