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  1. See my post about yeast....I had problems with Udi's and other gluten-free breads but I eat all those ingredients regularly in other products, the only common factor was yeast.
  2. I end up meeting a lot of customers at coffee shops for meetings. I personally do not like coffee, but every Starbucks I've been into I've been told that they are not gluten-free by the manager/employee. Nothing that comes out of their equipment is gluten-free including the hot chocolate. The...
  3. There is something funny about Vlasic pickles with me too. I can eat ketchup no problem, horseradish, no problem, and plenty of other grain alcohols and vinegars. I have pickles or things like tartar sauce and I have a problem. I have not tried other brands as of yet. It causes a very unpleasant...