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  1. Breyer's and Ben & Jerry's are supposed to be gluten-free unless it says otherwise--like if it has cookies or something. I like Kozy Shack pudding--it's all safe.
  2. I used to work at Dairy Queen and I thought that y'all like to know that, even tho their soft serve is gluten-free, we used to practice making cones (that little DQ swirly thing is hard to master) and then dump the ice cream back into the machine. I don't know if all DQs do that, but you may want to ask to avoid CC. --Heather
  3. I don't know about the lotions you mentioned, but some Bath and Bodyworks hand lotions have barley in them, so be sure to read labels. You can always call the company if you have a question. I am allergic to fragrance and dye so I use Suave sensitive skin lotion and have never had a problem. Oh, and lecithin usually comes from soy or eggs. Really, celiac disease isn't bad compared to many other diseases. Not many can be treated with a change in diet alone! No nasty drugs! (I've got many autoimmune diseases and I really think this one is the easiest, since I don't have to get injections or take pills for it.) And you do get used to it. I can't even remember what real pizza or bread tastes like anymore, and that's good since I'm not pining for them all the time! --Heather
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