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  1. See my post about yeast....I had problems with Udi's and other gluten-free breads but I eat all those ingredients regularly in other products, the only common factor was yeast.
  2. Krab, with a K, has wheat in it. Goto the local grocery store and pick up a package of artificial crab, it lists wheat. When we go for Sushi we always order real King Crab meat, the fake stuff will cause problems, real crab will not. Get some Tamari, its wheat free and our Sushi place actually...
  3. I end up meeting a lot of customers at coffee shops for meetings. I personally do not like coffee, but every Starbucks I've been into I've been told that they are not gluten-free by the manager/employee. Nothing that comes out of their equipment is gluten-free including the hot chocolate. The...
  4. There is something funny about Vlasic pickles with me too. I can eat ketchup no problem, horseradish, no problem, and plenty of other grain alcohols and vinegars. I have pickles or things like tartar sauce and I have a problem. I have not tried other brands as of yet. It causes a very unpleasant...