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  1. kera87

    Soy-yer Dough

    Yes! I saw this episode, I got so excited. Anytime someone can publicize Celiac it makes me happy!
  2. kera87

    New Celiac Wife

    It is so nice to hear that you are going gluten-free at home for your husband...Celiac can be confusing and frustrating in the beginning and I'm sure you making that decision is helping him heal even faster. My boyfriend is just as supportive as you are and I can tell you it makes things 100 times better. When we go out to eat he is often the one reinforcing "no seasonings or flour" to the waiter haha. I cook gluten-free dinners from scratch all the time and it is actually so much fun! You can modify basically any recepie to be gluten-free...I'm even going to be making crab cakes this week. Wegmans is AMAZING! It is so affordable because their brand always puts a little G on the package if it is gluten-free...some things off the top of my head I get there are their tomato sauce which is like 99 cents (thats good for being gluten-free! haha), syrup, marinades, sauces, pudding, brownies (they have a whole freezer section of gluten-free goodies!) Enjoy, this is going to be fun for the both of you.
  3. kera87

    New Celiac/diabetic

    I'm not sure how old your son is but if he's old enough I usually take a Zantac because I have had gastritis before (which is too much acid in your stomach)...maybe that would help him, or for a more natural approach, I've heard peppermint oil capsuls help too. They soothe the intestines which may prevent his symptoms. Hopefully since he is eating lunch in a safer place, the contamination will slowly stop.
  4. kera87

    Dr In Nj?

    I have the best doctor in Princeton NJ if you are willing to travel there. Private message me if you would like me to tell you about her more. Basically she diagnosed me at my first visit, and is always ready and willing to deal with every symptom I have. She speaks about the disease at conferences, researches it and is knowlegable on all of the new research. Let me know!
  5. Hi guys, so I've been gluten free for almost 3 years and basically I still get D once in a while along with gas/bloating. I know that non-celiac people get this too but I feel like I shouldn't be getting it once every one or two weeks anymore (or should i?). My doctor is amazing, always trying to figure out what's wrong, testing me for lots of things, I've been treated for bacterial overgrowth but I hate taking antibiotics! I've tried peppermint oil capsules but they don't help me... when should I start to test for other allergies? I know it can't be dairy/lactose because I eat cereal every morning and I'm fine. I was thinking I would maybe get tested for a soy or egg allergy? Can a test determine that or do I need to just keep a food journal and find out that way? I'm so clueless and I know a lot of people here have other food allergies as well so I'd love to hear your advice/stories about how you figured it out. Thanks!!
  6. If you want to stop at a fast food place definitely pick Wendys, you can get a baked potato, chili, salad...i get their grilled chicken salad so maybe you could get a piece of grilled chicken there And I didn't know you could get chicken from chick fil a....the grilled chicken patties are gluten-free? I need to look this up! There is one in my mall and it always looks so yummy.
  7. kera87

    Drinking With Celiac Disease

    I love white zinfandel, riesling, vodka cranberry or sprite, and gin and tonics I've only had redbridge once and didn't like it. Does anyone know another beer I could try that is lighter? (i loved bud light)...it has to be something that would be in stores, i live in NJ. Thanks!
  8. kera87

    Reaction Time?

    I would definitely say that you're still healing and even though you're extremely careful you may still have some episodes. It's been two and a half years for me and I still get D once in a while - I never know if its something I ate, or just my body (people without celiac get it too, i often overlook that I might just be normal now.) Give it some time I'm sure you're doing everything right. When I got diagnosed the first week on the diet I never felt better, then after that I had some D again and it was a long process to feel back to normal. I definitely can last a while, it depeneds on the person, but your situation is very normal. I usually take something to stop it because I don't have patience haha.
  9. kera87

    Celiac Friend Advice

    It can't hurt to get tested, it's hard to go by symptoms because they vary so much with Celiac. My friend has it and only had acid reflux. And I was never skinny, never lost weight or anything - it really effects everyone differently. Even if you are tested and its negative, if the diet makes you feel better, stick with it! It's not so bad
  10. kera87

    Moving Out New Issues

    I struggled with this as well when I was in college (last 2 years). Going out to dinner was the hardest part for me. There is this little italian place all of my friends love (I did too in the past!). Recently I became tired of ordering a salad or plain chicken so I started bringing a little container of sauce, some gluten-free bread, and my own dressing. It seems embarassing but when people really care about you, they won't make fun of you. Sometimes I laugh at myself just to brush past the topic...then I dip my bread in the sauce and enjoy the food. It took me a while to be comfortable to do that, but you'll get there. I bring food to resutarants all the time now, I always bring pieces of bread and ask the server for butter...or i put some of the table butter on my plate before anyone else touches it. I keep little packets of soy sauce and dressing in my purse at all times. I also eat before I go to places in case all I can get is a salad. If your roommates are dipping into your butter and sauces, maybe you could buy your own. I had my own of everything, never shared - I put my initials on everything and gluten-free in bold letters. I told them that I'd get really sick if they used it but if they accidently did, to just tell me and I won't be mad. I also had my own pots and pans and did the same thing. You're health is SO important, you cannot let other people hinder your success at the gluten-free diet - it's hard in college but people will understand if you discuss it a lot and be open. Sorry this is so long! But one more thing. If you know beforehand where your friends want to go, call the restaurant and ask if they can accomidate you...most of the time they can. I was invited out to a group dinner and I was stressing over it...but I called and they ended up making me a gluten-free chicken parm! It never hurts to ask, and if you call first that way you don't have to ask any questions at the table. Hope this helps a little, good luck!
  11. You can absolutely do it in college, I just graduated after getting diagnosed 2 and a half years ago. The thing I can't stress enough is to be open and honest to everyone. Talk to the cafeteria staff as soon as you know you will be attending so they can help you plan out meals. They will be able to accomidate you, they have to! Be honest to new friends, the sooner they know, the more normal it will become to them - before you know it they'll be picking you up everything gluten-free they see haha. (my friend once got me gluten-free parmasean cheese from the grocery store she saw...so random but so thoughtful haha). I would suggest asking for a dorm that has a kitchen, maybe you could get an apartment on campus? If not don't worry...you'll have a microwave in your room im sure, and you can stock up on lots of frozen dinners like Amy's. I didn't live in a dorm when I was diagnosed but if I did my parents said they would have bought me my own fridge/freezer and a microwave which is the best idea. I'm not sure if you will be drinking/going out to dinner at all but those are probably going to be the most annoying things. Suggest restuarants you know will have something you can eat...if not, a lot of restuarants will have things like rice, mashed potatos, baked potatos and meat - just ask for things unseasoned and plain. You'll be fine, I promise
  12. kera87

    Panera Bread Gluten-free List

    Panera is amazing! I have eaten there successfully many times. I always get the grilled chicken ceaser salad because it is my favorite, and theirs is so yummy. It seems like they have lots of soups too. And you do not have to get the bread on the side, they have chips (i think they're ok, I've never gotten them) or an apple. I haven't had any problems, but I do want to start asking for it to be made in a clean bowl just to be safe.
  13. kera87

    Imodium Use

    Try Lomotil....it is precription but much stronger so you won't need it as much. My doctor has told me that there really isn't any harm to take lots of Immodium. Trust me I know, somtimes you just need it, life has to go on and I refuse to stay home with you know what for hours.
  14. kera87


    You may have bacterial overgrowth, that happens when you start to heal. I usually have to go on antibiotics for it every 5 months because I start getting badly bloated. Can't hurt to ask about that.
  15. kera87

    New To The G Free World

    My mom found this site very helpful as well when I was diagnosed. We've found that almost any meal can be modified to be gluten/dairy free (and taste GOOD! so the whole family can eat it and not even know). My advice would just think of some good meals that you guys enjoy and then take the recepies apart and change out some ingredients. For example, we still eat baked ziti, lasanga, any kind of meat not breaded etc. Head to a Whole Foods or Wegmans if you have them there, those stores will have a great selection...i even found gluten-free chicken nuggets!! and i don't think they had milk or anything in them either. Also, local small health food stores can be so helpful. They usually carry things you can't find in grocery stores. Hope some of this helps. I'm not a huge cook but I definitely got creative with meals. Good luck it will get easier