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  1. From one of the ladies in my support group

    Having lots of experience with schools and special needs, I would suggest typing up a letter for your school principal and director of special services requesting a 504 plan. This is a great plan for kids with special health needs, it is basically a written contract saying what issues your son has and how the school will meet those needs. If they break the contract, it's a civil rights infraction. But remember, you must request in writing, and they must respond in writing. If they say that they don't need it, ask for that in writing as well. Trust me.

    she says it keeps them in line a LOT better because they know that if they screw up you have it in writing that they know what to do, it means they were negligent with your kid, and that's not something the school wants everyone and their dog to be talking about, so you might look into getting this done.

    oh, and I would be very mad. I would be the mom at the school office "don't you know that your food damages my kid?! how hard is it NOT to posion my kid?"

  2. My experience with farming is limited to seeing 4H demos at the fair, but... shouldn't most of the gluten be processed out of it when the grain is taken from the stalk? The gluten isn't in the stalk, right? I realize a lot of the dust will still be kicking around, but it's not as bad as frolicking in an about-to-be-harvested wheat field, right?

    that's what I thought, but I have been surprised before.......

    I remember harvest being hard on my allergies when I was at my uncle's wheat farm, but I really thought it was the dust.......looking back it could have been a combo

    I wonder though if you are right about the stalks being "de-glutened"

  3. I have probably eaten chili from Wendy's at least ten times in the past 14 months on gluten-free diet and have never had a problem. Either it is not contaminated or I'm not very sensitive. Same thing with salads in other resturants. I have never had any reaction. I went out of town the past 24 hours and had dinner and breakfast in resturants without a gluten-free menu. (I did show dining cards in both). Both servers looked at the card and had cook prepare meal per my request. Everthing was fine. I guess one day I may finally get some type of adverse reaction but so far so good. The dining cards are a must.


    we confirmed in an earlier post that I was mistaken about the chili but I never got around to editing out my comment.


  4. un-treated or undiagnosed celiac can kill, it's very rare that a person who is diagnosed and eating gluten free dies.

    Think of it this way, when a celiac eats gluten they can't absorb the food they eat because of the damage to the intestines, basically no matter how much they eat they starve to death.

    If you go gluten free and your intestines heal, you can live a normal life, and not starve to death.

  5. My youngest almost died from undiagnosed celiac, but technically she would have died from malnourishment caused by celiac disease.

    I do know that some people are so far gone even when they do get diagnosed that they die from complications related to celiac, like a friend of mine who is fighting stomache cancer that they say was "caused" by her celiac disease.

  6. Welcome to the board. If you decide that you don't want to put yourself thru being sick again, you can make a list of all the things that have improved or are better. You can present this to your doctor and ask if he would say you were gluten intolerant. Then you have a diagnosis. Either Celiac or gluten intolerance requires being totally gluten free for life. It is only a name difference. The blood tests can come back with a false postive. I know that I could not now delibertly eat gluten for 3 months for a test. It would not be worth the pain and misery I would go thru. But, I have to tell you that there are some tough members who have done just that to get an official diagnosis. This is easy for me to say as I have an official one. Each must make up there own mind what they can live with. Good luck in whatever choice you make.

    I think she means a false negative. You can't get a false positive, only a false neg.

    (bold added by me)

  7. when you get D and tummy aches you may have eaten too much fruit in one sitting.

    (same thing for veggies, but add gas)

    I used to be vegan, and there was no such thing as too much fruit and veggie, but you have to make sure your diet it otherwise balanced (like put some peanut butter on your apples LOL)

    anyway, I wouldn't worry about it, if you feel good and are healthy, you can't ask for much more (other than friends who mind their own business)

  8. Until a few weeks ago, my gluten free chicken fried steak was great (for those not from the South US, it's cubed steak breaded and fried)

    however, hubby has recently figured out (through the elimination diet) that he is lactose intolerant, which messes up my whole egg/milk mixture that I dip the steak in to make the flour stick.

    I tried it with egg only the other day and my breading fell off in the grease. <_<

    I need a dairy free solution before Sunday, because hubby has requested Chicken fried steak for his Father's day dinner.


  9. Actually, I've discovered the wonders of semi-professional massage -- don't know why I hadn't come up with this one earlier -- I happen to live in a town with a world-class massage school, so there are lots of students running around looking to give free massage so they can meet their pre-licensing quotas.

    And, I'm abusing the attentions of a male friend with whom I have absolutely no sexual chemistry -- having established that we are _never_ going to hook up (I was a lot more diplomatic in my discussion of this with him), I feel free to cuddle on the couch and watch movies with him.

    My body is ridiculously ready to go out and play again -- I've developed another layer of voluptuousness (a word I would never have used to describe mysef before) over the last few months. However, I know I'm absolutely not not not healed emotionally enough from my breakup yet to even consider sex with another person -- not to mention the fact that I have no idea in my head how one might go about finding said person.

    you can have fun though, go to the movies, learn to play a sport. volunteer somewhere. getting out of the house and being around people will help you heal emotionally and you won't be sitting around thinking about "you know what"

    just my unprofessional advice though...LOL

    I still think ice cream is a good idea (of course I really am craving that right now........mmmm......chocolate....)

  10. I am not a teenager either (24) but maybe you could find out what restruant he is taking you to (it's not rude to ask him I don't think) and go by there and talk to the manager before hand, then claim to have to use the restroom (powder your nose, whatever) and find the manager and tell him that you are there now, and he will be able to keep an eye on your food. Make sure you know what you are going to order ahead of time and then order that, it has worked for me in the past for business things.

    Edit: my solution works when you don't want to go into any details at all, like I don't necessarily want my clients to know my health issues.

    If however you want to tell him (and you probably do since you are dating him) you might still do this so it doesn't overwhelm him and then explain that you are on a medical diet due to an auto immune disorder or something...........

    I was already married when I got diagnosed so, I don't know.

  11. but you did help in just replying because someone is reading my rant! im just so sick of it, i could possibly cope with all the other symptoms of celiac but not the thrush and now that its spreading i really feel depressed with it. thanx for listening.


    I found this ^^ link for you, most of the foods on the "don't eat it" list are full of gluten anyway, how long have you been gluten free? maybe it will clear up with a few more minor changes to diet.