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  1. awesome!! Thanks, I will try it now that I have your feedback
  2. I heard Suzanne Sommers on Today show talk about her new wellness book, she mentioned the importance of adaquate levels of betaine HCL (stomach acid) in maintaining health in regard to eliminating toxins from the body. I googled it and it seems that bloating, gas, belching etc... can be a symptom of not enough betaine hcl in the gut. Candida, parasite infections and other conditions can result from this lack of acid in the stomach. I find this very interesting as it may relate to the celiac belly and am going to keep researching ...I put the ? out to the forum and hope for a response from someone more knowledgable than myself.
  3. I just heard about betaine HCL supplements to boost stomach acid production and it is supposed to help in digestion and prevent conditions such as candida, also indicated for people with food allergies. It sounds like it could be detrimental to the stomach lining and I wonder if anyone has used this supplement?
  4. What a cool idea, I have been avoiding riding the Harley with my fiance because of such severe joint pain, but now that my pain is gone most of the time I think I will try some experimenting myself. Of course I will have to wait for fiance to heal from hernia surgery. thanks for the "crazy motorcycle healing" tip, add me to the list of crazies
  5. I will only buy treats for my dog that have some kind of meat as a main ingredient. I also wash my hands right after touching any dog treat or dry dog food just to be safe.
  6. I recently attended family wedding and ate the prime rib, salad greens and fresh cooked vegtables, also a few shrimp from the appetizer bar. No problems at all after, of course no wedding cake for me!!
  7. I too learned of the American Spirit brand on this forum and have begun smoking them. I buy the organic kind that I get shipped from an on-line site as this saves me big bucks. I have found that I smoke 1/3 fewer cigs now that I have switched and do not get any indication that I am getting glutened from them. hth
  8. I have seen the ads for the detox foot cleansing pads that you wear at night and am considering trying them and wonder if anyone on this forum has already and what results they had. should I save my money ? Is this a scam?
  9. In a hurry the other day, ordered from humaworm site without going to the home page first, then saw this post and checked out humaworm home page. My order was processed through paypal on aug 5th. don't know when I may receive hw products, sorry I didn't look at home page first, now can't afford another product for cleanse
  10. Carla, I am feeling better everyday now, Is it possible to have Herx every couple of days? I will have most of the day pain free with brain working well then experience some inflamation and some other symptom like jaw pain for a couple of hours then feel good again. Some days I will have mild cold symptoms that don't last, or a short stint of irratability, or skin eruption. I think these episodes are from die-off of lyme bacteria, but not like what I read a true herx to be. Thanks for the encouragement re: hernia. At least comp will pick up costs and provide some financial compensation but not the amount that we are used to with a regular paycheck. I am currently working on cutting monthly expenses by calling vendors to try to get reduced rates on things like sattelite and internet services and will be consolidating car and homeowners insurances for reductions. I actually have another job interview for a part-time office manager for a code enforcement officer at a small township on Monday. The last part-time job I did not keep as the boss was a little too "out there" for me. Hope this works out as I could use a distraction and of course extra cash would be great, plus with fiance home after surgery I won't need child care for the rest of the summer. I am still very interested in starting my own home based gluten-free baking business but do not want to take on this much stress right now as my focus needs to be improving my health. It is a hard decision as this is the season to start such a business in my area. Is there any issue with taking Humaworm with doxxy? What is the reason for chlorella? Detox? I hope all is well with you and your family and hope someday to meet in person. I had the pleasure of meeting truthseeker a few weeks ago and feel I have a new friend for life now
  11. I wonder if I should do another round of Humaworm? I have thought about it over the past few days and wonder if it is a good idea. I have also seen what I thought may be expelled parasites double Eww!
  12. Carla, Right now I am taking erythromycin with doxxy, I know it may not help with lyme but there may be other infections I have developed along with lyme that erythro may target. My Dr intended for me to switch from doxxy because of constipation issues but I am taking them together, 1000 mg of erythro and 400 mg doxxy. I printed Dr B's 33 page guidelines to take to my PCP today along with ILADS guidelines. I will probably be calling LLMD back soon for another appt as I now know my PCP will work with him regarding my treatment. I just have to wait as my fiance needs to take a month off to have 3 hernias repaired and I don't want him to put it off any longer and don't want him stressing over finances. I am feeling good right now so am taking it one day at a time. I tell everyone I have Lyme and everyone has the same response "How did you get that?" Local awareness is obviously poor! Glad you continue to help others through this forum as I never would have suspected Lyme if not for you!! Thank you!
  13. I am so sorry that you are going through so much pain. I have been there and remember times when getting into a car would be so painful that I would sit and just cry it out before being able to drive away. I can only offer this, avoiding all sugar seemed to help me with the joint pain, including no carbs, fruit at all.
  14. I agree completely!! But I cannot deny how good I feel now that I am on the doxxy at this point I am trying to heal with lots of H2O, magnesium, B12, Amino acids, omega 3, D3, rest, and exercise in addition to the abx. At this point I cannot afford LLMD and hope to not have to go that route. I will be checking the Cowden protocol for herbals to help in the healing process. Right now I am just glad to be able to sleep through the night and get up and be abe to weed my flower beds and do the word jumble in the paper without total confusion! One day at a time
  15. I have a clinical celiac dx, had a colonoscopy at start of symptoms but no biopsy was done, all celiac testing has been negative, but I have not done genetic testing yet.
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