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  1. It's not from detergent. We've been using the same stuff (Dreft) since she was born. We saw the pedi GI specialist yesterday. He says all signs point to milk protein allergy--not celiac's. He says she hasn't been exposed to enough gluten. He says either do TED or try alimentum. I bought a small container of alimentum, and it smells TERRIBLE. I don't see how she will drink this stuff.
  2. I'm sorry. I think I confused some people. The ped said she was milk protein intolerant, not lactose intolerant. Yes, I am sure I have been consuming gluten. When I first started eliminating dairy, I ate a lot of turkey on wheat sandwiches. She was still pretty fussy, which I attributed to her reflux. I would like to avoid formula, but I feel like I must be eating something that is hurting her. I have not yet tried a total elimination diet, but that's partly because it has been so hard for me to eat enough while breastfeeding. I really don't want to lose any more weight. The dr. said the rash seemed to be atypical hives, but she was concerned enough to order a bunch of labs. We still don't have the results back. The only thing we got back is that her erythrocyte sedimentation rate was 44, and it should be between 0-10. The dr. says this just indicates nonspecific inflammation.
  3. Thanks again, all. I am trying to make my way through the thread about the little girl posted above. Wow. That sounds truly awful. I figured out how to post a picture of the rash. Well, maybe not-
  4. Thanks for the responses and info. My guess is that I need to do a total elimination diet and not just dairy elimination to get to the bottom of this. I did try mixing a little nutramigen in with a breastmilk bottle about a month ago when my pumping output was down, and that little rascal tasted the difference and refused her bottle. I haven't tried alimentum yet though. vanillazeis, the dr. actually did diagnose her as milk protein intolerant. This was based strictly on the green mucousy poop with blood. As far as trying gluten, I have noticed that when I eat HealthNut bread, DD is extra fussy. We were very cautious with introducing solids. For the longest time, all she ate was carrots. I will say that the double EIs started after we began introducing solids. The only gluten I know of that she has directly ingested are a few cheerios and gerber multigrain apple vanilla cereal. The rash appeared just after she ate the cheerios and started on the cereal. I don't know how to attach a picture, but it was all over her trunk, under her arms, and on her neck. It looked like raised welts, which I am guessing were hives. The rash is just about gone, but she now has patches of eczema on her elbows and on her leg. So it sounds like the endoscope is really the only way to diagnose? I fully expect this blood work to be inconclusive. Not to be negative, but I know the false negative rate is pretty high in infants. Thanks again for the responses.
  5. Our ped is suspecting celiac's disease as a possibility for DD. How would this present in a 9 mo. old baby? I'll try to make a long story short. She has been pretty miserable since birth. She was diagnosed with reflux and a dairy intolerance (green mucousy poop with blood) at 2 mos., and has been on prevacid solutabs since that time. I have been exclusively breastfeeding DD (I cut dairy out of my diet), and we started solids when she was 7 mos. Since starting solids, I have seen no improvement in her symptoms. She is perpetually fussy. We can't put her down without her crying. Not every night, but a lot of nights, she will cry inconsolably from 9 pm to 2-ish am. This is even with us holding her. It's definitely worst at night. She is fussy but ok in the mornings and during the day. She has had a few things medically that have been weird. She had an unexplained very high white blood cell count, but this went away with two shots of a heavy duty antibiotic. Most recently, she got a horrible rash. When we brought her in, the ped looked at it and listened to a tape of her nighttime crying. She is running a bunch of tests. We won't get most of the results back for a week. Some preliminary results are suggesting inflammation. She wants to send us to a new pediatric GI specialist. What kind of tests should we ask for? I read that the test for celiac's is unreliable in infants. I should add that she is not malnourished. She looks pretty healthy, albeit tiny. She is in the 10th %ile for weight. Also, would she be better off on hypoallergenic formula if I can get her to take it? We are really, really desperate, so any advice/info is very much appreciated
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