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  1. You poor thing! I read your list of ailments! And I complain about GLUTEN INTOLERANCE!!! Forgive my ignorance, but what do you eat?
  2. Our health food store has several versions, most are great! Also try the gluten-free section at Lame Advertisement. I am sure you will find a gluten-free cereal that sounds good to you, there are MANY. Also, do a search on gluten-free grocery guide. There are two different ones I know of. I think I bought mine at a place called triumph dining. It really helps alot and has alot of name brand and store name products listed. Good luck!
  3. Has anyone ever gotten swelling, hives, and bright red cheeks as a reaction to gluten? We are a gluten-free household, but I accidentally bought one jar of gluten containing baby food for my nine month old. I still don't know how that happened! Anyway, she broke out in hives, her face swelled up, and her cheeks are BRIGHT red. My older daughter and I never had those reactions to gluten! I am not sure if she had a reaction or if she is maybe sick...There is nothing else new she has been exposed to. She is also irritable and screamed at me when I touched her belly. She is normally a pleasant child.... Still can't believe I ended up with gluten baby food! Help!
  4. The only problem with not getting a biopsy is that it is harder to get a DR's note. If your Dr is willing to give you one without the biopsy, no problem. You need that Dr note though for both the insurance and school. I made the mistake of going on gluten-free diet before diagnosis, now the insurance won't cover the extra yearly tests and no GI Dr will take my daughter or I. I can't put us back on gluten because part of my many symptoms included seizures.... Anyway, I would check with both docs before deciding for sure!
  5. He needs nutrition, not just calories. Try making some gluten-free bread and spreading humus on it. If he is not kean on garlic, you can add just about any flavor to it and it has a great texture. It has loads of good fat and some nutrition. Also what about spaghetti? I believe Tinkyada is egg free...Some people don't realize that you can finely chop and add just about any vegetable (including spinach and zuccini) to the sauce and not be able to tast it! that would help with his vitamins alot!
  6. It is scary...Ask if you can go with her just to educate yourself on what to feed him and what-not when you have him and to be of support to his MOM. It could take longer for him to feel better just because he had so much going on with his system...Also, when we first started, I couldn't count how many things I thought would be safe because I did not know better and was just plain wrong...The diet takes some getting used to. Reading labels to screen for gluten is in and of itself a very intricate artform!
  7. The only way gluten-free diet really works is to go completely....Even if you give her gluten and she shows no signs, she could still have an increase in inflammation, setting the stage for diseases later in life. What foods is she missing? Maybe I can help with brands that taste good and recipes...some brands just taste awful... Also, are you feeding her the gluten-free counterpart of what you are eating? That could be a problem, too. You may have to eat the same food temporarily...Some children will not eat something different, but will want what their parents have...
  8. If possible, I would really try to keep her on a gluten diet for now and then have your pediatrician refer you to a pediatric GI Doc to have the appropriate tests run. Here's why....We (my daughter and I) went on gluten-free diet because of a roommate who neither her nor her kids could have gluten. It was easier for her kids. I saw MAJOR improvements on myself and my daughter....So we stayed on it. I had major problems with the school system when she started school and I cannot get a GI doc to treat us as Celiac or Gluten Intolerant w/o a positive test result. It is very frustrating....I wouldn't even consider putting us back on gluten for the test; however, because my symptoms included maniac depressive episodes, constant migraines, and seizures! I would be afraid of permanently hurting my daughter....So, anyway, try to get the DR. to check it out first!
  9. You know, all the statistics in the world couldn't help you right now, because they are still just slightly educated guesses. This is still very new as far as accurate research in the medical community. Every expert and doctor seems to say something a little bit different. The proof is in the pudding. I never got a positive diagnosis; however, when I went on gluten-free diet, all my symptoms went away...including manic-depressive episodes, constant migraines, and SEIZURES I was having several time a month!!! Don't just take him off of wheat, but all gluten for a couple of months and see what happens. Also, gluten hides! If you need a more detailed list, let me know....You have to know how to read the label (you have to read the label on everything you think you don't have to worry about) and sometimes you still have to call the company.
  10. Now that you have healed, sometimes your body can handle a little hear and there without giving you too noticeable of symptoms. If there is anything else your body may be fighting off or it is just having a bad day, they could be more noticeable. however, all of my reading has also implied that even in the smallest of amounts with little or no reaction, it can still increase inflammation, which I am sure you know is what causes or increases your risk of so many other diseases....etc. So be careful, and just be thankful...Often just the cross contamination will not bother me in a way I notice, although my husband can tell because I get a little mean and grumpy and cry alot...kind of like PMS....
  11. I am currently working on articles to be submitted to magazines who target readers anywhere from 8-18 years of age. I wanted to know what other celiac moms would like their child to read about-in regards to common issues facing them in their age group and tough social situations. This can also include in the home as well as out of the home. In the home is not something we face as we have decided to have a completely gluten free household.....Any feed back would be helpful, thank you!
  12. I would definately recommend that. All my tests came back negative; however, I had been going to Dr's for years trying to find out what was wrong....When I went on gluten-free diet, not only stomache pains and digestive problems disappeared, but also my migraines (I was getting them 1-2 times per week) and unexplained seizures I had been getting for a couple of years (they had gotten bad enough to be 2-3 times per month). It all disappeared within a month. Every once in a while I will think, maybe I was wrong my test came back negative. I have never been diagnosed....Then immediately digestive problems, head aches, and once when I ate alot a migraine occurred again. It is worth a try!
  13. I AM SURPRISED by the responses! I have no problem bringing my own food into a restaurant. You can not send it back to the kitchen, of course! A few restaurants will only let you do it if you order something (even with the allergy. I have sometimes ordered a side salad and brought my own dressing for it. Or you can order a side that only costs a dollar or two and not eat it! But if one is rude or doesn't, I won't eat there. I tell everyone I know and we won't go there. They will not get my business! (There is a bowling alley that we will not go to for this purpose...we drive an additional half hour for one that allows us to bring in what we want and in return I make it clear to any other customers that it is only because I have an allergy because I would not want the owner to have to deal with others complaining! Anyway, I would try telling the people you work with about this and try choosing better restaurants. A few that are common and actually HAVE GLUTEN FREE MENUS are Outback (MY FAVORITE!!!), Olive Garden (sorry no pasta), and Carrabas. All of these places allow you to bring in your own bread and I have always been very well taken care of at them! OUTBACK EVEN HAS A gluten-free BROWNIE!!!! I had my wedding reception there for that very reason! Good luck and God Bless....PS, you should try making homemade bread. I make great sandwiches now that doesn't have to be heated to taste good!!!
  14. I think this is more than touching or not touching food! It is really about respect! Not only is your husband not showing respect to your daughter, but he is not showing this to you either. He is acting like a rebellious teen trying to get attention and see how far he can push his boundaries! I would show him some major boundaries, demand respect, and accept nothing less. You teach people how to treat you. Don't allow him to treat you or your daughter this poorly... Just an additional note, I don't have a problem touching food, our family shares all the time, but that is mutual. And my husband, who could eat month old garbage and it wouldn't bother his body any!, has even decided he would not eat gluten in front of our kids...providing a safe environment for them all time....I guess I'm just lucky! Good luck, demand respect, and God Bless.
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