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  1. Thank you! I feel amazing most days 😉 xantham gum seems to be the hidden answer for my continued problems with bread. Bought some psyllium husk powder and made a tasty bread that so far I’m able to digest!
  2. Hello, Sorry you are going through a hard time. Gluten will also give me tons of gas and bloating is horrible! I don’t have much experience with diabetes but sounds like by your number you are in normal limits. Haven’t heard of a connection with grains etc. I did 14 cycles of FOLFOX chemotherapy but I also used cbd oil that is legal here in CO. My doctor was cool about it and got me a medicinal license plus cannabis reduced my chemo symptoms tremendously and helped my appetite. Not sure if it was the oil or combination of the two but I shrunk a 6 cm mass in my liver to 3 cm in two months which allowed me to have the liver resection surgery that removed it all. There’s no way I would have gone all natural with my advanced diagnosis. I trust my oncologist and do whatever he says. He has me on 4000 dui of vitamin d3 plus one low dose asprin to help from recurrence and especially to keep my breasts safe. Please don’t worry about colon cancer you are very young for that diagnosis unless it’s in your family. You should have a colonoscopy by 50 or sooner if your doctor suggests it or if in your immediate family. They told my children to do it by age 40 to catch polyps before they turn into anything because of me. I agree with cyclinglady to get an endoscopy for a celiac diagnosis. You do need to be eating gluten for this to be accurate and if this is too hard remain gluten free to keep your symptoms under control. Keep positive and for me I paint (I sell paintings all over the world) and stay busy with my family. If I have a worrisome thought with health issues especially recurrence, I take a calm breath, allow myself to think about it for a few minutes then STOP and tell myself to live for today no one can predict my future. Works for me well.
  3. Thanks will look into histamine intolerance.
  4. I am using align right now for probiotic and I seem to do okay with it. Anything with aspergillus will have me vomiting in an hour, found that out with lactaid.
  5. Thank you for your kind words. Sorry also for your husbands diagnosis, Even early stages are scary when they tell you it’s cancer but it sounds like he’s in good hands with you and your knowledge and testicular cancer has a high cure rate I’m told. I’m sure you are right about a connection with celiac and colon but my oncologist doesn’t really know about celiac. I had ulcerative colitis in my 20s that went into remission, I thought it had come back (2008) but they found celiac only. He said there is a very strong connection with crohns and UC and that it could have came back but I thought it was celiac symptoms. I am allergic to mold, 💡 moment here! I ordered King Arthur gluten free flour because it doesn’t contain Xanthan gum so I plan to play with that and see if I react to physillum, otherwise like you said I will simply move on from sandwich bread. I like lettuce wraps so I’m good with that. Banana bread sounds awesome! thanks again I did know xantham was created with bacteria but mold makes sense 😊
  6. Lol nice to know! Don’t worry about being frank with me, I prefer everyone to tell it like it is 😊 I did a quick search and psyllium is not very expensive either which is nice!
  7. I’ve read a few recipes with Keto using guar gum. My neighbor is a die hard Keto guy and lost over 85 pounds! I was looking at what I could do for him when we had a party. So psyllium husk does not cause things to get um too loose? I know it’s a great fiber.
  8. Thanks! I will give guar gum a try... and yeah cancer, even late stages can be beat!!
  9. Hello, haven't been on here in awhile so not sure how to do the quote from above. Cycling lady, do you use something else in your baking to substitute the xantham gum?
  10. I am the only one in my immediate family, meaning my parents and sister. In my family now, only 1 of 3 of my children tested positive for celiac. My son is relieved every time he tests negative and celebrates with a beer. Haha. He has no symptoms but tests anyway after all I went through.
  11. Hello, I am celiac plus a colon cancer survivor. Celiac was not a contributor to my diagnosis. Also, Please don't worry you are very young and honestly colon cancer did not give me any of the symptoms you listed... I mostly just couldn't go at all. Hodgkins lymphoma has been connected with celiac but we are talking many many many years down the road of not being gluten free. Stick with your gluten free diet to heal your intestinal lining. It can take awhile to get the benefits but it does happen. If you continue to struggle look into dairy, soy or other allergens that could be bothering you. For me it is soy. Good luck and no worrying over things that will most likely never happen but ARE stealing your peace today. Kathy
  12. Wow! I haven't been on this forum in a long time but found it again when I was searching for xantham gum possibly being the reason why I can't see to eat the gluten free breads anymore. A quick up date for my missing in action: Not to alarm anyone but I had a surprise Colon Cancer Stage 4 diagnosis back in August of 2015. Yes, I was diligently gluten free because I am celiac. I was 50 at the time having what we thought was an ovarian cyst (I did and still have the bugger) giving me all my problems but nope. Had a 2cm tumor in my lower sigmoid colon (celiac generally attacks upper intestines) and a met in my liver of 6 cm! Long story short, I woke up from long surgery to a ileostomy and a horrible terminal diagnosis! I am a fighter and sorry didn't accept that diagnoses. Started chemo in September and shrunk that liver tumor to 3 cm by check up in November, my oncologist was doing the happy dance! Had my ileostomy reversed in December and Liver resection in February 2016. April 2016 no signs of disease in remission to this day!!!! For those of you on this site please know that my oncologist feels that celiac was NOT connected to this diagnosis. I was extremely stressed out for the two years before diagnosis with losing our family business, daughter on opioids in rehab, going bankrupt, and drinking way too much wine and not eating healthy at all although no gluten. Who knows what brought it on, it's not in my family history..... Today I don't look back. I enjoy our much smaller downsized townhouse , I am painting and selling art again and couldn't be happier. Yes my daughter is clean and I have a new grandson that is such a joy. life couldn't be better. Now, why I am back again after 3 years. I can't seem to tolerate any of the gluten free breads, pizza crusts etc that contain xantham gum and was curious if anyone else has this problem. I also am soy intolerant and I can always tell if I have been cross contaminated with gluten or soy by the pain in my right side under rib cage usually the next morning with terrible bloating. Within the last 6 months or so this pain has been happening more often than not with breads even tho I am being cautious over every ingredient. Also its not the return of cancer, my blood work is normal for cancer markers and last pet scan normal. I put this together because when I make my own pizza crust with no gums, no problem but a udi's crust.... yep pain again. Also, I don't eat a lot of bread anyway and notice I feel so much better without grains in general. Looking forward to any comments from others if you have problems with gums in gluten-free foods or maybe I am missing something else? Kathy
  13. Have you tried New Planets Pale Ale? Hubby thinks that one taste the best out of their flavors. Close to real thing. We do agree about price though
  14. Hello, I am a fellow fructose malabsorber. Honestly for me the only way not to be sick is I don't eat any fruit except maybe a few red grapes or 1/2 very ripe banana and never on an empty stomach. What helped me the most was joining the Australian fructose malabsorbtion group. they are way more advanced then we are here in the states on the disorder here is the link http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/fructose_malabsorption_australia/ It is an email based forum and you have to request membership but a very knowledgeable and helpful group.
  15. Hi everyone, My husband was diagnosed Gluten Intolerant a year ago. He's done okay, he no longer has that urgent need to go feeling in the morning but he still has some bloating and gas especially at night. My big concern is that he went for his annual to have his blood drawn for his thyroid and this time had a full blood work up. His white blood count was low 3.11 with 4.0 being the normal range and the doctor told him his vitamin b12 was low so they did the test again. They called and said that the wbc improved but was still low and they want him to see a hematologist. Me being the big online researcher that I am looked up low wbc and freaked out over some of the serious possibilities! When I discussed this with my mother in law she calmed me down and said it was probably celiac related. His brother who is celiac and was diagnosed 7 years ago still gets b12 shots. Wanted to get you guys opinion as well and if anyone can relate? Thanks in advance, haven't been on the board for awhile since I've been feeling fantastic gluten free but glad to know you are all still here!