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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thank you! do you know, can you buy the kinnickinnic at a store or if you have to get them off line? ~Laura
  3. Thanks again for the site! ~Laura
  4. Thank you all who replyed. I am really excited to try these now! ~Laura
  5. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me, I just found out I have celiac and I really want some oreo's. Does anybody know of a Gluten free cookie that is like an oreo? even if it's a recipe I'll take it! Thanks ~Laura
  6. Than k you, Thats a good idea, i really hope i'm not allergic to anything else...
  7. Thank you all. that really helps! ~Laura
  8. Hi I have a question, are you symptomatic? because i know how you feel like you would still eat it and all, but i'm to scared to eat anything because i'm scared of getting sick.
  9. Hi, I was just told (well christmas eve) that I have celiac. I really like quaker oat rice cakes and don't know if they'll make me sick... has anyone had them and not felt sick? ~thanks Laura
  10. Hi! WOW i've been gluten free for 4 days and i feel the same way. I'm new here too. I tried these cookies and there good but i want real ones, oh and the bread and all the bread stuff is so dry i want to dip it in something. but i wouldn't tell my parents because like you said it's so expensive! hope things clear up with your family!
  11. Hi there, I really think that you should not eat the pizza or any other food with gluten. I was just diagnosed with celiac and my Doctor told me the other day it will probably take six months for me to feel re-energized and not tired. so just wait a little longer. oh and while your waiting make sure of things like using your own knife on your bread, have your own peanut butter jar and butter, use the toaster first and wipe it off before you use it. just little things like that! hope you feel better soon
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