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  1. westybls

    Help For My Holiday!

    Hi everybody! Just returned in Italy!!! That wonderful experience! U.S. are really amazing,breathtaking and various landscapes and great people too!! I've done more than 6300 miles between Illinois and California and my experiensce with celiac disease in your country was very good,the most big grocery stores have gluten free food,my favourite store was "Whole Food Market" it has many good products and the self service section,where you can eat healthy salads,is really convenient and usefull!!! I ate a lot of fruit and salads for breakfast and lunch,as snack i really like "Kettle" and "Lays Natural" chips,"Larabar" snacks and "Glutino" cookies and as dinner I ate a lot of good meat!!!! Now I know the names of all types of meat of every restaurants!!!!I can't wait to return to your country to see all the wonderful places that I have not seen!
  2. westybls

    Frankfurt, Germany

    In the center of Frankfurt is a restaurant "self service",you can get a big and healthy salad!! The restaurant is on the top of a big establishment with many shops in the main square. From the restaurant you can see all the city and its skyscrapers! Good luck!!
  3. westybls

    Gluten Free In Chicago

    Hi! Chicago is a fantastic city!!! I ate in "Lou Malnati" pizzeria,in "Weber Grill",in "Outback Steakhouse". They were really courteous with me. But my favorite restaurant in Chicago Was "Fogo De Chao" brazilian steakhouse,some expansive but amazing the best meat I ever eaten!!!
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. westybls

    Help For My Holiday!

    Thanks, other important recommendations! Internet is convenient, it will use often. I'm leaving Italy between 5 hours! Thank you all for your help, now I will survive to my trip! America I'm coming!!!
  6. westybls

    Help For My Holiday!

    Thanks for your great help and advices! We want to go from Chicago to Los Angels the first 20 days,then we want to go towards San Francisco for the other 10 days to visit the famous parks of California!
  7. westybls

    Help For My Holiday!

    I will cross the U.S. from Chicago to San Francisco on the famous Route 66. The website is very convenient and useful, thanks! In wholefood you can eat? GOOD! Thanks for the clarification on biscuits / cookies, I don't knew it!!
  8. westybls

    Help For My Holiday!

    Thanks, then I will stock fruits and nuts! When I arrive in the United States I will seek a wholefood and load the boot of glutenfree products!
  9. westybls

    Help For My Holiday!

    Thanks for your help. I hope to survive in my journey!!!
  10. westybls

    Help For My Holiday!

    Hi,my name is martin and I'm from italy. I'm sorry for my English,it's really scarce!! Between 3 weeks I will go in the U.S. for one month. My trip starts from Chicago and crosses the U.S. with a car rent until the California. What can I eat beyond meat and vegetable? What kind of biscuits or snacks can I buy? And where can I buy it? Thanks!! Martin
  11. Hi,I'm from the north of Italy.Sorry for my scarce english!Here in Italy the celiac disease is enough known,the pharmacy and a lot of shop have a gluten free section. www.celiachia.it this is the site of Italian Celiac society where you can find all the name and adress of the restaurant informed.I hope that you understood my message!
  12. westybls

    U.s. Holiday!

    Hi,my name is Martin and i'm from Italy.Sorry for my english it is really poor!I'm celiac since 2000.I like to travel and here in Italy and in Europe is enough easy to "survive" for me because 2 years ago I bought a small but comfortable van whit kitchen and beds. The next year I want to visit the United States for 1 month whit 2 friends.I want to hire a car in New York,drive towards Chicago and cross all the U.S. territory until arrive in California.I would like to know yours advices and suggestions for my survival in the U.S.!!! Thank you!!!
  13. Hi westybls!

    My mom just told me that she doesn't want me to pm someone that I haven't met face-to-face, but I can still post comments on you profile and stuff

  14. is it true that in Italy all children are tested for Celiac disease by the time they are 6