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  1. Happy Birthday Dollface!!! :)

  2. I would like to edit a very old post of mine, several in fact, to remove some personal information. Is this possible...
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. hi, so ,I want to get this straight...you have 4 daughters? One not tested, one tested positive for celiac but you...
  5. does anyone know if hawaiian host maui caramacs have gluten in them. I just got a box from a friend as a gift and want...
  6. thank you everyone I hope you have continued success and good health
  7. fedora

    Cold Sores

    my daughter was get 3 kinds of mouth sores cold sores, sores in the corner of her mouth, and white sores in her mouth...
  8. Yesterday was my one year anniversary of being 100% gluten free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel pretty good, so much better...
  9. fedora

    Tourettes, Narcolepsy And Gluten

    I know a family whose daughter was diagnosed with Tourettes at 6. Within the month they removed gluten. They never...
  10. dad of five boys, you only have 2 genes: DQ8 and DQ4 DQA1*0302, DQB1*0402 is the full name of DQ4 DQA1*0302, DQB...
  11. fedora

    Itchy No Rash

    I don't remember clearly, but it started to go away within the first week. I went from itching ALL the time to barely...
  12. fedora

    Itchy No Rash

    I itched A TON with no visible rash on huge sections of my body. It goes away when I don't eat gluten
  13. fedora

    Rash On My Finger

    mine is caused by wheat and was one of my symptoms as a preteen(but on my foot) and then when my symptoms worsened again...
  14. good point mike several people I know felt triggered by stomach bugs, My next door neighbor is in his late 60s...
  15. mine just started up again bad. I started drinking coffee again, I stopped in January cause I could not handle it after...