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  1. I stopped caring about the way I look. I am 22 and 5'7 and about 155. I need to knock off about 20 pounds total. Over the last few years since diagnosed my weight has fluctuated within that 20 pounds. I have been yo-yo eating/dieting and exercising and I am ready to commit to it for I almost weigh the same as my boyfriend! Scary thought-anyways, I plan on blogging my progress throughout the next few months which I am sure will be a struggle because any time I loose a pound or so I usually reward myself...too much. Enough already. This is my time to do it right so today I begin. Day 1 12/27/2008- I feel good. The heat in my apartment is not working and we are still waiting on a maintenance man to come and fix it. In the cold I managed to shower and get to work today without a problem. Tonight when I go home I will be going to the gym to do some cardio to get back "into" it. The sound of Chads voice in my ears, "I dont think you have it in you anymore" keeps plaguing me. Reminds me of my life before him. I have decided to do this for me though too and I actually want to commit this time. I just need to DO IT. I have a condition and I need to take care of myself! 12:30p (breakfast)- 1/2 banana 1:30p- coffee w/2% milk, carmel popcorn pieces. 3p- yogurt, coffee w/2% milk 5p (lunch)- 2 stuffed peppers, 1 clementine 7p- hot tea 10:30p- 7 tgif potatoe skins, 5 gluten-free chocolate covered almonds, marshmellows, 17 tostitos w/cheese and 2 cups of gatorade 12/28/2008- I had to be up early and didnt sleep right after my run in with the kitchen! Ah--not proud to list all of those bad things I ate before bed last night but I have a feeling tonight will be a lot better. I have to remove my temptations from the house in order to lose the amount of weight I want to and KEEP IT OFF. Chad will just have to deal with it. 10a- cottage cheese and pineapple-1 serving of each and coffe with 2%
  2. I guess it sounded ok to me because I bought a canned chicken soup and it has Yeast Extract in there...does anyone know if this is going to make me sick?
  3. if you get to try the "jolly rancher" jelly beans this easter season it will change your life forever! Best tasting jelly beans EVER!!! ONLY available around this time...every flavor in the bag rocks!!!!!!!!!! I wait for them every year mmmmmmmm
  4. i am on jolessa and love it! I highly recommend it for you...especially if you have a lot of menstral pain. Your going to freak out not getting a period for the first couple months but I promise you get used to it and its a total blessing!!! Good luck -Staci
  5. The Blue Buffalo Co. http://www.bluebuff.com/ This stuff is so easy to find and its GLUTEN FREE, CORN FREE, SOY FREE, WHEAT FREE....you name it! I am so happy im in tears....had so spread the word. -Staci
  6. Bankruptcy?

    I know this is a somewhat depressing topic but my boyfriend has so much debt right now I am desperate to help him. I unfortunately do not have enough of my own funds to take care of it so I want him to look into filing for bankruptcy. I am just looking for some advice on how to start the process or if anyone has been there and can make some suggestions for us. This is a really hard time for us and I just need some help if you can offer it. Thanks all! -Staci
  7. Hey there, I know how it goes. Along with awful cramps and bloating I get bursting ovarian cysts. NOT FUN! I have taken Primrose before but can not remember what for or the effects of it..however I am writing because if your not already; you should get on birth control. I am taking one now that I get a period once every 3 months...its amazing! The name of it is seasonale and it has been a blessing for me. Also, bananas help a ton too! Whenever its that time for me I eat at least two a day...they also have found that bananas actually help you focus and stay calm during tests...I am a student too so I know information like this can be priceless. Good luck and I hope it gets better for you! -Staci
  8. I acutally work in the skincare retail business so I know how important the impact of customer feedback can be-positive or negative. I have fell in love with skincare over the last year and a half and have been doing a lot of thinking about starting a designated "gluten free" (plus some other common intolerences) line...no risks of CC and very effective...to my knowledge there is no one out there doing this so we certainly need it!! Well...let me know what you htink. I graduate college in 2 years so I have some time to think this over... Best, Staci
  9. I've actually never used the stuff but I totally have your back. I sent heather an email myself and will let you know if I hear a response...I can only imagine your diappointment. Well, good luck! -Staci
  10. It is rare that I go an entire week feeling healthy...I was diagnosed Celiac (via bloodtest and biopsy) in 05' since then I noticed an improvement however lately I have had a lot of difficulty functioning. I have constipation for days then diahrea for an entire day usually. I finally convinced my general doctor to send me to someone for help...I saw an allergist who performed a scratch test on my back. (intentionally scratched me with gluten and I pretty much died from anxiety attack ) They finally said it came back completely clear so basically im not allergic to anything I am intolerant to things that are still giving me problems. I know now that they are totally different..my allergist told me that NO TEST CAN TEST FOR INTOLERENCES. I told him about Entero Lab and he basically told me it was a load of crap...I have been back and fourth about the topic because of all the positive feedback I have heard on this site. Anyways, I want to get the best test option for what I need but the test listings are soooo confusing. I know I dont need a test for gluten but....I want a test for everything else haha. good luck. I am going to call my insurance Monday to see if they would be willing to pay a portion of it...otherwise Ill have to wait until I win the lotto...my allergist is trying to send me to see a nutritionist this week but thats $25 copay a visit...pretty steep. Ok-hope my story helps. -Staci
  11. im willing to do the diet but... what elimination diet did u follow?? they all seem to be different to me...
  12. Hi Meg, My name is Staci and I too live in Las Vegas, originally from Ohio. I have been diagnosed for almost 3 years now and have been looking to get involved with the support group here...there is one but getting a hold of them is next to impossible. I am 21 and my boyfriend is 30. He is able to eat gluten but is also (like you) very respectful of my disease. We have been talking a lot about moving in together but I dont know if he really understand what kind of commitment that would be....anyways, I live down by the south point and work at the forum shopps in ceasars. Because I work retail and my boyfriend works at Green Valley Ranch on the night shift our schedules are a little crazy. However, I would love to get together for dinner and compile a group for potlucks! I am also in a desperate search for a Celiac Disease Specialist here in town...if you guys have found someone good please please let me know. Ok, bye for now! So glad I found you!! -Staci
  13. He actually said the words..."thats all BS" in regards to the stool tests done by enterolab. He is an older man so maybe things have progressed since his days in med school....well Thanks for the advice. I also wanted to know what test did u check off to have the intolerences tested...I have already been diagnosed celiac diseasse and have been on a gluten-free diet for almost 3 years. Ok, thanks!
  14. Sorry I cant answer your question but i am toally in the same boat and am desperate for feedback on it....I still dont know what to do and like you said financially it would be better to choose between the two. Aslo, what test on Entrolab should you check offto get done if u are already diagnosed Celiac and on the Glutenfree diet....I want to know intolerences not necessarily allergies. Ok thanks. -Staci
  15. I went to see the allergist doctor today to hopefully help find out why after going gluten-free I am still experiencing regular symptoms (constipation, D, and constant gas!). My scratch test came back completely clear so he explained to me that I am getting sick due to intolerences....then he proceeded to tell me there is no "test" for intolerences and suggested I see a nutritionist. I explained to him that places such as "enterolab" take samples to test for intolerences but he said its a total waste of money and there is no way to test for them other than maybe journaling food intake on an elimination diet. I REALLY dont have the money to spend on both a nutritionist and getting the lab tests done so I have to choose and was hoping anyone could shed some light with their experiences. Also after leaving the tests I have had a terrible cough and my chest feels like its closing a little...could be just a coinsident but could this also be a reaction to something I was scratched with? Please let me know if you can help. -Staci
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