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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. well, of course the symptoms come back, it's a chronic disease, an auto immune disorder, don't these people know anything? a gluten free diet is a viable treatment, in fact it's the only one. it's not so bad, it's just food. It's not like my husband's crohns, where he takes 19 pills...
  3. last I checked the crispy rice had malt in it......however if that's no longer true, then I can eat my fav. candy bar again!
  4. I have some gluten free (on the label it says gluten free) gummy worms with it in there, so I think it's okay, if however it's not, that could really explain my mystery glutening.
  5. the local gryo place has gluten free meat (they let me physically read all the seasonings they use), but it's the local place and they may have a slightly different recipe. I would just ask next time if you can see what they use to cook it, most of the time they will let you see if you explain that...