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    i LOVE soccor, a good beat like r & b, jazz, hip-hop, also i like exercise, beautiful things, scenery, movies with action, romance or humor and drama too, Love jesus, and like to learn new things.
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  1. Its been 4 months and i have been feeling really bad after i eat. I get dizzy and tired after lunch and especially after dinner. Is this part of Celiac or some other issue. I have had my blood sugar checked before and after eating and it is always perfect, I also had my eyes checked to see if they were fine and all is good there. Im confused?????

    This has been happening to me for the past few weeks. I'm a self-diagnosed celiac. It's been 1 1/2 yrs. My life has drastically changed yet as of January I have felt my best. So, I think my villi are healed. But now I'm dealing with this nausea thing and my doctor also mentioned the hypoglycemia. But I never heard of reactive hypoglycemia like the other post said. Maybe that's it. But for me, I hate the nausea. I rarely get the dizziness unless I have eaten something made in a wheat facility so I try to avoid that. And I noticed that sometimes things claim to be gluten-free but maybe they are only gluten-free when you eat just the recommended serving. (LIke gummy bears that I buy at Walmart - if I eat too many, I'll crash - even though they claim gluten-free.) <_<