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  1. So after going to my naturopath in january and having done biofeedback, she found that i had celiac. So I started a gluten free diet.... 2 weeks later, i had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Right after that and up until this day, i have been getting numbness. My hands and my fingers and toes will go numb, i can still use them, buti can't feel alot. Usually it's mainly in my left side, but also it affects my whole body. Sometimes I feel like i'm not even in my body. Now, i've been light headed and really dizzy and also been having alot of Indigestion and vomitting. I am 20 and female, not pregnant, and just feeling very scared. I never had these feelings before I went gluten free. Whenever I do eat glute though i don't get these symptoms. My biopsies came back with no celiac diagnosis, however my naturopath's bifeedback still comes back as positive for it. So my question is why I am having such bad numbness, is it due to something else i don't know about? it is very scary, especially for someone who used to be able to do everything and now i'm just so tired and so drained that i can't do anything. Also, I have been getting muscle spasms all over my body, but usually in my left side. I have read it can be due to a b12 deficiency, but my gp says its anxiety, which i know i have and has definitely been worse since i've been gluten free. Are these all symptoms of my stomach trying to get back to normal or something else? very worried...
  2. I am totally Gluten free, sorry for the confusion. I have been gluten free for the past 2 weeks, no grains ie only eating rice/brown rice/quinoa... Are you saying that maybe I should just skip all these and stick to only chicken/eggs/cooked veggies/fish/sweet potatoes and forgoe my almond butter/rice cakes/nuts and fruit for now?? I'm having a colonscopy and an upper GI in two days but afterwards I need to know what I should be trying to eat; maybe I've been eating things that are too hard on my stomach. Also, I'm going to try to go yogurt free, i'm dairy free other than that anyways and i'm soy free, i have a soy intolerance/allergy anyways.
  3. Hi there, i'm new here and needed some support. Here's my history, i'm 20, female, but for years i've been having problems with my stomach. Ever since I was anorexic about 4 years ago, i've had horrible bloating and gas and digestive problems. I did everything ,from going from one dietician and doctor, finding/trying medication and nothing really helped. I went on birth control pills the past year or so, and my problems have exacerbated. For years, we had thought i had IBS, but didn't know for sure what was wrong. I just went off of the pill becaause of a rare side effect, so not only are my hormones all over the place also! I have been seeing a naturopathic nutritionist since november and since december was placed on an elimination diet: no dairy, no wheat ( still could eat oatmeal and oats and spelt), no raw vegetables, no nuts not seeds no chocolate/sugar/sweetners/coffee/candy/alchohol, limit fruit intake... very very bland diet. I was on it for a while and it still wasn't working really. Until i went to a naturopathic doctor who found out all this: I am allergic/have intollerances to soy, milk, some cheeses, corn, all wheat and gluten, and am deficient in iron, calcium, estrogen/progestin are off and my livers all messed up. and I also have celiac. This was about 2 weeks ago.. She told me this avoid dairy except i could have plain yogurt; avoid all wheat/gluten, and that was it. I still dont feel any better. I still have bad stomach aches, as i'm writing to you, i'm sitting with a heating pad on because of the immense bloating and pain i'm in. I'm having an endoscopy and a colonoscopy on wednesday, but i am sort of fed up. I used to be very slim, but since i've been sick this past year, i've gained about 15 pounds. My questions are: Should i totally eliminate the yogurt too, could this be making it worse? Also, i need breakfast ideas, i always seem to feel really bad/my symptoms are worse in the mornings (I've been having rice cakes and natural peanut/almond butter and i'm getting bloating and acid reflux and burping, but thats with everything i eat). As well, I'm taking acidophilus on an empty stomach every morning, as my naturopath said, is that making anything worse? and taking l-glutamine afterwards, and then during breakfast taking 1tbsp flaxseed, b-vitamin and a clacium/iron supplement. Any help would be great! If anyone has suggestion for how to deal with bloating, it would be very appreciated!
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