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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. um....garden of eden.....appple? Ok...nobody is going to believe me, but my cat has a mouse in hismouth....going to higher ground!!!!
  3. Gosh ....you eat way healthier than I do! I'm almost jealous. Nothing there sticks out....you just have to read the labels, and watch out for modified food starch (that ones the stinker for me anyway) I'm wondering if you may have some other food allergies. In my case....my stomach always tells me, if I get gluten....I always have horrible stomach problems Before the mouth situation happens....BUT....sometimes when I eat things that are hard and crispy, it kinda irritates my gums. Like for instance tostitos.....they are hard and crunchy...and salty....something like that may make your mouth sore. Or.....a new toothbrush....I opt for a soft toothbrush so I don't take the hide off. Sometimes when you have allergies, your mouth gets achy too......in the spring and fall, I feel like I have a toothache. So anyhoo...keep eating healthy ( I'm still jealous).
  4. Wow...y'all are so brave. I wouldn't eat a miccy d french frie if you paid me a hundred bucks. I'm to scared....I don't trust anyone as far as my food goes. It takes me too long to get better, so I just avoid. But for real.....why would someone ruin a perfectly good potato by adding wheat? I thought french fries were just sliced up potatoes. They just haul off and ruin perfectly good food.
  5. Wow...it sounds like you and Jewi008 have the same thing going on......maybe it is your toothepaste. Maybe you should try just plain old arm and hammer baking soda (it's gluten free) make a paste of it with a little water...it tastes horrible, but I've always heard of people using it. I think we are all becoming private investigators.....there are always mysteries that we are trying to solve. We have to investigate every morsel we pop in our mouths..... I'm really sorry about your chrohn's disease, I have a friend who was diagnosed. I haven't seen her in years, but the last time I did see her, she said she was doing well. Good luck, and I hope your mouth gets feeling better.
  6. It would be easier for you to tell me what your eating. I have a very simple basic diet...no processed foods. Mainly potato's and meat. I never did eat bread, so I don't bother with that tapioca or rice stuff they try to pass off as bread. If I use any condiments...it's only heinz ketchup, or hellmans light mayo. I don't do bottled salad dressings, as something in them upsets my stomach, I'm assuming it's the distilled vinegar (even though they say it's safe) I make my own salad dressing with red wine vinegar. I usually just take a hamburg or 2 hotdogs for lunch at work ( I work 2nd shift) I still have problems with milk products, they upset my stomach, but sometimes ya gotta have that bowl of ice cream...breyers french vanilla. I have become a creature of habit, only eating the same things. If we go out for dinner, we travel the 40 miles to hit outback....they have a gluten free menu. And as for alcohol....I drink redbridge beer, my local distributor stocks it for me (GOD BLESS THEM) For some reason, some things I eat still upset my stomach (not my mouth though) but I don't believe it's from gluten....I think it's just gonna take awhile for my stomach to heal totally. If you are totally positive that your gluten free....maybe you have some other allergy that is causing the mouth shedding and soreness. Another hidden thing I avoid is anything that says modified food starch.....It may be gluten....so I absolutely avoid it all. Hope this helps some
  7. No...I don't have any soreness since being gluten free. I only get gluten accidentally, by assuming something is gluten free.......when first diagnosed, I fell off the wagon, but it takes me way to long to get better, so I am much better about staying away. My heart goes out to you....and I am listening, and I understand and believe you.
  8. YES...my mouth was sore, but not like make me cry pain, more like annoying pain, almost like it was raw. Is your mouth still shedding after going gluten free? And about the Doctors not knowing what your going through...after a huge crying jag to him....he put me on zoloft...lol, but I couldn't take it cuz it hurt my stomach. I went to the Doctors so much, that I actually heard the nurse tell another nurse (about me) that I was there all the time. I'm actually concerned because I've had more catskans (sp?) in 3 years, than anyone is suppose to have for their entire life. The day I got my paper work in the mail, with test results stating that I have celiac disease.....instead of being upset about my lifestyle changing.....I cried like a baby because I found out that my illness WAS real, and had a name.
  9. I'm positive it is not thrush....I never had any white spots, it wasn't sores......it was just shedding, it was like a thin layer of membrane was peeling off my cheeks. I would have to kinda prod it with my toungue, to get it to come off, and where it was attached, it would hurt for a spell after I pulled the skin off. I swear, I asked everyone I knew if that ever happend to them before, and not one soul ever heard of it before. THIS is the first time that anyone has ever validated my problem. I don't know if there were red spots inside my mouth, as I never really looked. But all I know, is that after going gluten free.....it stopped completely.....so, I'm assuming, it had nothing to do with any other factors other than gluten. I never used an inhaler, nor an electric toothebrush....or toothepase with whitening. I'm positive it was gluten, because thats the only variable that changed.
  10. I remember telling my gastro Dr. (before I was diagnosed with celiac) that my mouth was shedding....and he just said "huh......I've never heard of that before, it must be your toothepaste". So then I asked my dentist, and he said the same thing.....it must be your tootepaste. So then I thought maybe the toothepaste was causing all my stomach problems too. At one point, I even thought the water at my home was causing all the problems. Good Lord, at one point I thought someone was trying to poison me..lol. After breaking up with gluten....my mouth has not shed, and I still use the same toothepaste I always did. I did get a water softener installed though, and I'm not accusing my husband of poisoning me anymore.....(heavy sigh) life is good!
  11. OMG......same exact thing!!!!!!!!!! I feel so relieved that someone else had the same problem! My shedding stopped dead nuts as soon as I went gluten free. Thanks, all of a sudden, I'm not alone
  12. By "shedding" I mean like whole layers of skin would peel off on the inside of my mouth and cheeks. It did hurt, but it wasn't like there were sores. I'm curious about the candida infection....what exactly should I be looking for?
  13. Before being diagnosed with celiac....my mouth was shedding it's lining on a daily basis. After going gluten free, it stopped shedding. I was just wondering if anyone else had this same problem. My doctors and my dentist thought I was crazy, heck, I thought I was going crazy. I am just very curious to see if anyone had the same situation, or if I'm the only mouth shedder on the planet.
  14. Ok...lemme get this straight....Nathans bad......are ballpark hotdogs ok? Oh....and, soy sauce, what brands are gluten free, and do I have to special order them? I'm new at this. I'm having trouble with trusting salad dressings also, if someone comes across a yummy ranch dressing, please let me know. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY IS SALAD DRESSING GLUTENED? Can't a girl get a break?
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