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I live in Colorado Springs with my hubby and fur baby Oreo.  I was diagnosed Celiac in January 2008 through endoscopy.  2015 a surprise diagnosis of Colon Cancer stage 4.... there is no stage 5.  Here it is 2018 and I'm still here and in admission!  Yay.... please don't be alarmed... my oncologist doesn't feel that Celiac had anything to do with this lower sigmoid cancer.  Living life to the fullest!

  1. Thank you! I feel amazing most days ? xantham gum seems to be the hidden answer for my continued problems with bread. Bought some psyllium husk powder and made a tasty bread that so far I’m able to digest!
  2. Hello, Sorry you are going through a hard time. Gluten will also give me tons of gas and bloating is horrible! I don’t have much experience with diabetes but sounds like by your number you are in normal limits. Haven’t heard of a connection with grains etc. I did 14 cycles of ...
  3. I am using align right now for probiotic and I seem to do okay with it. Anything with aspergillus will have me vomiting in an hour, found that out with lactaid.
  4. Thank you for your kind words. Sorry also for your husbands diagnosis, Even early stages are scary when they tell you it’s cancer but it sounds like he’s in good hands with you and your knowledge and testicular cancer has a high cure rate I’m told. I’m sure you are right about a connection with ce...
  5. Lol nice to know! Don’t worry about being frank with me, I prefer everyone to tell it like it is ? I did a quick search and psyllium is not very expensive either which is nice!
  6. I’ve read a few recipes with Keto using guar gum. My neighbor is a die hard Keto guy and lost over 85 pounds! I was looking at what I could do for him when we had a party. So psyllium husk does not cause things to get um too loose? I know it’s a great fiber.
  7. Thanks! I will give guar gum a try... and yeah cancer, even late stages can be beat!!
  8. Hello, haven't been on here in awhile so not sure how to do the quote from above. Cycling lady, do you use something else in your baking to substitute the xantham gum?
  9. I am the only one in my immediate family, meaning my parents and sister. In my family now, only 1 of 3 of my children tested positive for celiac. My son is relieved every time he tests negative and celebrates with a beer. Haha. He has no symptoms but tests anyway after all I went through.
  10. Hello, I am celiac plus a colon cancer survivor. Celiac was not a contributor to my diagnosis. Also, Please don't worry you are very young and honestly colon cancer did not give me any of the symptoms you listed... I mostly just couldn't go at all. Hodgkins lymphoma has been connected...
  11. Wow! I haven't been on this forum in a long time but found it again when I was searching for xantham gum possibly being the reason why I can't see to eat the gluten free breads anymore. A quick up date for my missing in action: Not to alarm anyone but I had a surprise Colon Cancer Stage 4...
  12. Have you tried New Planets Pale Ale? Hubby thinks that one taste the best out of their flavors. Close to real thing. We do agree about price though
  13. Just want to say that I too cannot drink regular soda's (because of fructose load) but am fine with diet coke or pepsi. Thanks for mentioning Hansens I haven't tried it and will now. Aspartame is fine for my fructose intolerance but the diet sodas with splenda will wreak havoc everytime!
  14. I had lost a lot of weight when I was sick and didn't know what was going on. In a matter of few months I started gaining it back with all the gluten free replacement foods. They usually have more calories than their gluten comparison and the bread is smaller ! When I got around 145 pounds ...