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  1. Hi, I'm not from Seattle but I'll be traveling there for a conference in May and could really use some suggestions on where I can get safe food. I doubt my hotel will have much... I'm staying at the Westin Seattle, 1900 5th Avenue so close to that would be preferable but any options are good. Thank you!
  2. It is wicked cold! Madwoman foods (48th & Nicollet) is a great bakery, I love their teacakes (I've only ever had them fresh but I've seen them frozen for sale @ Whole Foods) and cupcakes. I haven't tried Cooqi yet, I will have to asap! I've been reading a lot of the restaurant threads because I already miss going out and it's week 1 gluten-free for me! Seward Cafe (26th & Franklin, exit 94 @ Riverside/25th, right on Franklin, on the left) has lots of gluten-free options, my favorite so far is the righteous pancake. Meal texture but good old pancake flavor + real maple syrup so no flavorings/caramel color worries! Does anyone know if Hard Times Cafe does gluten-free at all? I already miss chocolate oat bars. Anyone in Duluth? I used to live there and still visit, know of any good gluten-free bakeries/restaurants/stores ? Great to have fellow Minnesotans on this! Thanks!
  3. Chipotle does say that only their tortillas are gluten-free on their website's list but none of the salsas are on that list.. ???
  4. As far as Jamba Juice goes, if you skip the boost & the enlightened smoothies (which they may not have anymore but the liquid base is not gluten-free) you will be fine. The concern that the blender may not be perfectly clean is a real concern if you are easily glutened. As a former Jamba Juice employee, I can tell you with certainty that on busy days, blenders do not get scrubbed as well as usual and boost could definitely still be on the blender, especially the sides. Do NOT hesitate to have them wash it again, Jamba Juice prides itself on doing special things for each customer. If something goes wrong, again don't hesitate to send in a comment through their website, the stores actually do get these comments AND do get in big trouble for making customers unhappy! Also, their nutritional book's format changed COMPLETELY and the boosts section is worthless for anyone w/ allergies. Look up the specific smoothie you want and this will give all the necessary information. I had a Peach Perfection (all fruit, no boost, awesome!) today
  5. I love Mighty Leaf Tea as well and emailed the company because I figured I could make sure I wouldn't be glutened that way, and I've been dying to try the Detox kind. Here was their reply: Thank you for your email. None of our blends contain wheat, rye, barley or oats, so the tea itself is gluten free. However, our teas may be processed in a facility that also processes gluten products, opening up the risk for cross contamination. We hope this helps answers your question. If you need any additional assistance, please call us at (877) 698-5323 x 4. Thank you and take good care. Mighty Leaf Tea 136 Mitchell Blvd. San Rafael, CA 94903 Tel: 877.698.5323 ext.4 Fax: 415.491.9521 Typical answer, so I am wondering if anyone has had problems ever with Mighty Leaf?
  6. Thank you very much for posting that list! I too was looking for a broth to use. My mom made some soup yesterday and something in it didn't sit well with me so now I know what to buy! As far as Hageen Daz goes, I had that and felt just fine, mmm Chocolate.
  7. I am not sure if this is true for Canada, but Hormel has a large list of gluten free meats on their website and they claim to not hide gluten in "flavorings". Do the product locator link and look on the right for the G.F. list. I had some the other night on a grilled cheese (makes G.F. bread so good!) and felt fine. I hope that helps!
  8. Luna bars are part of the Clif company... do Clif bars not have oats? I've seen them mentioned by people as a safe option so I am wondering if they both carry the disclaimer of "we source ingredients that are not made using WHEAT or dairy and are not genetically engineered" Bumble bars are FABULOUS! Almond is my current fav. Also, I saw thinkGreen bars on an earlier post... while it says "gluten free" on the front, it does say "manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts, nutmeats, soy, WHEAT, milk and egg products. May contain pieces of date pits, stems, nutshells or seeds" so that's confusing.
  9. Does anyone know if Luna Bars are safe? The ingredient looks ok to me but as my user name says, brand new to being gluten-free. They also say that they do not source ingredients that use wheat or dairy... I'm assuming that's a good thing. I'm so overwhelmed trying to find snacks for work so this is very helpful!
  10. I'm a newbie too!! I'm really glad to have found this as well, I'm still in my first week. I have eaten out twice, which is probably not the smartest, but it's gone well so far. I haven't cut out dairy, might have to, but if you are still eating dairy and meat, Chipotle is *supposedly* gluten free without a tortilla (burrito bowl). I had one with all my usual fix-ins and didn't have a problem. Good luck!
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