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  1. Hi, I'm new here and posted this question in another, probably wrong, location; so I'm trying again. My original IgA was 34, a strong positive according to the lab my doctor uses. My IgG was negative. I just got the results of a follow up blood test 16 months later and can't believe I tested positve still! This time it was an IgA of 24, a weak positive according to this particular lab. Anything under 20 is considered negative. Again, my IgG was negative. I have never had a biopsy, my doctor believing the blood test, along with family history, to be enough for a positive diagnosis. I have been so careful all of this time, doing massive research on everything I eat. I cook all my own food and am meticulous about avoiding cross contamination. Now I'm wondering if such a weak positive is something to be worried about. Is damage still being done? Anyone else have this happen? Any help would be greatly appreciated. jerseyshoregrl
  2. Hi all, Newbie here, although not new to celiac disease. I was diagnosed a yr. ago March and have been very strict in my diet, medications, etc. My IgA was a strong positive (34) back then. I decided to do a recommended follow up last wk. To my surprise and disappointment, my IgA came back a 24 (weak positive). My IgG was negative then and still is. I have been careful to a fault and know that gluten must be in the system for some time to show any kind of a positive result. Now I'm wondering if this small number (<20 is considered negative according to my lab) is something for me to be concerned about. I feel that it is and am now wondering if I need to cut out all foods and start over with the basics. I'm also wondering if cross contamination can lead to a weak positive such as mine. It's really frustrating when you have been so strict and made so many changes for so long. Anyone else have the same kind of experience after almost a year and a half? Thanks, jerseyshoregrl
  3. Hi, I'm new here so forgive me if this topic has come up before. I've been diagnosed for a yr. and a half and have been strictly adherant to a gluten-free diet. I'm wanting to know if the antihistimine nasal spray Astelin is gluten-free. I will send an enquiry to the manufacturer, but wanted to check here first for perhaps a quicker answer. (my allergies are killing me today!) Thanks for any info you can give me. jerseyshoregrl