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  1. Hi Jeanette, I haven't visited this site for a while! I've been trying to research my condition and experimenting with the paleo diet. I can't say that my new diet has cured my lipomas, they don't seem to have got too much worse than they were a couple of years ago. My coeliacs and all the other associated problems (headaches, feeling run down, joint aches) is certainly better on my new diet. As for the lipomas, I'm just plucking up courage to go through the surgery route again and get some removed from my chest and stomach. Those are a little bit bothersome, but also I'm getting fed up with people asking if I have an hernia when I go swimming!
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. sorry to say that for me Soy (soya) was off limits and still is. I even had some in error a week or so back in a gluten free chocolate covered biscuit (I should have checked!). It certainly didn't agree with me! I'm having problems at the moment with potential other foods which is an on going process but for me. Anyway I find if something is ruled out of my diet it stays out and the best thing to do is (unfortunately) to live with it.
  4. going back to alcohol (story of my life!). I found that the only drinks I could really tolerate were cider and wine. Spirits just don't agree with me anyway, never have. However now I'm finding that Cider might be a problem, and I'm not sure if it's the yeast or something else. wine still seems to be okay. I'm finding that certain foods and drinks that have been safe for over 18 months are now moving over on to my intolerant list. And it's a growing list!
  5. Hi, I have a couple of visiable bacterial/fungal problems, and it has been suggested that I might have too much bad bacteria in my gut. In the end the doctor gave me antibiotics. Bad move! I still have the same problems, but now my tongue looks like a fur carpet! Everytime I swallow it's like I have a piece of sandpaper at the back of my throat. I'm off the antibiotics now, and waiting to see a specialist!
  6. I always get these 'FEVERS' and they have been so frequent and bothering me so much recently that I've been going to the Doctors for the last month. I basically loose all energy and just need to sleep. For 12-24 hours I have to go to bed with a hot water bottle and just sleep it off. The next few days I'm shattered and have ' regular' toilet visits! It's been bothering my wife and kids so much that they have forced me to push the doctor for something to be done about it and now I've been refered to another gastric specialist at the hospital. The doctor thinks it might be a related autoimune disease but that's all they can tell me at the moment.
  7. My problem is my toe nails. Daft things keep going brittle and falling off! The doctor sent some samples off for testing but they couldn't find any fungal infections. Another one to add to the 'don't know what's causing it' list!
  8. Hi, I have around 200 lipomas which have developed over the last 20 years or so. most are tiny and only I know they are there, but I have 5 or 6 that probably will need removing soon. I have had some removed, but most don't bother me. I'm convinced that these is a genetic link between my celiacs and my lipomas.
  9. Hi, I've been gluten free for about 18 months, and 15 of them have been great. The last 3 months have been awful! The doctor is fed up of seeing me and I think the diagnosis is soon going to be hypochondria! I now believe that Soya, cheese (possible dairy in general), some nuts, beans, coffee, alchohol not to mention others are causing me grief. The trouble is it's not always the obvious symptoms that I got with gluten. i.e. I'm not spending all my life on the toilet, but I'm certainly 'regular' when I eat these foods and I feel constantly run down. I've bought a Paleo diet book and I'm going to try it. What have I got to loose?
  10. Like the other replies that you have had, I'm no expert, and I'm only 1 month in to the gluten free lifestlye, but all i can say is hang in there. From my limited experience it seems that the recovery rate is completely random, as some people seem to pick up and feel better as soon as the gluten stops, and others take much longer. I guess it depends on how much damage has been caused in the past. In my case when I stopped eating gluten the difference was felt within days. I have had two accidental gluten slip ups in the last month, and been knocked back for 2 or 3 days afterwards. In many ways I'm glad this happened as it has reminded me just how bad I used to feel! People aren't always understanding (as I've found out already) but remember this is about you. You'll have ups and downs and highs and lows, but in the long term you will feel better for it. This weekend will be my second Six Nations Rugby weekend without beer (beloved Guinness!). For the last 20 Years the routine has been.... Get the family and friends round, get the beer out, the crisps, sandwiches etc and watch the rugby. Then have a party afterwards with pizza, sausage rolls, pies etc. last weekend it really hit me. I could indulge in none of this! Family and friends joked with me, wound me up "go on just have one beer" etc but I didn't. And do you know what? Monday morning was the best Monday I have had for Years! Apart from the result of the game! This weekend we are going to a friends house for the next round of matches and I'll probably have to bring my own food and drinks, but so be it! I might be cheered up if England can actually win a game this time!! If you feel down, come on here. There's plenty of like minded people. cheers me up!
  11. like you I'm new to this too. My condition sounds like yours. Within a couple of days of coming off the gluten I began to feel better (started about 4 weeks ago). I now have a better stomach, fewer trips to the toilet (!) no headaches, no lethargy, no broken sleep. The minute I slip up (twice so far), the symptoms come straight back. It's reassuring in a way, and a good reminder when this happens, as it shows that a. the diagnosis is correct and b. if I want to be well and healthy then the gluten has got to go! Stick with it!
  12. Everyone in our house was having ice cream on Monday night, so I checked the box and thought "no obvious gluten ingredients" so I'll have a bit. And a bit more! We'll this led to a good bowl full, and it's now Wednesday lunch time and my guts have been like a washing machine for the last 36 hours! I've only been on a gluten free lifestyle for a month, so I suppose I'm still a little unused to what to look for. It must have been the stabiliser or emulsifier. Or perhaps the colouring. somebody stop me next time!
  13. I'm having problems understanding this cross-contamination thing. At home I make sure that I have different pans, knives, my own gravy etc to the rest of the family but I haven't been bothering too much if I actually have to butter a slice of bread for the kids, or pass someone a biscuit. Same with feeding the ducks. If I've handled bread, I just rub my hands together and brush off the crumbs. I've kept off the gluten for a month and feel 100% better, but how careful do you need to be? Is it different from person to person?
  14. I agree with the last comments. I'm new to this, but have I felt better in the last three weeks being gluten free than I have felt for Years. You hear it time and time again, but you only realise how bad you actually were once you get rid of the gluten and start feeling better. I'm not knocking gluten/wheat/cereals etc as those people that can eat them should continue to do so as part of a balanced diet, but if you are intollerant to gluten then so be it. Mankind (hunter-gathers past and present) live (d) fine without it and as long as you eat a balanced gluten free diet so will you.
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