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  1. Thanks for sharing your story with me Deb. It isn't easy dealing with this is it? I can handle a few minor panic attacks with it but what I can't handle is the way I feel for a day or 2 afterwards. My pulse will stay rapid and so contant that I can't sleep and I feel like a zombie with brain fog and trying to keep going with my daily life and responsibilities. Each time it happens I think I can't keep going thru this! I haven' slept but an hour this morning since Sunday night due to this. The guilt that you can't stop it is the worst. I hate not having control. I am going to go see my family doctor this morning and see if she will prescribe me something to help when it gets this tough. I just am very fearful that the side effects will be worse than just muddling thru! But I don't know what else I can do.
  2. Thanks so much for the replies. I was having a horrible day yesterday and into the night with the rapid pulse. I really feel for all of us having to go through this but I keep telling my self the old saying that what doesn't kill you has got to make you stronger. I bet if we all who have to deal with this flexed our muscles we would be awesome! I just got back from the homeopath and he gave me some new things to try as well to keep the anxiety level down. I really am "excited" to see how I am eventually going to feel going off the gluten after a long period of time. I know it wont be easy but I am glad I found this site, it helps to know that others are going thru the same thing! I am going to stay off the dairy too and see how it goes. Just curious, I know some of you say it takes a year or more to feel good but do you at least start feeling a little better sooner? or does it come and go? Again, thanks for the replies and listening to me vent.
  3. I just found out that a biopsy that was taken during an endoscope in summer '06 showed the early stages of Celiac. The doctor decided that it must be from advil since my blood work was negative and didn't bother to tell me about the biopsy results until I asked for a copy of my records for a new alternative doctor that I was going to try. I have been suffering for about 12 years with a lot of digestives issues including diarhea, weight loss, nausea, fast pulse with certain foods and the anxiety that comes with the diarhea at times. I was diagnosed as IBS after having my gall bladder removed. I went gluten free for the first time this past week and was amazed that I didn't have any high pulse after I ate for the first time in years! Great right? Well, yesterday I ate some ice cream even though the alternative dr told me I was probably sensitive to casin. I figured that maybe it was just gluten that had been giving me all my trouble. Well, today I had diarhea followed by the anxiety and shakiness that comes along with it. I feel all keyed up and can't wind down. I also have trouble concentrating, feel almost like I am in a well, which makes it hard since I am a teacher! Could it be that I need to give my body more time to recover eventhough I am eatting gluten free? Can you continue to have problems, symptoms, while eating gluten free? I know it is suppose to take some time to heal your insides but should I still continue to have such strong reactions? could the casin in the icecream have caused it? I guess I just need to hear that this is a "normal" thing to deal with when you have Celiac. I am glad to finally have a diagnosis, I have been searching for so long for a reason besides the "it's all in your head or just IBS that I have heard for so long. I just wish I didn't have all of the negative thoughts and worries that come along with it too. I want complete relief and to be able to say that its over. (I know that it has really just begun but at least I know what I am fighting and I am not fighting myself anymore). Thanks for letting me vent and I am SO happy to have found this forum. My husband is very supportive but I don't want to keep burdening him with the same feelings and worries. I look forward to hearing your story and how you deal with the anxiety/fatigue/rapid pulse if you deal with it too.
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