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    I love to sing and act. and i love cooking!

  1. I think the Kinnickinnick ones are best.....I gave one to both my husband and to my son and neither one realized it wasn't the "real" thing. I tried the Midel ones but didn't like them as much.

    Also....Kinnickinnick makes a fabulous "animal" cookie type cookie....I forget what they call it but it's on their website. Super crispy and actually better than the real animal crackers, which I love. Unfortunately, the first ingredient is sugar so they're not so good for you, but boy do they taste good. :D

    Thank you!

    do you know, can you buy the kinnickinnic at a store or if you have to get them off line?


  2. I love the k-too's so does my gluten eating inlaws. I made an oreo sundae for them. Crushed oreos (1 1/2 packages) with 1/2 cup butter melted mixed and spread on a 13 by 9. Then vanilla softened ice cream, then 1 1/2 jars of smucker's hot fudge sauce on top of that, cool whip on top of that and the last of the oreos crushed sprinkled on top. They loved it!

    Thank you all who replyed. I am really excited to try these now!


  3. sometimes oats can have a little wheat, if they're packaged and whatnot. they do stuff like that.

    since you've just started having celiac, i'd suggest you stick to things without ANYTHING AT ALL.

    pretty much stick to meat, vegetables, nuts, stuff like that and things like rice cakes and other things that don't have any things you could possibly be allergic to. :( then, after all the wheat gets out of your system, you should start trying stuff a little bit at a time. maybe oats one week, then something else another week. it works best that way. track your reactions and stuffs

    and also look into other things you might be allergic too. for example, i'm not only allergic to wheat, i also can't have any milk products. i also tend to stay away from egg and soy, though they don't really have as much of a negative effect on me as milk or wheat.

    oh yes, i'd contact the companies of the food you eat to make sure they're free of wheat. sometimes there's contamination. you wouldn't believe some of the things that are contaminated!

    Than k you,

    Thats a good idea, i really hope i'm not allergic to anything else...

  4. i have some issues with addictions. i'll stick to the diet for a while, and then randomly i'll eat something i shouldn't when i'm not paying attention. then i realize it's bad and i KEEP eating it because well... it's addicting.

    like recently i ate a jawbreaker i couldn't have. then, even after i realized it, i kept eating it in secret because it was addicting. not like it tasted good so i kept eating it, it was like a drug or something i just had to eat it. it's hard to stop, it's like you don't feel good unless you have it. but it's not like that before you eat something, its like that after you've eaten it. i can't really explain it.

    does anyone know what i mean?


    I have a question, are you symptomatic? because i know how you feel like you would still eat it and all, but i'm to scared to eat anything because i'm scared of getting sick.

  5. hey! well, i'm new to the forum and to celiac, and i was hoping to meet some other people who would actually get it... i mean, my family's really nice about everything, but i've only been gluten-free for 5 days, and i already feel like i'm just causing a bunch of problems for my family... :(

    they've bought a lot of gluten-free food already, and some of it's really good, but i miss normal food! plus, i always feel guilty when some of the food tastes really bad cuz it's expensive... anyone who knows what i mean?


    WOW i've been gluten free for 4 days and i feel the same way. I'm new here too. I tried these cookies and there good but i want real ones, oh and the bread and all the bread stuff is so dry i want to dip it in something. but i wouldn't tell my parents because like you said it's so expensive!

    hope things clear up with your family!

  6. Hi there-

    Just looking for some of your suggestions because I am thinking of eating gluten on purpose to see what happens.

    I was diagnosed by enterolab and have been gluten-free 4 months and CF for 2 months. I have had years of ill health and it took me going around and around with doctors to finally figure out what it was. This was due to my symptoms: constipation (only started a year ago), chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, and irritability. Based on these symptoms for years and years, no one including me looked at food allergies.

    Anyway, I also am hypothyroid so I was focusing on that, too. So since cutting out gluten and dairy, I am no longer constipated and I fall asleep better, but I am still so tired with no energy at all. I am so irritable. I am not sure if this is due to me just needing time to heal from this or if I am somehow getting in small amounts of gluten and I don't know it. I am considering just eating some pizza so I can gauge what symptoms I would have so I would know if I'm getting cross contamination or not. I also know this isn't wise because I am trying to heal, but don't know if the fatigue and irritability are still there because I'm getting it in without knowing it. Any helpful suggestions?

    Hi there,

    I really think that you should not eat the pizza or any other food with gluten. I was just diagnosed with celiac and my Doctor told me the other day it will probably take six months for me to feel re-energized and not tired. so just wait a little longer. oh and while your waiting make sure of things like using your own knife on your bread, have your own peanut butter jar and butter, use the toaster first and wipe it off before you use it. just little things like that!

    hope you feel better soon