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  1. Happy Birthday Dollface!!! :)

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. halls are gluten free. I ate tons this winter(sick) and was fine. ricola was not the last time I checked.
  4. I was just checking on this because someone gave us some see's for christmas. we got 3 foil wrapped chocolates and a box of mixed chocolates. according to this letter, they should be fine. They say their candies in standard boxes, I assume they mean their chocolates?
  5. I am soooo sorry. I use to throw up horribly as a child. NOw I think it was from gluten. I do not any more thankfully. When my kids were vomiting from whooping cough(no fun) I treated it with a homeopathic remedy. With whooping cough, cough medicines do not work. IT sucks. So my daughter...
  6. Hi, I hope you get better soon. I am worried about you. My mom had EBV years ago. She took high dosages of antiviral medication. She swears by Lysine for canker sores too. The fever worries me, it makes it seem like more than a vitamin deficiency. Take care
  7. honestly, musle testing saved my life probably. At 19 I was itching from the inside out ALL OVER. IT was horrible and I thought I would go crazy. A string of events led me to a natural supplement store. By coincidence a chiroparactor was there. I was able to see him after the lady at the store...
  8. I had these too. I got them so bad, only on my hands. I could only use my thumb and index finger at one point. I had to use steriods. They itched, my hands cracked and bled. It was tramatic. When I went off wheat they went away. I was being bad and eating wheat again this winter. They began...
  9. Me too. When I was terribly sick from 10 to 13 I had horrible nightmares. I got afraid to sleep at one point, BUT that was not all. I would Leave my body while awake if I was terribly upset and float through black space. I also thought the world was going to end. I was convinced that doom was...
  10. hi, I would love to find out more. I didn't know about this at all till this week. I go out of place all the time. My knee, my shoulder, my jaw, my neck, my spine, and my ribs. How do I find out if I have this? I would appreciate any info. I am not double jointed. Thank you,
  11. I checked out that link "the immune changes in celiac disease are unlikely to play a role in Alzheimer's disease. In control groups none was positive for anti-endomysium antibodies." FINALLY some good news
  12. yes, that makes perfect sense. I have so much anxiety, depression, mood swings etc. Now that I am off gluten I feel kind of stale. No mood swings with their low lows and terrific highs. But that is fine by me!!! I am glad some have found relief like me. I hope it helps my daughter too.
  13. hey, Has anyone else noticed a correlation between gluten intolerance, being gluttened and nightmares. I just started thinking about this the other day. My DD gets nightmares and has some other symptoms of gluten intolerance. We are awaiting test results. I Have had nightmares on and off my whole...