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    My first love is and will always be Border collies.. then cooking, gardening, gluten-free beer. I enjoy teaching people how to communicate with their dogs (i.e. train) using positive methods only, my personal training "focus" is on dog therapy and agility training. I am a huge promoter of local and whole/slow seasonal food purchase and consumption and try to personally only buy products that have been grown or produced within 75-100 miles of my home.... add that to the challenge of being a gluten free vegetarian, lol! ( I am however "flexible" when it comes to certain categories such as hard cider, meade and gluten-free beer, and Bob's Red Mill products .. lol!) I am just so happy to finally feel well enough to enjoy my life again!
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  1. I am planning a 6 day hike on the Appalachian Trail and am looking for food suggestions that can be cooked with boiled water, supply the necessary calories AND doesn't weigh a ton. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions? You need to look into what the "Breadless Horseman" Aka Gordon Jenkins...